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How To Complete The Hellions Heart In BG3?

the hellions heart bg3
The Hellions Heart in Baldur’s Gate 3.

In BG3, the Hellions Heart quest starts when you talk to Karlach after you recruit her in the Underdark world.

The Hellions Heart BG3 is a quest with several stages, and you can complete it by finding Dammon. You must find and give him an infernal mechanic who can help Karlach. 

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The Hellions Heart Quest In BG3

The Hellion’s Heart is one of the quests in Baldur’s Gate 3 role-playing game.

Further, this quest involves Karlach, a tiefling companion with a hellish engine in her chest.

The hellish engine gives her power but also threatens to kill her.

Karlach Companion Quest BG3
Karlach In Baldur’s Gate 3 game.

The Hellions quest requires you to find an infernal mechanic who can repair Karlach’s heart and infernal iron.

Infernal iron is a rare metal that can be used to upgrade the engine.

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Guide To Complete The Hellions Heart In BG3

To start the quest, you must talk to Karlach after recruiting her in the Underdark.

She will tell you that she needs an infernal mechanic to tune up her heart and that there might be one nearby.

To find the infernal mechanic, head to the Druid’s Grove and talk to Dammon, a tiefling weaponsmith who can inspect Karlach’s heart.

He will tell you that he needs infernal iron to craft a repair. You can find infernal iron in various locations in the Underdark world.

BG3 Infernal Iron
Infernal Iron in baldur’s game.

1. Find The Infernal Iron

Players can find infernal iron in three places. They are as follows.

  • The Blighted Village: In the north house’s basement, where the forge is located for the Masterwork Weapon quest, there’s a chest atop the ladder. Open it to acquire a piece of infernal iron.
  • The Shattered Sanctum: In Goblin Camp, go north behind Dror Ragzlin, and unlock the door for loot, including infernal iron.
  • The Zhentarim Hideout: Navigate through the Underdark to locate the smuggler hideout. Upon entry, proceed to the north and open the rightmost door to find it.

2. Return To Dammon With Infernal Iron

Once you have got the infernal iron, you can give it to Dammon.

He will upgrade Karlach’s heart, but he won’t be able to repair it yet. He will tell you he needs more time and infernal iron.

Dammon Baldurs Gate 3
You need to provide Infernal Iron to Dammon.

You will have to meet him further in Baldur’s Gate, where you can find Dammon sheltering in Last Light Inn.

Talk to him again and give him more infernal iron if you have any.

As Dammon will tell you to bring a second infernal iron to save Karlach, you need to look for another iron.

When you provide him with another infernal iron, he will upgrade Karlach’s heart again.

But he reveals that Karlach’s heart can’t keep going outside of the Hells, and she will die if she doesn’t return to Avernus.

The Hellions Heart BG3 Quest Rewards

The Hellions Heart in Baldur rewards are essential.

Some of the rewards for completing the quest are as follows.

  • Completing the quest will give you experience points and influence your relationship with Karlach.
  • Depending on your choice at the end of the quest, you may also gain or lose Karlach as a companion.
  • Upgrading Karlach’s heart will also increase her combat abilities and stats.

The Bottom Line

The quest concludes with a decision between letting Karlach return or keep.

Either allow Karlach to return to Avernus, the initial Hell layer she came from, or convince her to stay and hope for an alternative.

Further, your choice will greatly influence your relationship with Karlach, and you may lose or keep her as a companion.

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