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Remnant 2: Should You Join The Ark Or Not?

Remnant 2 join the arc or not.

“Remnant 2 join the ark or not” is a constant topic of debate among the players in the RPG community.

In Remnant 2, players must make an important decision in N’Erud world: whether to join the Ark of Tal’Ratha or not. This decision has significant implications for the game’s storyline, gameplay, and rewards.

N’Erud is inhabited by immortal aliens by transfer their souls into a huge machine, Tal’Ratha.

Continue reading more about  the pros and cons of each choice, as well as the best way to approach them:

Who Is Tal’Ratha In Remnant 2?

Tak’Ratha is a giant creature that belongs to the Astropath race and is a boss in the game.

Additionally, this enemy’s weakest part is Mouth, which can be found in Forgotten Prison.

After defeating the Tar’Ratha players can get various loots such as Lumenite Crystal, Spiced Bile, Tome of Knowledge, Shining Essence Echo, and Scraps.

Depending on the player’s choice, they can face two different versions of Tal’Ratha: the standard or metaphysical.

The player can fight Tal’Ratha in its standard form by refusing to be eaten or fight its metaphysical form by agreeing to be consumed.

Both versions have different attacks and strategies and different rewards for defeating them.

Why Is The Ark Of Tal’Ratha Important?

The Ark of Tal’Ratha is important as it is one of the significant options that the player has to make in the game.

The player will face varying consequences and rewards depending on their choice of whether they join the ark or not.

You have to find a Soul Spark, which is a gateway to face the world boss of N’Erud.

 Soul Sparks
You can find Soul Sparks in The Eon Vault.

After you have found the Soul Sparks, your next goal is to discover another way into the Forgotten Prison.

Finally, you’ll face the world boss of N’Erud named Tal’Ratha, where you must choose the option.

Tal’Ratha will initiate a chat with the boss when they meet.

You have to choose with the boss when you meet.

He will offer you two options: get devoured and become immortal, or decline and fight him.

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What Happens When You Join The Ark?

If you decide to join the Arc, you will be eaten by the world boss of N’Erud.

After being devoured, players will awaken again and have to fight the boss in metaphysical form.

Hence, if you allow yourself to be eaten by the boss, the task of defeating the boss will be easier.

You can use Acidic Jawbone to craft a Gas Giant Melee Weapon.

However, you can claim the rewards after you defeat the boss.

You’ll get an Acidic Jawbone crafting material which is used to craft the Gas Giant melee weapon.

What Happens When You Don’t Join The Ark?

Players might think that they don’t have to face the boss if they don’t join the ark.

But it is not true, they still have to face the Tal’Ratha in its physical form.

You’ll get Spiced Bile after defeating the Tal’Ratha.

However, you must fight Tal’Ratha until death like it is either you or Tal’Ratha. Thus, it is a harder task.

If you somehow defeat Tal’Ratha, you will get Spiced Bile as a reward that can be used in crafting the Nebula handgun.

The Bottom Line

Players have to make an important decision in N’Erud world: whether to join the Ark of Tal’Ratha or not if they face him.

Moreover, if they join, they are devoured by the boss, making the fight easier, and receive an Acidic Jawbone.

However, if you decline the option, you will face a harder battle but get a chance to obtain Spiced Bile.

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