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Find and Buy Best Items From Clothing Vendors In BG3

BG3 clothing vendor
What Are Clothing Vendors in BG3

In BG3, clothing vendor are very popular among players who want to customize their characters.

Since customizing characters can have some advantages, they are also used for clothing for showcasing them in the game.

In Baldur’s Gate 3, clothing vendor are NPCs that sell various types of armor and clothing to the player. These vendors are essential in the game as they provide players with the necessary gear to survive in the game’s hostile environment.

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Clothing Vendors Location In BG3

In Baldur’s Gate 3, clothing vendors are located throughout different locations.

Some of the best vendors are listed below:

  • Emerald Grove
  • Underdark
  • Mountain Pass
  • Moonrise Towers
  • Baldur’s Gate

Additionally, some of these vendors are harder to reach, so players must search for them and may need to do some tasks.

Most of these locations are easy to find so players can trade items or clothes easily.

List Of Clothing Vendors In BG3

Various vendors in the game sell a lot of items, and most of them are unique merchants that sell different items.

Here are some merchants that players can locate easily:

1. Mattis

Players can find Mattis in the Druid Grove in Act 1. He is a Tiefling kid who sells invaluable items and doesn’t have many items to sell.

Additionally, he mostly sells rings and assorted junk items.

Some of the items he sells are Fork, Ink Pot, Shovel, Potato, Ring of the Lekinesus, and many more.

2. Dammon

Dammon is an Asmodeus Tiefling that can be found in Druid Grove in Act 1.

Similarly, he works as a smith and sells various items, mostly gear, armor, helmets, and gloves.

3. Arron

Arron is a Lightfoot Halfling that can be found in Druid Grove.

He has most of the items in his inventory, which players can easily trade with.

He also sells some unique items such as Amulet of Element Torment, Dragon’s Grasp, Rain Dancer, and Gloves of Missile Snaring.

4. Grat The Trader

You might stumble upon Grat the Trader, another merchant in the Mountain Pass.

He is often found in the Goblin Camp, specializing in armor and outfit items.

vendors selling clothes.
Baldurs Gate 3 is home to vendors selling clothes.

Similar to other vendors, Grat offers firearms as other goods alongside his clothing selection.

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Types Of Clothing In BG3

Players can buy and equip various types of clothing in BG3.

Some of the clothing in BG3 are robes, cloaks, boots, gloves, etc.

Here is the list of clothing in Baldur’s Gate 3:

1. Clothing For Camp In BG3

Clothing for camp is a special type of clothes that players wear while camping or on the campsite.

Here is a list of clothing options available for your camp in Baldurs Gate 3:

1. Comfortable Red Shirt

Comfortable Red shirts are common camping clothes that are as red as a campfire.

However, it doesn’t require any proficiency and costs 20 gold.

Comfortable Red Shirt in BG3
Comfortable Red Shirt in BG3

2. Destitute Clothes

Destitute Clothes are also common camping clothes which are of low quality and have a loose fitting.

Likewise, it also doesn’t require any proficiency and costs 11 gold.

Destitute Clothes in BG3
Destitute Clothes in BG3

3. Scruffy Vagabond Clothes

Scruffy Vagabond Clothes is a common camping clothes which has patchwork and threadbare.

Similarly, it also doesn’t require any proficiency and costs 8 gold.

Each type of clothing has its appearance and characteristics.

Scruffy Vagabond Clothes in BG3
Scruffy Vagabond Clothes in BG3

2. Robes

In Baldurs Gate 3 robes are quite popular as they offer a balance between protection and mobility.

Some noteworthy robes include;

1. Potent Robe

The Potent Robe is a very rare piece of clothing that has the ability to use your Charisma modifier to increase your cantrips’ damage.

However, this robe is hard to obtain unless one is blessed with otherworldly charisma.

It doesn’t require any proficiency and costs 1600 gold.

Potent Robe in BG3
Potent Robe in BG3

2. Wavemother’s Robe

Wavemother’s Robe is a quest reward that where player can obtain after completing Avenge the Drowned.

It also has the ability such as resistance to Fire and Cold Damage and can also heal 1~4 hit points.

Likewise, it also doesn’t require any proficiency and has a value of 610 gold.

wavemothers robe in BG3
Wavemothers robe in BG3

3. Poisoner’s Robe

Poisoner’s Robe is an uncommon clothing that can be found in Whispering Depth.

It has the ability to additional poison damage up to 1~4 hit points.

Since this is a heavy armor it can hinder the players while casting. It has a value of 410 gold.

Poisoners robe clothing in BG3
Poisoners robe clothing in BG3

3. Cloaks

Another favored clothing item in the game is cloaks, which offer both protection and freedom of movement.

Here are some notable cloaks;

1. Braindrain Cape

Braindrain Cape is a rare cloak that has the ability of Mental Debilitation where it can give mental fatigues to the enemies.

Similarly, it also doesn’t require any proficiency and has a value of 190 gold.

Braindrain cape in BG3
Braindrain cape in BG3

2. Cloak Of Displacement

Cloak of Displacement is a rare cloak that has an ability that grants a disadvantage on attack rolls that target the wearer.

However, this rare cloak can be found in Danthelon’s Dancing Axe, South Span of Wyrm’s Crossing.

Cloak of Displacement
Cloak of Displacement in the game.

It also has the effect of increased saving throws to gain an advantage on certain attacks.

Likewise, it also doesn’t require any proficiency and has a value of 190 gold.

3. Cloak Of Elemental Absorption

Cloak of Elemental Absorption is an uncommon cloak that can be found in an Opulent Chest in Ketheric Thorm’s chambers.

It has the ability to absorb elemental damage once per short rest.

Similarly, it also doesn’t require any proficiency and has a value of 115 gold.

Claok of Elemental Absorption in BG3
Cloak of Elemental Absorption in BG3

Players should note that the game may have options, but these are some popular choices among adventurers in Baldurs Gate 3.

This cloak provides a point to your armor. Gives you an advantage when it comes to battle or in a quest.

4. Boots

Having a pair of boots is essential for any adventurer. They not only protect your feet but also allow for easy movement.

Here are some notable boots;

1. Bonespike Boots

Bonespike Boots is a very rare boot that can be found in a trapped Wooden Chest of the secluded Passageway at the far end of the Rivington area.

It has an ability of Evasive Instinct and Refined Vaulting, where the wearer can increase the jump up to 1.5 m.

However, it has a proficiency of Brutal Leap and has a value of 70 gold.

Bonespike boots in BG3
Bonespike boots in BG3

2. Acrobat Shoes

Acrobat Shoes are a rare boot that can be found in Last Light Inn by the merchant Barcus.

It has the ability of acrobatics +1 and has advantages on dexterity saving throws checks.

Although it doesn’t have a proficiency, it has a value of 35 gold.

Acrobat shoes in BG3
Acrobat shoes in BG3.

3. Tyrannical Jackboots

Tyrannical Jackboots is an uncommon boot that can be found in Wyrm’s Rock Fortress.

Additionally, it has the ability to gain a +1 bonus to Charisma.

Similarly, it doesn’t have a proficiency, but it has a value of 100 gold.

Tyrannical boots in BG3
Tyrannical boots in BG3.

Purchase Or Trade Clothing In BG3

In Baldurs Gate 3, you can buy or trade clothing from the stores.

Additionally, you can earn outfits by completing missions or winning battles.

When you come across a merchant, simply click the “Trade” button to interact with them.

This will open a window showing all the products they have for sale.

To make a purchase just select the item you want. Click on the “Buy” button.

If you don’t have gold to buy something, there’s also an option to try trading instead.

Similarly, to trade choose the “Trade” option. Then, drag an item from your inventory into the trade window.

The merchant will then let you know how much they will pay for that item.

If you agree with their offer, simply finalize the transaction by selecting the “Trade” button.

It’s crucial to remember that merchants only have a limited amount of each item, so buy or trade things as soon as you see them.

Furthermore, many businesses will only sell particular products if you have achieved certain missions or met certain conditions.

Negotiating And Trading With Vendors In BG3

When interacting or negotiating with vendors in Baldur’s Gate 3, keep the following points in mind:

  • Always attempt to bargain for a lower price. Vendors are occasionally willing to decrease their charges if you can make a strong argument.
  • Instead of gold, consider exchanging things. Vendors are typically willing to trade for costly items like diamonds or magical artifacts.
  • Don’t hesitate to leave if you can’t secure a great offer. Many vendors are around the game, and you may always return later.

The Bottom Line

Overall, clothing vendors play a large role in Baldur’s Gate 3.

Additionally, you can select the perfect costume for your character by following these tips and investigating all of the available alternatives.

Baldur’s Gate 3 features something for everyone, whether you’re hunting for something practical or stunning.

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