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How To Get Weapons From Starfield Legendary Enemies?

How to get Legendary Weapons From Enemies In Starfield?
How to get Legendary Weapons From Enemies In Starfield?

In Starfield, players have to face legendary enemies to obtain armor and weapons.

Getting those items is crucial for the game therefore, players must defeat the Starfield legendary enemies appropriately.

In Starfield, it is difficult for players to obtain legendary items from Legendary Enemies. So the best way to acquire them is by using the game’s scumming tips and tricks.
Please continue reading to learn how to Get Weapons And Armor from Starfield’s legendary enemies.

Starfield: An Overview

Starfield is an action role-playing game which is developed by Bethesda Game Studios that can be played in either first or third-person.

Players can utilize both weapons and words to progress.

It is also said to be the Studio’s first new IP in twenty-five years.

Players Fighting With Enemies Around un Starfield Legendary Enemies.
Players Fighting with enemies around Starfield.

Starfield at its core shares much similar gameplay with previous Bethesda game studios games such as Fallout 4.

In addition, gamers may also construct any character of their choosing and start their epic journey.

They will solve humanity’s biggest mystery in a place where they have unparalleled freedom to explore.

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Get Legendary Weapons From Legendary Enemies

In Starfield there are different rarity levels for getting legendary items, making it difficult to get legendary weapons for players.

Therefore, the easiest and quickest way to obtain it is by finding areas with abundant enemies and loot.

Furthermore, these are the tips and tricks to farm legendary weapons and armor from Starfield and legendary enemies:

1. Go To Areas With A lot Of Enemies And Loot

When you are fighting with enemies, legendary weapons and armor can randomly drop from their dead bodies.

In some cases, they also can be dropped from crates, vaults, and chests.

Players defeating Legendary enemies in Starfield.
Players defeat enemies in Starfield.

And, the chance of getting that item is much easier if you can defeat them appropriately.

Therefore, it is highly recommended for players to go to areas with many enemies.

The more enemies you fight, the more chance you have of getting Legendary gear.

2. Set Difficulty To Very Hard

Before going to a suitable area, players should set the Difficulty to Very Hard.

Setting Difficulty to Very hard In legendary enemies in Starfield.
Setting Difficulty to Very Hard in Starfield.

This is an essential step because it helps to enhance your chance of getting stronger enemies.

As a result, you can get higher-tier loot after you defeat them.

3. Save Before You Load The Area

When players find the area, a loading screen will appear. Players must be sure that they made a Save state.

 loading screen appears while saving in legendary enemies in Starfield.
Loading screen appears while saving in Starfield.

They are advised for this as the kind of loot you can obtain when you enter an area for loot will be predetermined.

Players can load back into their save before loading into the area entirely if they do not find any legendary items.

Consequently, this will generate a new set of loot for players to find.

4. Set Difficulty To Very Easy After Entering

After loading the area, you can set the Difficulty to Very Easy. After doing this, you can defeat enemies in an easy process.

Setting level difficult to easy in legendary items in Starfield.
Setting the level from difficult to easy in Starfield.

This is the simplest easiest, strongest, efficient, and most effective for farm legendaries.

Furthermore, changing the difficulty level will not impact your chances of obtaining loot as the item drops are predetermined when the enemies are loaded.

5. Kill The Enemies And Loot Everything

Once you complete all those early steps, you will be ready to kill all the enemies and loot everything from them.

Players looting legendary item from enemies.
Players loot legendary items from enemies.

Simply make sure that the weapons and ammunition you have prepared won’t malfunction when dispatching enemies.

Once you kill them, loot every legendary item from them.

6. Quicksave Before Killing A Boss

Another step to get items is to quicksave before dealing with the boss’s final strike.

Moreover, when you are dealing with a boss, you must kill them.

Players doing Quicksave Before Killing A Boss in legendary enemies in starfield
Players doing Quicksave before killing a boss.

Because only after killing them you will know what treasure you can get from them.

7. Reload Save And Repeat If You Did Not Find Legendary Items

Sometimes, in the game, though you defeat all the enemies, you may not find any legendary weapons or armor.

In this case, you must load back into your save or quicksave and start again.

You have to do this step because when you kill the enemies, they can not be in the same place.

Therefore, you must save and reload to obtain a new set of loot because opponents don’t regenerate.

Moreover, you can find a different place with many enemies instead of this.

The Bottom Line

Overall in Starfield by applying the above-mentioned tips and tricks, you can get the legendary items from legendary enemies in an easy process.

Moreover, it will further enhance the player’s performance as they will be equipped with the best legendary items.

Additionally, this game’s contemporary visual effects and distinctive graphics make this game more interesting.

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