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Lost Sector This Week: A Guide To Farm Exotic Armor In Destiny 2

lost sector this week
A guide to Lost Sector for this Week

Destiny 2 is a game that offers a lot of activities and challenges for players to enjoy, whether solo or with friends.

One of these activities is the Lost Sector, a hidden dungeon that can be found in various locations across the solar system.

Lost Sector is the best way to farm specific exotic armor pieces, as each day a different Lost Sector will drop a different armor slot. Furthermore, the upcoming Lost Sectors for this week are Skydock IV (EDZ), The Quarry, Aphelion’s Rest, Bay of Drowned Wishes, etc.
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What Is The Lost Sector In Destiny 2?

Lost Sectors are mini-dungeons that are scattered across the various destinations in Destiny 2.

Furthermore, they are marked by a white symbol on the map, but they are not always easy to find.

Map of Lost Sectors
Map of all the Lost Sectors in Destiny 2.

Similarly, each Lost Sector has a name, a boss, and a loot chest that can be opened after defeating the boss.

Lost Sectors can be completed on normal difficulty, which is suitable for casual players.

However, for more advanced players, there are also Legend and Master Lost Sectors, which are much harder.

Moreover, Legend and Master Lost Sectors are not always available and rotate daily.

They also have a chance to drop exotic armor pieces, depending on the Lost Sector and the difficulty.

The higher the difficulty, the higher the chance of getting an exotic drop.

However, you have to complete the Lost Sector solo to be eligible for the exotic reward.

Likewise, if you join a fire team, you will only get the normal loot.

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What Are The Lost Sectors For This Week?

The Legend and Master Lost Sectors rotate daily, and they can be found in different destinations.

Furthermore, the Lost Sector for today, January 9, is Skydock IV in the EDZ.

Similarly, the Exotic armor piece that can drop from this is the Legs slot.

The champions that are present in this are Barrier and Unstoppable.

The active modifiers are Solar and Strand surges, Void and Solar shields, and Increased Void damage.

Skydock IV
Skydock IV Lost Sector in Destiny 2.

The Lost Sector schedule for the rest of the week is as follows:

DateLegend (1830) / Master (1840)ArmorChampions
January 10The QuarryArmsBarrier, Unstoppable
January 11Aphelion's Rest (Dreaming City)ChestOverload, Unstoppable
January 12Bay of Drowned Wishes (Dreaming City)HeadOverload, Unstoppable
January 13Chamber of Starlight (Dreaming City)LegsOverload, Unstoppable
January 14Perdition (Europa)ArmsBarrier, Overload
January 15Bunker E15 (Europa)ChestBarrier, Overloard

Completing Lost Sectors In Destiny 2

To complete Lost Sectors in Destiny 2 on Legend and Master difficulty, players need to prepare and use strategies.

Here are some tips and tricks to help you farm Exotic armor from Lost Sectors:

1. Check Lost Sector Information Before Entering

You can see the name, location, reward, and champions of the Lost Sector by hovering over the flag near the entrance.

This will help you choose the best loadout, subclass, and mods for the Lost Sector.

2. Equip Weapons And Abilities

Champions are powerful enemies that have special abilities and defenses.

They can be Barrier, Overload, or Unstoppable, and they require specific weapons or abilities to break their defenses.

Shields are also common in Lost Sectors, and they can be Solar, Arc, Void, or Stasis.

You need to match the element of your weapon or ability to the shield to break it faster and cause an explosion.

You can use the Seasonal Artifact to unlock mods that can help you deal with champions and shields.

3. Focus On The Boss

The main goal of Lost Sectors is to defeat the boss and open the chest.

You don’t need to kill every enemy in the Lost Sector unless they are blocking your way or threatening you.

Also, you can skip some sections by using shortcuts, jumps, or invisibility.

Once you reach the boss, try to deal as much damage as possible, and use your super, heavy weapon, or grenades.

If you are doing solo, you can also use a finisher to kill the boss and get an overshield.

After the boss is dead, scan the code and open the chest to get your reward.

The Bottom Line

Lost Sectors are a great way to challenge yourself and farm exotic armor in Destiny 2.

Furthermore, they rotate daily, and each one has a different reward and difficulty.

You need to have a high power level, a suitable loadout, and a good strategy to complete them solo and get the exotic drop.

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