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Ketheric Thorm Invulnerable Bug In BG3: Causes And Fixes

ketheric thorm invulnerable
How To Solve Ketheric Thorm Invulnerable Bug In BG3?

In BG3, some players have reported a bug where Ketheric Thorm becomes invulnerable and cannot be damaged.

Ketheric Thorm invulnerable is a bug in BG3, where some players cannot defeat or kill him even after getting his health to zero. The simple solution for solving Ketheric Throm’s invulnerability is to reload the game.

Continue reading more about how to solve the Ketheric Thorm invulnerable bug in BG3.

Who Is Ketheric Thorm In BG3?

Ketheric Thorm stands out as one of the captivating adversaries in Baldurs Gate 3.

His main objective is to hinder the player from reaching the Elder Brain during the act of the game.

Additionally, he proves to be a foe with various spells and abilities capable of destroying his opponents.

ketheric thorm invulnerable
Ketheric Thorm is a necromancer in BG3.

Similarly, he can be found in different locations in the game.

You can find him in Mind Flayer Colony, Private Quarters and Throne Room.

Causes Of Ketheric Thorm Invulnerable Bug

The cause of the Ketheric Throm Invulnerable issue in BG3 is unknown, but it seems related to Thorm’s illusionary abilities.

He can create duplicates of himself with reduced health and damage but identical appearance and behavior.

When a player destroys one of these illusions, it is not recorded as a death in the game.

Instead, the game thinks the actual Ketheric Thorm is no longer alive, making him invincible.

This implies that even if players come across the true Ketheric Thorm amid illusions, they cannot defeat or kill him.

Similarly, the only option to complete the battle is to run or reload an earlier save.

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How To Solve Ketheric Thorm Invulnerable Bug In BG3?

There are several ways to remedy this bug in BG3, which are compiled into three alternative solutions.

Here are some points to solve the Thorm invulnerability in the game.

1. Avoid Killing Illusions Of Ketheric Thorm

The simplest way to prevent this problem is not to kill any of Ketheric Thorm’s illusions.

This is accomplished by focusing on other enemies or employing non-lethal attacks.

However, as he would continue to generate illusions and attack you, this technique may be challenging and time-consuming.

The players may face enemies including Mind Flayers, Githyanki, and cultists.

As a result, this technique is not suggested unless the player has a powerful group and adequate resources.

2. Use True Sight Or Detect Mag

To address this challenge, players can employ True Sight or Detect Magic.

True Sight, classified as a divination spell at level 6 enables casters to identify and dispel magic within its area of effect.

It has the power to expose concealed beings, illusions, and shapechangers.

Detect Magic, on the other hand, falls under divination spells at level 1. It allows casters to detect presence within a range of 30 feet.

This spell can uncover effects and entities disguised as illusions or shapechangers.

The genuine Ketheric Thorm will emit a shade compared to his illusions.

Subsequently, the player can concentrate their attacks on him while disregarding his illusions.

3. Reload The Game

Players can simply reload the game, which is one of the easiest solutions for this problem.

Some players notice that reloading the game has fixed the memory issue.

However, for some players, the problem seems to be related to recent memory leakage.

The Bottom Line

Ketheric Thorm invulnerable bug is a frustrating issue that can ruin the final act of BG3.

In this case, using the above methods can help the players to solve the problem.

However, there are simple alternatives that are beneficial to gamers and straightforward to implement.

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