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How To Escape From The Texas Chainsaw Massacre?

how to escape texas chainsaw massacre
How To Escape From The Texas Chainsaw Massacre?

The Texas Chainsaw Massacre is an escape horror game where you must escape from a family of cannibals.

Based on the iconic movie of the same name, it is a horror game.

In the Texas Chainsaw Massacre, you play as one of the four survivors who are surrounded on a rural farm by a family of cannibals. You must find a method to escape before they kill you. The four methods to escape are a Water Valve Gate, Fuse Box, Generator, and Car Battery.

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Texas Chainsaw Massacre: An Overview

Texas Chainsaw Massacre is a horror experience-based game.

Players can choose either victims’ or family members’ roles at the beginning of the match.

Additionally, the game features three maps inspired by the film, each with a day and night variation.

The game also has a unique 3v4 gameplay mode, where the victims must use stealth and teamwork to find a way out.

Further, the family must feed Grandpa and use his shrieks to locate the victims.

Methods To Escape In Texas Chainsaw Massacre

Texas Chainsaw Massacre has six killers: Leatherface, Hitchhiker, Cook, Johnny, Sissy and Grandpa.

Additionally, there are six victims Ana Flores, Sonny Williams, Julie Crawford, Leland McKinney, Connie Taylor, and Maria Flores.

Furthermore, there are four alternative methods to escape, each requiring you to collect and use various things and avoid making noise.

Below are the four methods:

1. Using Water Valve Gate

It is necessary to discover two independent things to use the Water Valve Gate approach.

Firstly, you should locate a valve. One of your two item slots will fill up by carrying it.

The valve must be put in the slot in the large canister after you’ve located it.

Water valve in Texas Chainsaw Massacre
Water valve in Texas Chainsaw Massacre

After that, you’ll need to start hitting the action button to turn it on but try not to make too much noise.

Putting it all the way back will not immediately open the gate.

Everyone will be notified as soon as the Water Valve Gate is opened, and the exit gate will open after a few minutes.

Pressure Gate exit open in Texas Chainsaw Massacre
Pressure Gate exit open in Texas Chainsaw Massacre

Make your way to the gate as soon as it opens.

As a result, activating the gate will again be necessary if you wait too long to flee.

Water valve gate escape in Texas Chainsaw Massacre
Water valve gate escape in Texas Chainsaw Massacre

2. Using Fuse Box

You will need some research to use the Fuse Box since the box and fuse are located on the surface.

You’ll always find the Fuse Box locked and illuminated by a large red light.

If you plan to escape via this route, please ensure you have a lockpick.

Fuse box method in Texas Chainsaw Massacre
Fuse box method in Texas Chainsaw Massacre

Your next step is to find the fuse. Once you have discovered the fuse box, you need to locate the fuse within it.

The two should always be in close proximity to one another.

To determine if the fuse is open, simply look for an open circuit board.

You will need one inventory space for the Fuse, so keep that in mind before acquiring the item.

In the Fuse Box, you will need to insert the Fuse.

You must complete some math and match the colors problem as soon as you do this.

Use the appropriate colors and digits that add up to 8 if the top area includes the number 8.

The bottom slot requires the same steps as the top.

Inserting fuse in Texas Chainsaw Massacre
Inserting fuse in Texas Chainsaw Massacre

The Fuse Box will now be turned on; you can exit as soon as it’s switched on.

When the Fuse Box is turned on, the family will receive a notification and can turn it off to close the exit.

In that case, simply walk back to the Fuse Box and hold the action button to turn it back on.

Fuse box escape in Texas Chainsaw Massacre
Fuse box escapes in Texas Chainsaw Massacre.
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3. Using Generator

The only way out of this option is to stroll through the front of the house, and you will need a lockpick to escape.

Additionally, you rather want to discover the Generator when you reach the front.

Then, you must kick it repeatedly while holding the action button to turn it off.

Turn off Generator
Turn off the Generator in the Texas Chainsaw Massacre.

The gate should be opened as soon as it is turned off. You need to get out of there as soon as you unlock it.

Unlocking door after turning the generator off
Unlocking the door after turning off the generator

You do not want to take too long, as the Family can switch on the Generator again, and the electricity will be restored on the floor.

Then, before you leave, you will need to turn the generator off again.

Generator escape
Generator escape in Texas Chainsaw Massacre

4. Using Car Battery

In Texas Chain Saw Massacre, the process of escaping by turning off the car battery is quite similar to turning off the generator.

Since a car battery is always located at the back of a property, which is the only difference.

The generator is always located in front of the house so, make sure to have a lockpick ready for the last gate.

Upon reaching the back, you may see an electric light, a gate, and some red lights.

To begin with, you’ll need to unlock the gate.

Unlocking gate after turing off the Car battery
Unlocking the gate after turning off the Car battery

Following the bright yellow cord will always lead you directly to the Car battery if you’re having difficulty finding it.

Further, you need to switch off the battery once you discover it.

This can be accomplished by holding down the action button for a few seconds.

Now that it’s shut off, you can simply run to the exit as quickly as possible.

Car Battery escape
Car Battery Escape in Texas Chainsaw Massacre

The Bottom Line

Overall, there are four ways of escaping the Texas Chain Saw Massacre.

Each one has its own pros and cons, so you’ll need to select the one that matches your playstyle and scenario.

Remember to remain discreet, utilize your stuff properly, and don’t panic during the gameplay.

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