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Where Can You Find Armored Core 6 Hidden Chests?

Mech standing
Players can find the Hidden Chests in various missions of Armored Core 6.

Armored Core 6 hidden chests are one of the most exciting parts of the game.

Hidden chests contain valuable parts for your mech.

Players can find the 19 Hidden Chests in various missions of Armored Core 6. They can also play the same mission repeatedly to find the other hidden chests.
Continue reading to learn more about Armored Core 6 Hidden Chests.

Armored Core 6 Hidden Chests

Armored Core 6 Hidden Chests are hidden containers throughout the game’s missions.

Each chest contains a unique part scattered across different missions in the game and cannot be purchased from the shop.

Similarly, players can easily overlook the chests because they are tiny compared to your mech.

They are often hidden behind objects, inside pipes, or in secret rooms. You need to explore every corner of the map to find them all.

Players must use the mech’s scanning ability to find these chests.

Mission To Find Hidden Chests

In Armored Core 6, there are several missions that you can play in search of the hidden chests.

You can play these game missions again from the Replay mission in the main menu.

Here is the list of some missions to play for the hidden chests:

1. Infiltrate Grid 086

The Infiltrate Grid 086 mission comes in chapter 2 of the Armored Core 6.

In this mission, players must survey from the ice fields to the far west of the general area.

Man flying with jet
There are four total chests in Grid 086.

Similarly, the grid is located on an island in the middle of the ocean

During this mission, players can find four hidden chests.

The player has to enter the opening opposite where the mission starts to get the first chest.

This first chest will provide you with an HC 3000 Wrecker Head.

Man standing infront of chest.
The chest contains items like HC-3000, Wrecker Head, CC-3000 Wrecker Core etc.

Meanwhile, players must head out of the room and enter the furnace room to find the second chest.

The second chest will provide you with a CC-3000 Wrecker Core.

man infront of the chest.
The chest 2 and chest 3 are near to each other.

Then, head out to the molten lava and enter the small pipe of the furnace to get to the third hidden chest.

When the player opens the third chest, they will get the AC-3000 Wrecker Arms.

Player fighting with an enemy near the third armored core hidden chests.
A player will get ambushed by an enemy near the chest 3.

However, the fourth is on the right side of the mission’s objective.

The fourth chest will provide you with 2C-3000 Wrecker legs.

Mech opening the chest
The fourth chest is near the objective.

2. Tunnel Sabotage

Players can play the Tunnel Sabotage mission in Chapter 3, Mission 18 of Armored Core 6.

They must destroy the old device located at the facility’s center.

The facility is full of mechs that are guarding with high security.

Hidden Chest in Tunnel Sabotage
Nebula Plasma Rifle can be found in the Tunnel Sabotage mission.

Once the mission is complete, the player can use their boost to escape the facility.

A player can find the chest from where the mission starts.

When you enter the beam area, boost the mech to the right of the top beam to get the chest near the generator.

Moreover, the player will get an IA-C01W1: NEBULA Plasma Rifle inside the chest.

3. Survey The Uninhabited Floating City

This mission is from Chapter 3 Mission 19 of Armored Core 6.

In this mission, players must survey the Xylem called a floating city.

This mission is offered to players by Handler Walfer.

A mech standing infront of armored core hidden chests.
The chest has a glowing light at the top.

Players have to complete two objectives in the mission.

In this mission, the chest is found in the second objective.

You have to close the barrier in the first mission and move directly towards the barrier side.

Meanwhile, you can find the IA-C01G: Aorta Generator from the only hidden chest in this area.

4. Eliminate The Honest Brute

Eliminate the Honest Brute is also from Chapter 3 of the Armored Core 6.

In this mission, players must take out the Honest Brute hiding at Grid 012.

It is located below the other side of the facility.

However, it has the health generation power, which makes it challenging to take it down.

Man standing infront of chest
There are three chests in the Honest Brute mission.

Once you take down the Honest Brute, you can find the first and second chests in the open space.

You can find the first chest on the left side below the first objective of this mission.

The first chest will provide you with the  WB-0010: Double Trouble Chainsaw.

The second is on the right side of the second objective of the mission.

Meanwhile, you will get BC-0600: 12345 in the second Hidden Chest.

Mech opening the armored core hidden chests
A player has to travel a long way to get the chest.

The third hidden chest is located at the short wall inside the structure of the train bracket.

Once you find the chest, you will get a WB-0000 Bad Cook Flamethrower.

The third hidden chest is secured with the laser trap.

5. Underground Exploration Depth 1

The Underground Exploration Depth contains two missions in chapter four of the game.

You must be ready to fight with several enemies during the missions.

Meanwhile, the first missions of Underground Exploration Depth have one hidden chest.

Underground Exploration Depth 1 is armored core hidden chests
The player will get Ephemera Legs in Underground Exploration Depth 1.

While dropping down from the tunnel shaft, search for the opening with blinking lights to find the chest.

The first mission hidden chest will give the player IA-C01L: Ephemera Legs.

6. Underground Exploration Depth 2

Underground Exploration Depth 2 is in Mission 29 of Chapter 2.

However, the mission has two hidden chests.

Similarly, you must cross the bridge and take the first right to find the first chest.

The hidden chest will provide the player with IA-C01B Gills.

Underground Exploration Depth 2
More than two enemies are guarding the chest.

Drop down from the edge of the bridge to the tunnel below it to get to the second chest.

The hidden chest will reward the player with IA-CO1A EPHEMERA.

Mech near the chest.
You need to use a high boost to get the chest.

7. Underground Exploration Depth 3

In this mission, you must destroy the underground reactor’s core and close the laser barrier.

There are two chests in the mission.

Take the right side of the first platform to the next platform along it to find the first chest behind the tank.

The chest will reward you with the IA-C01F OCELLUS.

Mech opening the chest.
Move between the platform and the hill to protect yourself from laser attack.

For the second chest move to the central pillar and check a beam going forward behind it to get the chest.

Inside this chest, the player will get the IA-C01C EPHEMERA.

Mech infront of the armored core hidden chests
You have to kill many enemies at the central pillar.
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8. Unknown Terriority Survey

In this mission, you must kill your pursuer and learn about the Coral Convergence.

The cave with the chest is full of coral slug creatures.

You must drop down to the bottom by eliminating them to get the chest.

The chest will reward you with the IA-C01H EPHEMERA.

Mech fighting with creatures.
You have to kill all the creatures for the chest.

9. Reach the Coral Convergence

Reach the Coral Convergence is the primary mission of Chapter 4 of the game.

During this mission, the player has to defeat V.VI Maeterlinck and G3 Wu Huahai at a time.

At the time of the fight, the player must focus all their efforts on one of them to win them at once.

There are two chests during this mission.

For the first chest, you have to move along the barrier from where the mission starts.

You will get the IA-C01W3 AURORA.

Man reaching to the chest.
Move along with the barrier.

However, the second hidden chest is located just below the valley of the Coral Convergence.

You must kill the Wheeled Enemies which are protecting the hidden chest.

Players will get a Moonlight Blade after opening the hidden chest.

Man opening a chest in middle of river.
Chest will give players a Moonlight Blade.

10. Bring Down The Xylem

This is the last mission where you can find the hidden chest.

Players must defeat Handler Walter after destroying the ramjet engines in this mission.

For the first chest, a player has to drop down to the lower level from where the mission starts and then move right to the end.

You will find the second chest in the final area platform before the drone.

The Bottom Line

Armored Core 6 provides an intense gaming experience with its missions and treasure hunt objectives.

Once you have collected all the hidden chests from these missions, you can play again for more of them.

You can enjoy your free time experiencing the treasure hunt missions.

Enjoy the treasure hunt!

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