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Find Secret And Enemies Of Remnant 2 Cottons Kiln

remnant 2 cottons kiln secret
There are many cottons kiln secret in remnant 2.

Cotton’s Kiln is the location in Remnant 2 where you can encounter various enemies, items, and bosses.

There are also some secrets in Cotton’s Kiln that you can discover carefully.

Remnant 2 Cottons Kiln Secret are Shiny Hog Lure, Cleansing Stone, Effugy Pendant, and Wooden box. This area contains different enemies like Oil Dran, Cyltist Dran and Lantern Horror. 

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What Is Remnant 2 Cottons Kiln?

After completing the main story, players can access Cotton’s Kiln in Remnant 2, which is an in-game location.

It is located within Losomn, one of the game’s many worlds and is occupied with Dran.

Remnant 2 Cottons Kiln Secret
You can explore the Cottons Kiln area.

Similarly, this vast factory-like building was previously utilized for cotton fabric production.

However, it now lies in ruins due to extensive fire damage, housing various enemies, bosses, quests, items, and Mutators.

Enemies In Remnant 2 Cottons Kiln

Cotton’s Kiln in Remnant 2 has several root enemies.

Additionally, below is the list of enemies in the area.

1. Oil Dran

In Remnant 2, a Dran known as the Oil Dran is an enemy and it could catch fire and move in toward you.

In Losomn’s Butcher’s Quarter area, you may find Oil Dran. Its head is a weak spot, and it is also exposed to radiation and fire damage.

Additionally, it could randomly drop Scrap and Long Gun Ammo after defeating it.

2. Lantern Horror

The Losomn region of Remnant 2 is where you can find Lantern Horror. It is also available in Buthcher’s Quarter and Shattered Gallery.

In the game, it scares players even more with its large fanged mouth while holding Gee and a Lantern in its right hand.

Furthermore, its head is a weak spot. After being killed, it drops Lumenite Crystal, Long Gun Ammo, and Scrap.

3. Cultist Dran

Cultist Dran are Drans that can attack from a distance and up close using a staff.

Similarly, it will drop Scrap randomly after being killed and it can be found in Butcher’s Quater.

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Bosses In Remnant 2 Cottons Kiln

In Cotton’s Kiln, players can find two bosses. They are given below:

1. Gwendil: The Unburnt

The boss of Cotton’s Kiln in Remnant 2 is Gwendil: The Unburnt. It is found in Losomn, at the end of Cotton’s Kiln area.

Players should aim for the head to defeat it, as the chest is its strong spot.

Gwendil: The Unburnt in remnant 2 cottons kiln secret
Gwendil: The Unburnt is a boss in Cottons Kiln.

Similarly, it calls minions to spawn alongside her and launches grenades, fireballs, and summons at the players.

Moreover, you will receive Scrap, Alkahest Powder, *4 Lumenite Crystals, Tome of Knowledge, and the boss once you defeat him.

2. Grime Crawler

Players can also find Grime Crawler, a boss in Cotton’s Kiln and Butcher’s Quater.

While entering the event in Butcher’s Quarter, you may encounter an enemy race known as Aberrations.

Additionally, it is an optional boss whose weak spot is Loin.

Similarly, after defeating this boss, you can get Twisting Wounds, Relic Fragment, Scrap and Corrupted Lumenite Crystal *2.

Cottons Kiln Secret And Items

In Remnant 2, Cottons Kiln has a lot of items and a secret. The most notable ones are listed below:

1. Shiny Hog Lure

Players must enter the hidden passageway in Cottons Kiln to find the ring known as Shiny Hog Lure.

Similarly, it is a consumable that attracts hogs and gives 25–50 Mod Power when reloaded.

2. Cleansing Stone

A hidden location in Cottons Kiln contains an amulet called Cleansing Stone.

Similarly to that, Support Healer Build uses it.

3. Effigy Pendant

Effigy Pendant is an Amulet that may be found in a Wooden Box in Cottons Kiln’s secret section.

Moreover, it adds a layer of defense and increases damage.

The Bottom Line

Cottons Kiln is a difficult and rewarding region in Remnant 2 with several hidden goods for players.

Similarly, it also contains enemies, bosses, and puzzles that can test your abilities and inventiveness.

Moreover, players can obtain various quest items and weapons after taking down the enemies and boss.

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