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Find And Deal With Poisonous Beast Master In BG3

find the poisonous beast master bg3
how to find the poisonous beast master bg3

In BG3,find the poisonous beast master is one of the objectives of the quest Avenge the Drowned.

This quest can be started by speaking with Allandra Grey (an NPC) in the Lower City.

Find the Poisonous beast master in BG3 is an objective to complete the “Avenge the Drowned” quest. The Poisonous beast’s master in Baldur’s Gate 3 can be found in Flymm Cargo’s Basement by talking to Redhammer the Deviser and completing the quest.

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What Is Poisonous Beast Master In BG3?

Poisonous beast master refers to a quest called “Avenge the Drowned.”

In the quest, the player has to find and confront a mysterious person responsible for poisoning the water supply of a town called Flymm Cargo.

 Redhammer the Deviser
Redhammer the Deviser in Baldur’s Gate 3.

The person turns out to be Redhammer the Deviser, a Beast Master with a Wolf Spider companion that can inflict poison damage.

Redhammer hides in the basement with his submersible.

Moreover, the player can confront and either kill or persuade him to stop his shameful plan.

How To Find The Poisonous Beast Master In BG3?

Here are the steps to find the Poisonous Beast’s Master in Baldur’s Gate 3:

1. Go To Flymm Cargo’s Basement

To begin this quest, travel to Flymm Cargo’s Basement. This place is located in the game’s Underdark section.

Although the Underdark is a dark and dangerous underground environment, so expect obstacles along the route.

Similarly, you can explore the Underdark until you reach the door of Flymm Cargo’s Basement.

Map of Flymm Cargo in BG3 to find the poisonous beast master bg3
Map of Flymm Cargo in BG3

2. Talk To Redhammer The Deviser

When you go to Flymm Cargo’s Basement, look for an NPC named Redhammer the Deviser.

Approach him and start a conversation with him. He will assign you the mission “Avenge the Drowned.”

This task is a condition for locating the Poisonous Beast Master.


Redhammer the Deviser in BG3
Redhammer the Deviser is a character in BG3

3. Complete The Quest

“Avenge the Drowned” is the mission you must finish to proceed to the next phase of BG3.

However, this will most likely show a number of objectives that you must meet.

These goals might involve battling opponents, solving riddles, gathering things, or engaging with other NPCs.

To go through this quest, follow the quest flags or clues offered by Redhammer the Deviser.

4. Find The Poisonous Beast’s Master

After completing the “Avenge the Drowned” mission, your next job is to find the Poisonous Beast Master.

This character may be discovered in Flymm Cargo’s Basement in a special chamber.

Afterward, navigate around the region and explore numerous areas until you reach the Poisonous Beast Master’s room.

5. Interact And Conclude

When you enter the room where the Poisonous Beast Master is, approach him to start an interaction.

Firstly, this might result in a discussion or a cutscene that advances the plot.

This quest section should be finished once you’ve completed the interaction.

Also, look for quest markers and dialogue clues that will lead you to your goals during this procedure.

Similarly, the map and mission log in the game should also give extra information to help you navigate and monitor your progress.

The Bottom Line

In BG3, find the poisonous beast master is a simple objective that the players can complete without any problem.

Similarly, the quest is easy and can be completed by following the steps above.

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