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How To Break Oath Of Vengeance BG3?

oath of vengeance
Breaking Oath Of Vengeance In Bladur’s Gate 3.

In Baldur’s Gate 3, players can select from 12 different classes when constructing their characters.

A Paladin is also one of the skilled class who fights, smites, and upholds moral principles.

Oath of Vengence is a Subclass of Paladin in Baldur’s Gate 3, whose immediate ability is Strength. In order to break the Oath of Vengeance, one must show no mercy towards the wicked and evil.

Continue reading more about Paladin subclasses and how to break Oath of Vengeance in BG3.

Oath Of Vengeance In Baldur’s Gate 3

The Oath of Vengeance is a solemn commitment to punish those who have committed a regrettable sin.

In the game, Paladins take the Oath of Vengeance.

You can get the “Inquisitor’s Might” ability by taking the Oath of Vengeance.

Your blows will now deal an additional 2 Radiant damage and daze enemies as a result.

The Oath of Vengeance is the most difficult to understand because it permits a Paladin to overlook lesser mistakes to pursue greater ones.

What Are Paladin Subclasses In Baldur’s Gate 3?

Baldur’s Gate 3 Paladin practice their combat skills to combat evil and save the innocent.

They must raise their primary ability score and strength to do this.

Paladin has a total of four subclasses. Three are unlocked at the beginning of the game.

  1. Oath of the Ancients: Be kind and help others
Fight to preserve the sanctity
Fight to preserve the sanctity of life and the beauty of nature.
  1. Oath of Devotion: Respect the law and show mercy where needed.
Act with honor and virtue
Act with honor and virtue to protect the weak and pursue the good.
  1. Oath of Vengeance: Do not have mercy on the wicked and the evil.
Deliver justice
Deliver justice to those who have committed the most sins.
  1. Oathbreaker: This hidden subclass can only be obtained by breaking your chosen paladin oath.
Breaking sacred Oath
Breaking sacred Oath in pursuit of power and ambition.

Players will have one of four actions depending on their subclass.

The final subclass can be unlocked once you have broken your oath and veered off the path.

Steps To Break Oath Of Vengeance

These might sound vague, but ultimately, there are decisions in the story that you must make to uphold an oath.

You will become an Oathbreaker or Evil Paldain if you:

  1. In general, breaking your word and betraying those you have to persuade to refrain from attacking will violate your oath.
Killing a good NPC
Killing a good NPC that has not done anything.
  1. Allowing Akra to kill the caged goblin Sazza.
  2. Torture Liam at the Shattered Sanctum.
  3. Tell Nightwarden Minthara the location of Emerald Grove.

Justice is the key tenet here on how to break the Oath of Vengeance in BG3 and commit an act that leads to someone escaping judgment.

For example: Freeing Sazza from jail in Emerald Grove.

Ensure to get Hellions Heart and Dream Visitor in Baldur’s Gate 3.

What Happens After Breaking Oath As A Pladin?

If certain criteria are met, Paladins can unlock a hidden subclass known as the Oathbreaker or Evil Paladins.

The Evil Paladin is a hidden subclass that is only available to those who have broken their oath.

This will deal Necrotic damage to enemies and make them vulnerable to attack.

An Evil Paladin in Baldur's Gate 3 after Break Oath Of Vengeance
An Evil Paladin in Baldur’s Gate 3 after breaking his oath.

Unlike the stereotypical Paladins, Evil Paladins take control of their fate.

Also, they are not bound by any oaths and seek to forge their own path.

Once you have broken your oath, you will be visited by the Oathbreaker Knight.

how to break oath of vengeance bg3
Visiting the Oathbreaker Knight.

Since he will inform you of your actions and wait for you in your camp.

You will gain the action “Spiteful Suffering” as an Oathbreaker

Additionally, being an outclass comes with its pros and cons.

Furthermore, being an oathbreaker comes with unique abilities and skills.

Players can acquire sinister abilities like controlling the dead, which makes them the Evil Paladins.

Should You Become An Evil Paladin?

In terms of roleplay, it is up to you. The Evil Paladin is a secret subclass.

Moreover, Paladins can unlock if they meet specific requirements to make things even more interesting.

The story is pretty dark, and some decisions could go against your Oath, which is great.

However, this will lead you to create your own story as a paladin and make your journey fun.

Abilities Of Evil Paladin In BG3

Players unlock three unique abilities limited to the Oathbreakers or Evil Paladins.

Each of them is described below:

1. Control Undead

This ability allows Evil Paladins to take control over a dead creature.

Dreadful Aspect ability of Evil Paladin
Dreadful Aspect ability of Evil Paladin in Baldur’s Gate 3

It will follow you around and protect you. It will fight your enemies for you and will follow you around.

However, their levels must be lower than yours to control them.

2. Spiteful Suffering

This ability deals four to seven necrotic damage to an enemy.

Spiteful Suffering ability of Evil Paladin in Baldur's Gate 3.
The spiteful Suffering ability of Evil Paladin in Baldur’s Gate 3.

Furthermore, it also attacks rolls against that enemy, which has an Advantage.

The curse deals necrotic damage at the start of each of the enemy’s turns.

3. Dreadful Aspect

This ability frightens all the enemies for two turns which immobilizes them.

how to break oath of vengeance bg3
Control the Undead ability of the Evil Paladin in Baldur’s Gate 3.

Moreover, any enemies that get frightened will be frozen until the end of the Paladin’s next turn.

It is a great ability to maintain your safe distance from enemies.

How To Retake An Oath In Baldur’s Gate 3?

Fortunately, if you break your oath and become an Oathbreaker in Baldur’s Gate 3, you can redeem yourself.

If you speak to the Oathbreaker Knight, he will provide you the option of restoring your oath for 2000 gold.

Making the decision to retake Oath back
Making the decision to retake Oath back.

You can choose any level perks you might have missed while you were an Evil Paladin.

However, 2000 gold is a lot, so it is best to get all that Oathbreaking out of your system the first time and hang onto your cash.

The Bottom Line

The Break Oath of Vengeance in BG3 is a solemn vow that a Paladin makes to pursue and punish those who have committed heinous crimes.

Therefore, in terms of gameplay, the Evil Paladin is not as strong as the standard Paladin, mainly due to the loss of Divine Smite.

But as we always say, this game is your playground, and you should not be afraid to try it all.

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