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Baldur’s Gate 3: How To Enter Mattis Hole Hideout?

Bg3 Mattis Hole Hideout: How To Enter?

In BG3, the Mattis hole is an entrance to the Tiefling hideout in Baldur’s Gate 3.

It is encountered behind the Mattis Shop, where Mattis sells various stolen items.

BG3 Mattis Hole is a small hole behind Mattis’s shop in the Find Your Belongings quest. However, you need to be small enough to fit into the hole to access it.
Continue to know more about BG3 mattis hole and the process to access the hideout.

Who Is Mattis in BG3?

In Baldur’s Gate 3, among many NPCs, Mattis is also one of them, and he belongs to the Tiefling race.

Players can see him in both Act 1 and Act 2. In Act 1, you can find him in Druid Grove and in Act 2, you can find him in Last Light Inn.

He is also a merchant in the game who sells valuable items such as rings.

Along with rings he also sells buckets, plates, a fork, ink pots, shovels, potatoes, ink pots, etc.

Similarly, the child tieflings have strengths of 10, skill of 14, the wisdom of 10 and charisma of 10.

What Is Mattis Hole In BG3?

Mattis’s hole is a small opening which is located in the Druids’ Grove.

Additionally, Druids’ Groove is a sanctuary for refugees and druids.

Nevertheless, Mattis is also part of a pickpocketing scheme with a group of Tiefling children.

A thief will try to steal everything you own.

Similarly, they target unsuspecting travelers and merchants and steal some of their belongings, such as gold, potions, scrolls, and weapons.

Later, they sell them to other people for money.

Finding Your Belongings In The Hollow

The Hollow is a section of the Druid Grove, a sanctuary for refugees and druids who are threatened by the goblins and the Absolute cult.

The Hollow is where most of the Tiefling refugees live, and they have set up a makeshift market and camp there.

A hideout is located behind Mattis’s Shop.

Mattis’s shop is on the lower level along the eastern edge of the Hollow.

One of the quests you can get in the Hollow is Finding Your Belongings, which Mattis’s gang has stolen.

Once you enter the hideout, you must perform certain missions to retrieve items from the hollow.

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How To Access The Tiefling Hideout?

It is a tedious and tricky job for anyone to access the hideout.

But, depending on the player’s choices, skills, and actions, several ways exist to complete this quest and retrieve one’s items.

Here are some steps to access the tiefling hideout:

1. Use Enlarge-Reduce Spell

You can squeeze through a hole behind Mattis’s shop if you are small enough or have an Enlarge-Reduce spell.

You can use the Enlarge-Reduce spell to access the hideout.

Thus, this is the easiest and fastest way to access the hideout.

2. Pass A Perception Check

If they talk to Doni, players can spot a concealed hatch near the grove’s entrance.

Doni is another Tiefling child near Mattis and passes a Perception check.

However, to open it, you need to rescue Mirkon, a Tiefling boy who knows the password to the hideout.

3. Rescue Mirkon

To rescue Mirkon, you must go to the Secluded Cove near the Sacred Pool and fight some harpies.

They have charmed him with their siren song to lure him there.

However, you can free him by killing four of them using your skills or charisma.

Afterward, Mirkon will tell you the password to the hideout and give you a key to open the hatch.

The Bottom Line

Mattis Hole is located behind Mattis Shop, where the NPC Mattis sells various stolen items.

However, it is a tedious and tricky job for anyone to access the hideout.

Finally, players can use the ways mentioned above to find their belongings.

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