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How To Save Petrified Drow In Baldur’s Gate 3?

bg3 petrified drow
BG3 Petrified Drow is a group of three Drow who were petrified by a Spectator in the Underdark.

BG3 Petrified Drow is a group of three Drow who were petrified by a Spectator in the Underdark.

It is part of a quest in Baldur’s Gate 3, a role-playing video game.

Players can find Petrified Drow in the Underdark near the Selunite Temple, where the Spectator is also accessible. Dhourn, Filro the Forgotten, and Xargrim are the three Drow.

Similarly, players have to save the drows in order to earn rewards.

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An Overview: Petrified Drow In BG3

Petrified Drow are the characters who have turned to stone in Baldur’s Gate 3. They are located in the Underdark, Blighted Village.

In the game, petrified characters cannot move or talk and are unaware of the environment.

Additionally, their strength drops, and they resist diseases or poison after being petrified.

Similarly, there are three drows Dhourn, Filro the Forgotten, and Xargrim.

bg3 petrified drow
Dhourn, a drow, is petrified in the game.

Among the three drows, Dhourn is initially petrified while looking for the Adamantine Forge.

Further, the drow carried the Adamantine Forge, a supernatural object that attracted The Spectator.

The Spectator wanted to steal the forge for itself, so it terrified the drow and left them to die.

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Saving Petrified Drow In Baldur’s Gate 3

Depending on their alignment and gameplay style, players can save the petrified drow in BG3.

Here are some of the options to save petrified characters in the game.

1. Use Basilisk Oil

You can find a potion called Basilisk Oil in a nearby chest behind a stone ark with spiderwebs. 

The potion can reverse the petrification effect.

However, if you use it on the drow, they will become hostile and attack you, as they are enemies of the surface races. 

Moreover, you will have to fight them or flee from them.

2. Kill The Spectator

Players can kill the Spectator to save the drow and have them remain friendly towards you. 

Additionally, Spectator is a boss, and it can be found in The Risen Road and Underdark while searching for Dhourn.

bg3 petrified drow
You have to battle with Spectator to free Dhourn.

Moreover, if you kill the Spectator after it has removed the petrifying spell from the drow, it will be hostile toward you and attack you.

3. Destroy The Petrified Drow

You can destroy the petrified drow with bludgeoning weapons or spells that deal physical damage, such as Shocking Grasp. 

bg3 petrified drow
You must depetrify the Dhourn.

This will give you some loot from them, such as gold, weapons, armor, and items.

However, this option has no other benefits or consequences.

The Bottom Line

In the game BG3, while exploring the Underdark, players may find Petrified Drow, Dhourn, who is turned into stone by Spectator.

Players have a choice: they can either break the petrification or use Basilisk Oil to rescue the drow.

Additionally, they must battle a creature called a Spectator and win to free Dhourn.

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