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What Is BG3 Dream Visitor?

Dream Visitor Baldur's Gate 3
Dream Visitor in Baldur’s Gate 3.

Baldur’s Gate 3 hosts several new mechanics, including the Dream Visitor, a character players create as their idyllic lover.

This mysterious character appears in your dreams and offers you the power of the tadpole.

The BG3 Dream Visitor is a non-physical entity that haunts the player’s mind as a character in Baldur’s game. It is a sort of representation of the tadpole.

The player has the ability to romance this visitor, but not all players encounter their desired love interest.

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BG3 Dream Visitor: An Overview

Baldur’s Gate 3 (BG3) Dream Visitor is a character that plagues the player’s mind.

It can be accessed through a dream-like sequence if they want to unlock the power of the tadpole.

Each time the player has a dream with this visitor, they will become more and more hostile.

They won’t be able to see their visitor until the second dream.

This can only happen when everyone arrives at camp complaining about the terrible pain they are experiencing.

Romance And Interact With The Dream Visitor In BG3

Within the character creation, the secondary character menu pops up.

Players can make a character of any of the currently playable races, subraces, and genders.

This character can be entirely missed out on if players are being cautious due to the nature of this character.

1. The First Dream

Once you sleep at your camp, you should have a sequence involving the Dreamlover.

The first dream sequence occurs after using Illithid Wishdom at least two times in the campaign.

Dream Visitor visiting you.
Dream Visitor visiting you.

Your companions will feel sick, and the Dreamlover will visit you once you sleep.

You can tell her to leave or give in to the temptation.

Doing so will net you Illithid Powers, abilities that act as bonus actions, emphasizing the use of psychic force.

2. The Second Dream

This happens after using Illithid Wishdom four times.

Dream Visitor showing the conquered world
Dream Visitor showing the conquered world.

The Dreamlover shows you a conquered world, tempting you that you can rule over everything if you give in to the darkness.

3. The Third Dream

This occurs once you have selected Illithid Wisdom five times.

Either push back or lash out
Either push back or lash out.

At least for early access, it is also the last Baldur’s Gate 3 Dream Visitor sequence.

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Power Given By BG3 Dream Visitor

Depending on what the player chooses to do within each dream, they may resist accepting the Illithid’s power.

If accepted the player and everyone will gain a new power based on their class.

  • Wizards receive a Reflective Sheild ability that protects them from projectiles.
  • Warlocks gain the Supernatural Attraction ability, which allows them to teleport to another infected creature.
  • Clerics gain Survival Instinct which infuses a targeted creature with a psionic force that will heal them when they hit zero hit points.
  • Fighters get the Psionic Pull, which just pulls enemies toward the player.
  • Rangers gain the Force Tunnel, allowing them to charge forward four meters, displacing anything in their path.
  • Lastly, Rogues get the Inkblot, which allows them to create a cloud of magical darkness and hide within it.

Should You Trust The Dream Visitor In BG3?

Whether you should trust the Dream Visitor in Baldur’s Gate 3 is a matter of personal choice and preference.

The Dream Visitor is not necessarily good or bad but rather ambiguous and mysterious.

They have their own agenda and motives, which may or may not align with yours.

The Dream Visitor may help, hinder, or even betray you, depending on your choices and actions.

The Bottom Line

Currently, there are no additional sequences or cutscenes featuring the romance of the Dream Visitor in Baldur’s Gate 3.

Furthermore, Dream Visitor is a mysterious and unpredictable force that can shape the player’s destiny, neither a simple friend nor an enemy.

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