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Overwatch 2 Retail Patch Notes: What You Need To Know?

overwatch 2 retail patch notes
Find out Overwatch 2 Retail Patch Notes

Overwatch 2 features new heroes, maps, and story missions, as well as improved gameplay, and customization options.

In Overwatch 2, players can enjoy the updates and changes that are being tested and implemented through the Retail Patch Notes. Furthermore, these quality changes in Overwatch 2 include stats changes and bug fixes.
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What Are Retail Patch Notes In Overwatch 2?

Retail patch notes are the official announcements of the changes and updates that Blizzard makes to Overwatch 2.

They include information about new heroes, maps, modes, skins, balance adjustments, bug fixes, and more.

Retail patch notes are usually released every month, depending on the development cycle and the feedback from the community.

Retail patch notes are divided into different sections, such as:

1. General Updates

General updates are the changes that affect the overall gameplay and user interface of Overwatch 2.

Furthermore, these can be a new option, settings, features, and improvements.

2. Hero Updates

Hero Updates are the changes that affect the specific abilities, stats, and performance of the heroes in Overwatch 2.

Similarly, these changes can be damage, cooldown, range, and duration.

3. Map Updates

Map updates are the changes that affect the design, layout, and visuals of the maps in Overwatch 2.

These updates are new routes, objects, and decorations.

4. Mode Updates

Mode updates are the changes that affect the rules, objectives, and mechanics of the modes in Overwatch 2.

The mode updates can be new challenges, rewards, and modifiers.

5. Bug Fixes

Bug Fixes are the fixes that address the issues, errors, and glitches that affect the functionality and stability of Overwatch 2.

Similarly, these fixes include crashes, exploits, and inconsistencies.

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What Are The Changes In Overwatch 2 Retail Patch Notes?

The latest retail patch notes for Overwatch 2 were released on January 9, 2024.

Some of the patch highlights are:

1. Year of the Dragon Seasonal Event

On January 30, fireworks and festivities will kick off the Year of the Dragon.

On the Lijiang Night Market map, Rogue Kiriko is back as a prop hunter in the Mischief and Magic game mode.

You can also play Capture the Flag and Bounty Hunter Blitz, two of your favorite Lunar New Year modes.

Seasonal event
Overwatch 2 Seasonal event.

2. Hero Updates

There are several heroes who received changes to their abilities, such as Mauga, Orisa, RoadHog, and Lifeweaver, etc.

For example, Mauga received +50 base health increased and -50 base armor decreased.

Similarly, Orisa’s augmented fusion driver has removed the falloff damage penalty.

Likewise, the Roadhog got a -50 total amount healed reduced and a .5-second increase in cooldown.

3. Bug Fixes

There are several bugs were fixed for heroes, such as:

  1. While in Assault mode, Bastion’s hitbox becomes desynchronized.
  2. A bug with Rocket Punch that causes the targets of the punch to lose their walking animation.
  3. A bug where the Sunstruck effect wouldn’t explode if the damage has reached the last 0.6 seconds of the effect.

Furthermore, there have been several quality fixes such as:

  1. Custom Games displayed the Endorsement Level incorrectly due to a bug.
  2. Fixed the ‘Rugby Practice‘ challenge not progressing.
  3. Fixed a crash related to viewing replays.
  4. Fix a bug where the camera would get stuck on two teammates when spectating.
  5. Fixed an issue that prevented the ‘Hero Limit‘ option from saving after being modified in Custom Game options.
  6. Voice-over lines in Ultimate have been amplified and clarified.

These are some of the key changes in the recent update of Retail Patch Notes in Overwatch.

All Bug fixes
All Bug fixes in Overwatch 2 Retail Patch Notes.

The Bottom Line

Overwatch 2 retail patch notes are a great way to keep up with the latest developments and changes to the game.

The retail patch notes are more about the game mechanics, the hero balance, and the new content that is coming to Overwatch 2.

Whether you are a casual or a competitive player, retail patch notes are essential for improving game performance.

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