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Troubleshooting Palworld Slanted Roof Not Working Issue

Palworld is still in its early access phase, presenting its share of challenges, one of them being the slanted roof not working.

Building slanted roofs in Palworld can be tricky as a few things shall be taken into account for making a successful build.

Continue reading this article to know more about Palworld’s slanted roof placement issues.

Palworld Slanted Roof Not Working Causes

Palworld Players are not able to build the slanted roof in a place of their desire as a part of their base building.

There seems to be a glitch or a bug in the Palworld’s complex base-building mechanics restricting the build.

The slanted roof-building issue has frustrated Palworld players, hindering their base-building process.

This has led players to seek solutions and gain clarity on the complexities of the base design.

Players are exploring ways to address this through experimenting in different conditions and seeking developer updates.

How To Place Slanted Roofs Correctly In Palworld?

Palworld players are facing a pressing issue of the slanted roof not clicking into place as desired seamlessly.

This issue is causing problems for players in building a base.

To address this issue, players in the game can adopt a systematic approach to place these roofs.

Additionally, constructing walls around the base structure can facilitate the smooth placement of the slanted roofs. 

Also, utilizing angled wall pieces to plan the placement of the slanted roof is a good idea.

Palworld slanted roof build issue.
The Slanted Roof Building Problem in Palworld.

This strategic setup offers more points of connection, making it easy for the slanted roof pieces to fall into place.

Additionally, players can consider elevating their position by climbing on top of their building and placing the roof from there.

This might help players in solving the slanted roof issue and ensure the effective building of their base.

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How Do Xbox Players Place Slanted Roofs In Palworld?

Xbox players may encounter additional challenges as building is more difficult in their version of the game.

The key for Xbox players in addressing the issue related to slanted roofs is to be patient and strategic.

Players can begin by placing the wooden slanted roof on top of the basic wooden roof.

This not only simplifies climbing for better angles but also serves as a foundation for the placement of the slanted roof.

Players can set up three walls: two wooden triangular walls, and one wooden wall around the intended location.

The slanted roof build in Palworld.
Slanted Roof being built in Palworld.

This wall setup provides crucial points for the slanted roof to fall into place, helping the players to build with ease.

Moreover, those facing issues with wall orientation can consider removing and replacing the flat wooden roof.

Additional Solutions For The Palworld Slanted Roof Glitch

Players still facing problems with sloped pieces in the Base Building can consider some alternative fixes.

Players can rotate the supporting walls to address the slanted roof placement issue while building a base.

Experimenting with different directions using rotation controls until the wall aligns correctly can help fix the issue.

Also, building a temporary roof ceiling outside the structure provides a surface for the sloped pieces to align to.

Once the sloped piece is correctly placed, players can dismantle the temporary ceiling.

Using single wall pieces strategically offers anchor points for placing sloped roof pieces.

However, players should be aware that this may leave open ends in their base in Palworld.

Thus, these are only temporary fixes until a better solution is implemented.

The Bottom Line

Navigating Palworld’s early access base-building technique demands patience and strategic thinking.

Players can apply these tricks until the game’s next update addresses and resolves this issue.

Players can also report the Palworld slanted roof not working issue to the support team, contributing to the game’s improvement.

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