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Does Days Gone have Multiple Endings In Last Mission?

Does Days Gone have Multiple Endings In Last Mission?
Does Days Gone have Multiple Endings In Last Mission?

In Days Gone, the main character Deacon St. John tries to find a reason to survive in a place where death surrounds him.

To survive till the end of this game, players must accomplish many missions with various storylines.

Once you complete the last mission, many endings will still await you in the open world.

In Days Gone, after completing all missions, there is a last mission known as the “There’s Nothing You Can Do.”  It becomes accessible once the credits and the main tale have finished.

Continue reading to learn about Days Gone last mission and its several endings.

What Are Days Gone Missions?

In Days Gone, there are close to 158 missions in total. This includes optional or side missions consisting of dozens of storylines.

All the missions included in this game can vary in length. Thus, some missions can be relatively brief, while others are longer.

Unlocking the platinum trophy for the game is crucial, and to do so, you must finish all of the missions and follow the storylines.

Discovering Sarah's Grave In Days Gone last mission
Discovering Sarah’s Grave In Days Gone.

However, there are still some missions that you can miss while playing Days Gone.

You can miss out or skip the missions involving “Sarah’s Grave” and continue with the main storyline.

Colonel Garet Giving Speech in Days Gone last mission.
Colonel Garet Giving Speech in Days Gone.

Additionally, there is also a mission named “Colonel Garet’s speeches” towards the end of the game.

Even if players cannot complete each storyline or mission, it does not influence the player’s whole game.

What Is Days Gone Last Mission?

Days Gone is a game with multiple endings, depending on the completion of specific storyline missions.

The last mission you can play is “There’s Nothing You Can Do,” part of the storyline.

Similarly, the Last Mission won’t be directly available to any player.

The last mission is about finding Nero O’Brian, the scientist who warns Daecon about the evolving freaked virus.

O’Brian the person who saves protagonist Daecon evacuates his wife Sarah at the beginning of the Freakers outbreak.

Deacon And Obrion Having Conversation In Last Mission.
Deacon And Obrion Having Conversation In Last Mission.

He contacts Deacon unexpectedly and requests a face-to-face meeting at the Pioneer Cemetery.

Deacon will also notice that the Nero Scientist is beside O’Brian.

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Does Days Gone Have Multiple Endings?

In Days Gone, there are four endings altogether. You must complete each mission to reach the final mission.

The list of endings of Days Gone are listed below:

1. Normal Ending

Generally, Normal Ending  includes endings which are listed below:

 1. Daecon And Sarah Ending

After Completing the story mission called “Bike Story” You can unlock this ending.

In this ending Daecon and Sarah make plans to flee the military.

Immediately after Wizard Island is destroyed, deacon rides his bike with Sara off into the sunset.

Daecon riding his bike safely with Sarah in days gone.
Daecon riding his bike safely with Sarah.

Therefore, they become safe and live their lives in and around Lost Lake Camp.

2. Iron Mike Ending

Players will unlock this ending after completing the mission named “For the Benefit of Others Story.”

Inside this mission, you can see the characters Rikki, Addison and Deacon visiting the Iron Mike’s Tomb graveyard.

Characters Visiting Graveyard in days gone last mission
Characters Visiting Graveyard Of Iron Mike.

The graveyard is located on the western side of the Lost Lake Encampment.

As a result, when you reach this graveyard, a cutscene will play, and the mission will be complete, and you will reach this ending.

3. Lisa Ending

After completing the story known as “I am Not Ripper,” you will reach this ending.

When the character, Lisa, tries to head toward Iron Mike’s camp but cannot go as gate guards block her.

Lisa with Bodyguard in days gone last mission
Lisa with Bodyguard.

As a result, in the conclusion, Dacon will be seen saving Lisa and allowing her to enter the camp.

2. Secret Ending

In the secret ending, players will get to know about the secret (true identity) of O’Brien.

Deacon and Obrion finally start the conversation after reaching Pioneer Cemetery.

By removing his helmet, O’Brien revealed that he had developed into an intelligent Freaker.

But, O’Brian’s mask was tinted, meaning Deek could not see his face before the rest of the game.

Obrian Real Face In Last Mission.
Obrian Real Face In Days Gone Last Mission.

Gamers will also know that NERO was aware of the virus’s mutagenic effects through O’Brien.

He knows about their impending arrival from the beginning.

In addition, O’Brien also tells about how there has been no stopping the virus’s mutagenic effects, which have existed since the beginning.

James Obrion leaving Daecon in Days Gone Last Mission.
Obrion leaving Daecon in Days Gone Last Mission.

In this way, O’Brian flees on the Nero helicopter leaving Daecon absolutely astonished.

This is also known as the bonus ending where players will obtain an ICPA-powered hidden NERO craftable weapon.

However, most of the gamers quit this game after forty hours of gameplay.

Nonetheless, the players who proceed in the game even after completing all missions, will discover ICPA tech, and they may utilize it in further games.

Moreover, you will be rewarded  Trust Points and Credits with one camp.

You will also get XP, mainly used to level Daecon up and obtain new abilities.

The Bottom Line

In Days Gone, the endings and main mission mentioned earlier have intrigued players to explore the game more.

In addition, the final mission’s endings have further increased the excitement of this game.

These unique and unforgettable events enhance the players’ experience during their Days Gone adventures.

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