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Guide To Casket Of Inaccuracy In Honkai: Star Rail

casket of inaccuracy
A guide to Casket of Inaccuracy in Honkai Star Rail.

Honkai: Star Rail features a simulated universe mode, where players can explore and encounter various events and enemies.

Along the way, players can also obtain curios, which are special items that provide buffs or debuffs to enhance the gameplay.

One of the most intriguing curios in the game is the Casket of Inaccuracy, which has a unique effect and a mysterious origin.
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What Is Casket Of Inaccuracy?

The casket of inaccuracy is a curio that grants the player 1-2 random blessings after obtaining it.

Blessings are positive effects that can boost the player’s stats, skills, or abilities.

For example, some blessings can increase the player’s attack, defense, movement speed, or energy regeneration.

Casket of Inacuracy
The Casket of Inaccuracy in Honkai Star Rail.

However, the casket of inaccuracy is not a normal curio, as it has a hidden drawback.

Similarly, the casket of inaccuracy also has a negative effect, such as reducing the player’s health, energy, or damage output.

The player will not know what effects the casket of inaccuracy will have until they obtain it.

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What Are Curios?

Curios are special items that can be obtained in the simulated universe mode in Honkai: Star Rail.

They can provide various effects, such as buffs, debuffs, or modifiers, that can alter the gameplay in different ways.

Some curios can enhance the player’s performance, while others can challenge the player with drawbacks or limitations.

List of all the Curios
All the Curios in Honkai Star Rail.

There are three types of curios in the game: normal, error code, and negative curios.

Normal curios are the most common and can be obtained through various methods.

Error code curios are rare and can only be obtained from the Implement of Error event.

They are corrupted codes that need to be fixed with battles, and they can give the player either positive or negative effects.

Negative curios are the most difficult to obtain, as they can only be acquired from specific events.

They are designed to give the player disadvantages, such as reducing the player’s health, energy, damage output, etc.

How To Obtain Curios In Honkai: Star Rail?

To obtain curios in Honkai: Star Rail, the player needs to explore the simulated universe mode and encounter various events.

The simulated universe mode consists of 10 floors, each with different themes, layouts, and challenges.

Furthermore, There are three difficulty levels that players can choose from: easy, normal, or hard.

The higher the difficulty, the more rewards the player can get, but also the more risks the player will face.

The player can also choose between three characters to form a team, each with their own skills, weapons, and roles.

Similarly, they can switch between the characters during the battles, and use their skills and combos to defeat the enemies.

The player can also use cosmic fragments, which are the currency, to reset their blessings, or revive their characters.

Furthermore, the player can obtain cosmic fragments by winning battles, completing events, or finding chests.

Moreover, there are other ways to obtain curios and they are:

  1. Choosing a blessing at the start of the run.
  2. Completing events in the occurrence portals.
  3. Defeating elite enemies on certain floors.
  4. Purchasing from the third shot on respite floors.

Likewise, the player can also obtain error code curios from the Implement of Error event on floor 6.

Additionally, negative curios can be obtained from specific events on the first few floors.

The Bottom Line

Casket of inaccuracy is a curio that can give the player 1-2 random blessings but also has a chance to give negative effects.

The player can obtain curios by exploring the simulated universe mode and encountering various events and enemies.

They can also use cosmic fragments to level up their blessings, reset their blessings, or revive their downed characters.

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