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Finding And Allying The Society Of Brilliance In BG3

How To Find The Society Of Brilliance In BG3?

The Society of Brilliance is a faction that you can encounter and interact with in the BG3 Underdark.

They are friendly and helpful to adventurers seeking aid or sharing their goals.

The Society of Brilliance BG3 has members with unique personalities and backgrounds. Moreover, they help players with mind flayer parasite problems by giving them a potion.

Continue reading more to explore how to find the society of brilliance and its benefits.

Who Are The Society Of Brilliance In BG3?

The Society of Brilliance is a group of scholars from various races in the Underdark.

Further, these scholars are working to improve this hostile place’s conditions by studying its secrets and mysteries.

They are composed of a mind flayer, a hobgoblin, a duergar, a drow, and a deep gnome.

Githyanki are enemies of the mind flayers.

Moreover, they are friendly and helpful to adventurers seeking aid or sharing their goals.

The Society of Brilliance has allies like Lenore De Hurst, the Mystran cleric of the Arcane Tower.

Another ally is Lady Esther, a human woman who wants to obtain a Githyanki egg for the Society’s research.

How To Find The Society Of Brilliance BG3?

To find the Society of Brilliance in BG3, you need to do the following steps:

1. Blurg’s Introduction

Go to the Myconid Colony in the Underdark and talk to Blurg, a friendly orog trader.

You need to talk to Blurg.

Tell him about your mind-flayer parasite, and he will summon Omeluum, a scholar.

2. Potion Solution

Omeluum will examine your parasite and mention being impossible to extract it due to a mysterious magic barrier.

Further, he will mention bypassing the barrier by using a potion.

The potion is made from two types of mushrooms: the Tongue of Madness and the Timmask Spores.

3. Lenore’s Tower

Blurg will tell you you can find the mushrooms in Lenore’s tower.

To reach the tower, follow Blurg’s directions and head southwest from the Myconid Colony.

Further, you will encounter some draugrs on Underdark Beach.

4. Lenore’s Bargain

Enter the tower and talk to Lenore, a friendly Mystran cleric who can trade and heal you.

She has the mushrooms you need, but you must either pay, persuade, or steal them from her.

5. Potion Experiment

Once you have the mushrooms, return them to Omeluum and give them to him.

He will brew the potion and ask you to drink it.

omeluum, society of brilliance bg3
Return mushrooms to Omeluum.

The potion temporarily weakens the magic barrier around your parasite, allowing Omeluum to probe deeper into your mind.

Further you need to find the network and the hidden city to access the Society members.

1. Parasite Network

Omeluum discovers that the parasite is connected to a network of other parasites, and you can communicate with them.

Moreover, he will reveal a hidden city in the Underdark.

In that city, the mind flayers plot something evil and urge you to investigate it.

2. Hidden City 

Agreeing to go to the hidden city, you will receive a device from Omeluum.

This device locates it and makes a way to contact him and the other Society members through telepathy.

He will also welcome you as an honorary member of the Society of Brilliance.

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Benefits Of Allying The Society of Brilliance

Contacting The Society of Brilliance in BG3 will help you gain access to their knowledge and expertise on various topics.

You can gain access to their knowledge on the mind flayer parasite, the Faerzress, and the Underdark.

Some more benefits of allying with the Society of Brilliance are:

  1. You can obtain a device to locate the hidden city of the mind flayers. You can learn their plans and possibly stop them.
  2. Next, you can communicate with them anytime through telepathy and receive their guidance and support.
  3. Further, you can trade with them and buy rare and useful items like potions, scrolls, and books.
  4. Moreover, you can earn their friendship and respect and become an honorary group member.

The Bottom Line

The Society of Brilliance in BG3 offers you valuable information, assistance, and rewards for your cooperation.

Furthermore, they have their own agenda and secrets that you can discover by exploring their quests and dialogues.

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