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Remnant 2: The Terminus Station Bug

Remnant 2: The Terminus Station Bug
Remnant 2: The Terminus Station Bug

The Terminus station is an in-game location which is an old train station filled with robots.

Players are required to navigate to this location for the Train event.

However, like other in-game events, it is a randomized event that some players may not have to go through.

The Terminus station bug in the Remnant 2 does not allow players to go past the second door in the moving train. As the door does not open, players cannot complete the mission.

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Terminus Station: An Overview

In Remnant 2, Terminus Station is a location with different enemies, bosses, events and secret passages.

The dungeon is located in a train station that is falling apart.

To progress, you must search through different train cars and platforms.

Players can find various items such as Atom Smasher, ootwork, Tome of Knowledge, Hyperconductor, etc.

The Train Event At Terminus Station

The Train event is a randomized event in Remnant 2 which is not crucial for the primary campaign.

This event requires players to defeat all the robots in a moving train before it crashes.

Similarly, this event occurs in the Terminus Station in N’Erud.

the train even in Terminus station
The Train event in Terminus station.

Players must defeat all the Robot Grunts and Restless Spirit to complete this event.

What Is The Terminus Station Bug?

The bug in the Terminus Station does not let players through the moving train’s second door.

Further, no voice or dialogue relating to the event from the game can be heard.

This makes players stranded on the train, unable to get any item related to the event.

The bugged door in train station in remnant 2 terminus station bug
The bugged door in Remnant 2.

Many complaints about the Terminus station bug can be seen in the official discord server of Remnant 2.

However, the developer’s side has no response or hotfixes related to the bug.

complaints from players about the remnant 2 terminus station bug
A complaint about the same bug in Terminus station.
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How To Fix The Terminus Station Bug?

Many players playing the Train event in Terminus station have gone through smoothly without facing any bugs.

the train event in Remnant 2
The Final Phase of the Train event in Terminus Station.

Whereas the bug is seen in those accounts where players left the event without completing it.

The players may have left the event while dying during the fight or for other purposes.

Therefore, there is a high chance that leaving the event even once can trigger the bug.

complaints about the remnant 2 terminus station bug
Players are discussing how they got the bug.

So, if you haven’t started the Train Event yet, try completing the event on your first try or re-roll for another event.

On the other hand, if you are already facing the bug, you can wait for the official fix or choose to move forward in the game.

As the event is not essential for the main storyline, it can be skipped at the cost of the reward items.

Rewards For The Train Event

These are the two primary rewards for completing this event.

1. Footwork

Footwork is a trait in Remnant 2 that increases the player’s movement speed while aiming.

Likewise, a maxed-out footwork trait can increase the movement speed by 50%.

the footwork trait as reward
The footwork trait reward.

2. The Atom Smasher

The Atom Smasher is a melee weapon that can smash through an atom’s bond dealing significant damage.

Further, the weapon has an accelerator mod that can increase the speed of all Melee Attacks by 10% for 5s.

the atom smasher from the train reward
The Atom Smasher.

Additionally, players can also get the Decorum Cipher after completing this event, located near the Atom Smasher.

The Bottom Line

The Terminus station bug has been seen in accounts where players couldn’t complete the event on the first try.

Therefore, wait for the official hotfix if you want the rewards, or skip the event to move forward in the game.

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