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Discover Fixes For Discord VC Not Working On Xbox

Discover Fixes For Discord VC Not Working On Xbox
To get the working Discord voice chat feature in Xbox, users should disconnect and reconnect Discord from both the console and their phone.

Users have frequently complained about the Discord voice chat not working on the Xbox console.

Many factors cause the Discord voice chat issue which must be discussed.

To get the working Discord voice chat feature in Xbox, users should disconnect and reconnect Discord from both the console and the phone and unlink their social media. However, if this method does not work, they should contact the official support team.

Continue reading this article to discover some possible fixes to get a working Discord voice feature on Xbox.

Discord Voice Chat Bug on Xbox

The discord voice chat bug is very persistent in consoles, especially in the Xbox series.

However, the number of users complaining about this bug on Xbox has increased recently.

According to users, the voice chat feature of Discord ceases to work even after the app is installed on Xbox.

Also, users complain that quick fixes like soft resets do not work in this particular case.

Additionally, the Discord voice chat bug appears with each updated Discord version on Xbox.

Therefore, users are stressed about this issue as they are unable to communicate with their friends.

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Possible Fixes To Get A Working Voice Chat In Xbox

Although users are hasty to complain about the ongoing issue, they also have provided some possible fixes online.

However, users should note that these solutions might not work for everyone as it is not an official fix.

Here are some possible fixes to the discord voice chat bug on Xbox:

1. Reconnect The Discord App In Xbox

This is the best out of all the solutions to fix the Discord voice chat bug on Xbox.

Firstly, this solution was provided by one of the Reddit users in an online discussion thread.

According to the user, users must follow some steps to fix this issue in their Xbox console which are:

  1. Initially, the users must uninstall the Discord app from their console and the mobile app.
  2. Then, they must unlink every connection and social media link from their Discord.
change the character appearance
The unlinking procedure on Xbox to fix the ‘Discord voice chat not working’ issue.
  1. Afterward, users should reinstall the Discord app on Xbox again and sign in to their account.
  2. However, users will be presented with a new option, “Try Discord Voice on Xbox” which they must click.
  3. This will present users with a QR code that they must scan to proceed to the next step.
  4. Finally, users should connect to a voice channel on their phone and try to join Discord Voice on Xbox.

2. Contact Support

If the steps mentioned above do not fix the issue, users must contact official support.

In fact, users should assume that the bug might be a backend issue if none of the solutions work.

To report this issue, users should visit Discord’s official support page and pick the Help & Support option.

Contacting official discord support
Select the option to address the Discord Voice Chat Box on X box to the official Discord support team.

However, users should note that it might take some time for the support team to reach them.

The Bottom Line

The Discord voice chat bug is one of the oldest bugs in Xbox consoles that frequently make headlines on social media.

Also, many solutions for this bug do not work for every user, making the community frustrated.

Therefore, they must seek online guidance about this topic and contact Discord’s official support team to address this issue.

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