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Is Paolo From Far Cry 6 Trans?

Paolo in Far Cry 6 is trans
Paolo in Far Cry 6 is trans

The popular RPG Far Cry 6 fans have often wondered whether Paolo is trans.

Paolo has a backstory where he has faced adversity his whole life.

The character Paolo from Far Cry 6 is indeed trans. He is the second member of Maximus Matanzas, a rap duo consisting of him and his girlfriend. He was expelled from the military after finding out he was transgender.

Continue reading to discover more about Paolo and the other trans characters of Far Cry 6.

Who Is Paolo In Far Cry 6?

In Far Cry 6, Paolo De La Vega is a DJ, a military veteran, and the other half of Maximas Matanzas.

Similarly, he is a Guerrilla leader and a deserter in the Yaran military.

He belongs to a military family who has had military roots for generations.

Additionally, Paolo is a radical ex-soldier with his revolution to fight.

Paolo is an ex-military.
Paolo is an ex-military.

Additionally, he has a girlfriend named Talia Benavidez, the second half of the Maximas Matanzas.

Together, they rebel against the regime and protest via their captivating rap music.

Paolo’s Gender Identity And Transition

In Far Cay 6, Paolo is a transgender in a country that refuses to accept him for who he is.

His gender identity and transition are essential to his character in the game.

Additionally, he is a transgender man who has undergone hormone therapy and surgery to affirm his gender identity.

Similarly, Paolo is a trans character in a mainstream video game, receiving both praise and criticism for his representation.

Paolo In Far Cry 6
Paolo is a trans man in the game.

Furthermore, his transition is not explicitly shown in the game but is implied through dialogue and cutscenes.

Paolo was born with a female body but always felt like a man inside.

He had to fight for his identity and faced discrimination and violence from his family and society.

He tells Dani that he had to leave his home and join the Libertad movement, where he met Talia, his girlfriend and partner in Maximas Matanzas.

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Award Nominations For Far Cry 6

Far Cry 6 and Rainbow 6 Siege were nominated for the GLAAD Media Awards.

They received the nomination for their outstanding representation of the LGBTQIA+ community.

After their celebrated nomination for the GLAAD Media award, the Director of Diversity for Ubisoft expressed her gratitude.

Far Cry nomination
Far Cry was nominated for the GLAAD Media Awards.

She said it’s vital to have diversity and inclusion of all people in their studio.

Hence, it makes it a comfortable working environment for their employees.

She also mentions how it builds a unique perspective on the game.

Xavier Lopez As Paolo In Far Cry 6

Xavier Lopez is an actor well known for his roles in Star Trek: Discovery and Designated Survivor.

Additionally, he plays the role of Paolo in Far Cry 6.

Xavier Lopez plays Paolo in Far Cry 6.
Xavier Lopez plays Paolo in Far Cry 6.

He has brought heart, soul and passion to Paolo’s character.

Furthermore, he is an ardent advocate for the LGBTQIA+ community.

Other Characters In Far Cry 6

Far Cry 6 has a unique and memorable character base, each with its backstory.

Even more so, they are potrayed by real actors bringing them to life.

Below are some of the significant characters in Far Cry 6.

1. Dani Rojas (Female)

Dani Rojas is the main protagonist of the game Far Cry 6. Players get to immerse themselves as Dani as an orphan outcast.

She is a former soldier and a brave individual who is at the heart of the revolution.

Male and Female versions of Dani Rojas.
Male and Female versions of Dani Rojas.

Furthermore, Nisa Gunduz, known for her roles in Designated Survivor and Workin’ Moms, voiced her.

Moreover, players can play both male and female versions of the character Dani Rojas.

2. Clara Garcia

Clara Garcia, the leader of Libertad is a brutal commander in charge. She is played by the talented actor Jess Salguiero.

Further, her excellent portrayal of a freedom fighter is proof of her talents as an actor.

Clara Garcia in Far Cry 6.
Clara Garcia in Far Cry 6.

3. Juan Cortez

Juan Cortez is an old spy who worked for the CIA, KGB and the Colombian Cartels.

Further, he is adept at combat with years of experience in the violent world.

He specializes in creating Supremos and Resolver weapons.

Juan Cortez in Far Cry 6.
Juan Cortez in Far Cry 6.

Additionally, he is a member of Libertad, a guerrilla group.

4. Rosa Mel Paquete

Rosa Mel Paquete is one of the two trans characters in Far Cry 6, the other being Paolo de la Vega.

She uses her position as a singer to entertain the military.

Additionally, she is a drag queen and spymaster in the game.

Rosa in Far Cry 6
Rosa is a character in Far Cry 6.

The Bottom Line

The diversity team at Ubisoft has done a magnificent job by including trans characters in its game.

Moreover, Far Cry 6 has two trans representatives, Rosa Mel Paquete and Paolo De La Vega.

Due to the representation, the game was nominated for the GLAAD Media Awards, along with Rainbow 6 Siege.

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