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How to obtain Mantis Armor Best Perks In Starfield?

The Mantis Armor in Starfield always comes with multiple perks.

Getting Mantis Armor and utilizing its unique perks has encouraged gamers to learn more about this game.

In Starfield players can face a lot of difficulties in the game so they must acquire Mantis Armor with their best perks. Moreover, Armor is not directly available to them so they must complete a mission to unlock it.

What Is Mantis Armor In Starfield? An Overview

Mantis Armor is considered one of the legendary armor sets.

It is the only Armor that can be obtained freely and early in the game.

In addition, this set is crafted from the parts of Mantis Boss whose main work is to save from crucial hits in the game.

How To Get Mantis Armor In Starfield?

To get the Mantis Armor you must complete the mission name Mantis Mission.

Mantis’s mission is generally known as the door to get the legendary armor in Starfield.

Also, the Mantis mission is not directly available to the players they have to find the Mantis quest in the starfield.

Here are some steps to complete the Mantis mission and get legendary armor after this.

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Start Mantis Quest In Starfield

The Mantis mission in the Starfield initiates with you investigating every corpse of a Spacer you find or make on the Nova Galactic Star station.

Now you will read the datapad known as the Denebola i-B. which commonly falls on Nova Galactic Star Station.

As soon as you receive that note, study it right away, You’ll learn that it contains a hint to a secret mining setup on system Denebola i-B.

Players in Mantis in
Players in Mantis.

It will help to locate the location of the “liar of the mantis”

After receiving the note there is a Quest Markers, that players must follow to gain deep knowledge of the facility.

Additionally, you must gather every audio log and communication to learn more about the place.

Livveu In Starfield.
Livvey In Starfield.

You must now defeat every enemy on Liar of Mantis after completing the previous steps, and then you will ultimately find the character known as “Livvey.”

Starfield Mantis Floor Puzzle

After meeting with Livvey you will go inside the corridor where you will have to solve a fairly simple puzzle involving letters on the floor.

It is the best way to unlock the legendary mantis armor.

The task for you to do is to step the floor that comprises the word “TYRANNIS”.

Players must move carefully because some of the words are torn, making it difficult for them to go further.

Puzzle In mantis mission.
Puzzle In mantis mission.

Therefore, if you mistakenly step to the wrong letters then you are automatically eliminated from the game as the lasers from the other room will destroy you.

As a result, they must complete it correctly and as soon as you complete the puzzle press the button to open the door and turn the lasers off.

After opening the door you will proceed to another step where you will see a narrow corridor where you will encounter Turret MK III.

Players see robot after solving puzzle.
Players see robots after solving puzzles.

After coming across Turret MK II, you can also obtain a reliable long-range weapon from which you can eliminate two powerful formidable robots that are stopping your progress.

Once you kill those it will bring you closer to get the legendary Mantis Set.

Get Your Legendary Mantis Set

After completing successfully all the steps, you will encounter the Laboratory of the Secreat Hideout on planet Denebola I-b.

This is the place where you will see the Mantis spacesuit enclosed in big fancy glass within a hexagonal display.

Players Finding Legendary Suit.
Players Finding Legendary Suit.


To acquire the Legendary Manis Spacesuit Set, you must activate the spacecraft and acquire the suit out of the protective enclosure.

Additionally, grab other extra loot from every nearby surrounding item to earn more credits for your game.

Perks Of Mantis Armor Set

The legendary items that you will collect from three-piece of the mantis suits are the Mechanized Mantis Space suit, The Mirrored Mantis Pack, and the Repulsing Manits Space Helmet.

Each piece from the set has unique perks which can extremely help in your game progress.

The components and resilience of this set are excellent. and comes with multiple perks which are listed below:

Mechanized Mantis Spacesuit

This suit has 15% incoming melee damage which has the power to heal from damage from human enemies.

in Starfield.
Mechanized matis spacesuit in Starfield.

It also helps you to loot more weapons as it contains a 40 % carry capacity.

Mirrored Mantis Pack

This pack offers a 20 percent carrying capacity for weapons and 15 percent incoming melee damage.

Mantis In Starfield.
Mirrored Mantis In Starfield.

Moreover, it has a five percent deflecting attack from nearby enemies.

Repulsing Mantis Space Helmet

The helmet contains Chamelon that will let you blend in with the background of the starfield while sneaking and preventing movement.

Repulsing Mantis Space Helmet in Starfield.
Repulsing Mantis Space Helmet in Starfield.

Likewise, there is a 10% Analyzer that will assist you in scanning targets so you can fire opponents.

Additionally, there is 4% mirroring, which will assist you in avoiding blows from attackers on the opposing side.

The Bottom Line

To sum up, players can quickly obtain the armor and take full advantage of the game provided if they follow the earlier instructions.

Additionally, these special perks of mantis armor improve players’ enjoyment of the game.

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