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What Are Rosymorn Monastery Ceremonial Weapons?

ceremonial weapons
Ceremonial Weapons in BG3.

Rosymorn Monastery is a location in Baldur’s Gate 3 game, where Ceremonial Weapons are found.

In BG3, you need to find the three Rosymorn Monastery Ceremonial Weapons i.e. Ceremonial Mace, Ceremonial Battleaxe, and Ceremonial Warhammer. This Monastery has three different levels.
You have to explore the Monastery to achieve all three weapons.

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Types Of Rosymorn Monastery Ceremonial Weapons

The Rosymorn Monatsrey has several weapons for the players. They can find the weapons below.

1. Ceremonial Mace

It is a mace with an iron head and a wooden handle.

The mace can be located in a chest of stained glass window puzzle room.

2. Ceremonial Battleaxe

The battleaxe is a weapon with a bronze head. It has a wooden handle too.

The location of Ceremonial Battleaxe is in a room that is filled with goblins group.

3. Ceremonial Warhammer

It is a Warhammer that has a silver head with a wooden handle.

This Warhammer is located on the roof of the monastery.

How To Enter The Rosymorn Monastery In BG3?

To enter Rosymorn Monastery in Baldur’s Gate 3, you need to do the following:

  1. Move aside from the door and then leave the courtyard first. After that, turn to face the door.
rosymorn monastery ceremonial weapons
A passageway will be visible to your left; follow it until you reach some rocks.
  1. After jumping down, you must turn around and continue until you reach a rock that will obstruct your path. There are vines next to the rock that is in your way.
rosymorn monastery ceremonial weapons
Climb them and proceed to the destroyed fountain with a hole in the adjacent wall.
  1. Jump to the other wall by passing through the gap in the wall.
rosymorn monastery ceremonial weapons
Following it will take you into the hallway and an enchanted door.
  1. After that, turn left towards the end of the hallway. You will enter a fascinating hall. There is a broken window in this hallway.
rosymorn monastery ceremonial weapons
You must climb through to reach a location with a damaged floor.
  1. You will see a passage farther down when you get to this location.
rosymorn monastery ceremonial weapons
You must employ a spell that protects you from fall damage or a teleportation/flying scroll to descend there.
  1. The door is here, and right next to it is a lever that you can pull to open once you descend to the main hall.
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Where To Find Rosymorn Monastery Ceremonial Weapons In BG3?

You have to unlock the door and begin working on the puzzle.

To accomplish this, you must return to the hallway from which you entered the lower corridor.

Then you can find a tiny secret room if you return and carefully inspect the corner.

Gather all the ceremonial items and place them on the altars before you can enter them. You can follow the below steps.

  1. The Ceremonial Battleaxe is the first thing that is required. Return to the hallway where you first noticed the magical door.
rosymorn monastery ceremonial weapons
Use Thieve’s Tools to achieve this.
  1. You will discover that the way is blocked and that a Guardian of Faith is present in the space.
rosymorn monastery ceremonial weapons
Use ranged attacks and simply shoot him from the hallway to easily dispatch him.
  1. When the foe is vanquished, slip inside and grab the Ceremonial Battleaxe.
Ceremonial Battleaxe
You can obtain the Ceremonial Battleaxe by killing him.
  1. The Ceremonial Warhammer is the second item required. It is located on the upper floor. You can utilize the vines next to the magical entrance to climb up them.
rosymorn monastery ceremonial weapons
When you reach the top, the object you require will be virtually immediately visible.
  1. The last item is any common weapon like Ceremonial Mace.
Rusty Mace
The last item is Rusty Mace.
  1. Put the items you discovered on the altars when you go back.
Dawnmaster's Note and Crest
The next Dawnmaster’s Note and Crest are located in the same room.

In addition to the above weapons, you’ll also find Ceremonial Longsword in Dawmaster Welkinglory’s pedestal.

After placing all the ceremonial weapons, you’ll reveal a hidden pouch.

Watch out for the early risers in the hallway and take out the energy sources to take down the light barriers.

Lastly, place the Dawnmaster’s Crest when you reach the room to obtain the Blood of Lathander.

The Bottom Line

In this way, Blood of Lathander will further enhance the player’s performance as it is the best weapon in the early game.

Moreover, the Rosymorn Monastery is a place of high adventures with hidden puzzles for players.

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