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5 Best Starting Background In Starfield

In Starfield, players may select from numerous backgrounds, influencing their character’s initial talents and abilities.

Starfield was created and released by Bethesda Game Studios, which is an action role-playing game.

In Starfield, players can choose from many best-starting backgrounds, which is also very important for their gameplay. Some of the best backgrounds are Soldier, Combat Medic, Bounty Hunter, etc.

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What Is Background In Starfield?

A background in Starfield is a pre-generated character template that establishes your character’s initial talents and abilities.

Each background provides three beginning skills that might be vital for your playing style.

Each skill delivers a distinct advantage, whether a new ability, enhanced weapon damage, or more.

Players must choose a background for their character which reflects their past experiences.

However, choosing a background for a character is a crucial point in the game, which sets the role you will play.

5 Best Starting Backgrounds In Starfield

Although there are many backgrounds to choose from, here are the 10 best-starting backgrounds in Starfield.

1. Bounty Hunter

Bounty Hunter is recommended for players who enjoy smuggling, ship combat, and building.

It offers diverse skills and advantages, including negotiation for better bounty rates.

You start with a talent in Piloting, which means you’re one step closer to being able to command B- and C-class spacecraft without needing to invest in the skill.

Boost Pack Training enables you to get more utilization out of your boost pack.

It can be a versatile choice for those interested in various aspects of the game.

2. Soldier

Soldiers have combat efficiency, piloting skills, and persuasion abilities. They wear space scoundrel suits and can persuade others effectively.

This is a terrific all-around introductory backdrop for any playthrough.

It comes with the Fitness and Ballistics talents that give you an advantage in fighting, while Boost Pack Training is simply enjoyable.

3. Beast Hunter

This background is recommended for players focusing on combat and survival skills.

It starts with a combat skill in ballistics, a physical skill in Fitness, and a social skill in Gastronomy.

It’s suitable for solo players who want to rely on their combat abilities and improve their self-sufficiency.

4. Combat Medic

Combat Medic is ideal for players engaging in combat research and weapon modding.

This is another fantastic choice, particularly for players who want to play in the hardest or most difficult settings.

It provides a head start in the combat skill tree, making specializing in laser weaponry and weapon modifications easier.

It comes with Pistol, Medicine, and Wellness talents to help you sail through early combat engagements and heal yourself when injured.

5. Ronin

Ronin is suitable for players who prefer a stealthy melee-focused character.

However, it is recommended for those who want to invest in the physical skill tree while still having the option to use companions.

Similarly, it comes with Dueling, Stealth, and Scavenging skills for a better head start as a solo player.

The Bottom Line

Starting Background in Starfield is a crucial decision that can impact your gameplay experience.

The right starting background can make a big difference in Starfield, so choosing the best one is important.

Further, players can choose from any background each offering a unique skill set.

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