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Waning Moon In BG3 Tavern: A Guide To Defeat Thisobald

The waning moon BG3
The Waning Moon is a location and a theme in Baldur’s Gate 3.

BG3 is a game based on the Dungeons & Dragons fantasy and has some exclusive locations like Waning Moon.

The game is set in the Forgotten Realms, a world of magic, monsters, and adventure.

The Waning Moon is a tavern in Baldur’s Gate, a city under mind flayers’ siege. Players can also find a puzzle about the Waning Moon in The Defiled Temple.
Continue reading to learn about the Waning Moon and how to solve the puzzle.

An Overview: Waning Moon BG3

The Waning Moon is a location and a theme in Baldur’s Gate 3.

Additionally, it refers to one of the phases of the Moon, which is associated with Selune, the goddess of the Moon.

Map of waning moon BG3.
You can find the Waning Moon in the tavern and The Defiled Temple.

Similarly, the Waning Moon is a tavern near the Moonrise Tower in Baldur’s Gate 3.

It is also related to a puzzle the player can encounter in the Defiled Temple.

Defeating Thisobald Thorm In Waning Moon Tavern

The Thiosbald Thorm is a boss you can encounter in BG3, guarding Waning Moon Tavern.

He is a bloated behemoth that challenges anyone who enters the Waning Moon tavern to a drinking contest.

The Thisobald Thorm is immune to physical attacks and can absorb and unleash elemental damage.

Meanwhile, he can also explode if he drinks too much, damaging both him and his enemies.

Here is how you can defeat the Thisobald Thorm in Waning Moon Tavern:

1. Through Conversation

You can try to impress him with your stories and skills, but you must pass several complex checks.

When you first sit to drink with Thisobald at The Waning Moon, you must go through a sequence of Skill Checks.

Thiosbald Thorm and a lady drinking
Defeat the Thiosbald Thorm by telling stories.

Making a saving throw based on your class, a performance check, and possibly a deception check would be best.

At last, Thiosbald Thorm will explode from excessive drinking, and you will emerge victorious in the contest.

2. Through Combat

You can refuse to drink or fail the conversation checks, triggering a fight with the Thiosbald Thorm.

Use elemental attacks to damage him, as he is immune to physical attacks.

However, he will also absorb the element you use and hit you back with it on his next turn.

You will need to switch elements frequently and avoid grouping your characters.

Players fighting with Thiosbald Thorm
The placement of the team is essential to defeating Thiosbald Thorm.

You can also use summons or other distractions to keep him busy.

After a few turns, he will drink too much and get a blacked-out condition, which makes him vulnerable to physical attacks.

Strike him during this opportunity using everything you have.

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Solving The Defiled Temple Puzzle

The puzzle involves arranging four stone discs with images of the Waning Moon into a specific order.

The arrangement must match Selune’s symbol and her lunar phases.

To solve the puzzle, you must move all the black dots to the southernmost disc while having the white dots on the other discs.

waning moon bg3
The discs rotate independently and affect each other, so you must be careful and observant.

Here are some steps that you can follow to solve the puzzle:

  1. Spin the south disc three times.
  2. Spin the west disc one time.
  3. Spin the south disc once.
  4. Spin the north disc once.
  5. Spin the west disc three times.
  6. Spin the east disc twice.

The Moon door to the Underdark will open when you have the correct arrangement.

Alternatively, you can bypass the puzzle by finding a hidden lever on the right wall near a fallen statue.

waning moon bg3
You can also pull the hidden lever to open the Waning moon door.

The lever is locked, but you can use a lockpick or a rogue character like The Astarion to unlock it.

Pulling the lever will open the secret door to the Underdark without needing to solve the puzzle.

The Bottom Line

Overall, the Waning Moon is one element that makes BG3 an immersive and rich game.

It also offers different challenges and rewards for the player to discover and enjoy.

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