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Troubleshoot BG3 Black Screen After Petting Owlbear

Owlbear petting leads to black screen in BG3
Owlbear petting leads to black screen in BG3

The Black screen transition after petting the Owlbear in BG3 is a bug.

Although it’s not a game-breaking bug, many players still get annoyed when minor bugs affect their gaming experience.

Many players are complaining about the recently discovered bug in BG3 where a black screen appears after petting an Owlbear. The glitch seems to last a good few seconds, after which the game returns to normal. 

After all, players want as much of an immersive and smooth experience as possible while playing the game.

Continue reading to discover more about the black screen bug after petting the Owlbear in BG3.

Owlbear In Baldur’s Gate 3

In Baldur’s Gate 3, Owlbear Cub is a non-player character (NPC). It can be your potential enemy or a campmate.

Also, the Owlbear Nest is where the Owlbear Cub was first discovered.

Owlbear Cub in BG3.
Owlbear Cub in Baldur’s Gate 3.

Further, another large and strong Owlbear safeguards the Owlbear Cub.

Moreover, players can ask the cub to return to the Camp with them if they play the game wisely.

How To Befriend The Owlbear Cub?

Players can be friends with the Owlbear Cub to have him as an NPC companion.

Similarly, he will camp with you and follow you around.

Follow these steps to discover how to befriend the cub.

1. Kill The Owlbear Mother

Once on the Owlbear Nest, players can battle the Owlbear mother to kill it.

After that, a choice is available whether to kill or spare the Owlbear Cub.

Killing the Owlbear Mother will not affect the progression as long as you spare the cub. 

Players can spare him his life; shockingly enough, he will start feeding on his dead mother.

Owlbear Mother in BG3 protecting her son.
Owlbear’s Mother in BG3 is protecting her son.

2. Save The Cub From Goblins

The goblins will eventually capture and mistreat the cub as part of their “chicken chase” game.

Players can decide whether or not to play this game when they get to the goblin camp.

Further, they can use Animal Handling (or the Speak with Animals spell) to instruct the cub.

Player negotiating with the Goblin.
The player negotiates with the Goblin.

If you do this, the cub will finish the course independently, and you will win without fighting them.

Moreover, as a reward, you can ask the goblins for the Owlbear in return.

However, addressing the cub beforehand is still necessary so that the cub has your smell and trusts you (have him smell your hand so he can find you later).

3. Heal The Owlbear Cub

After he is set free, the Cub will join you in your camp. There he befriends Scratch, the companion dog.

Players can feed the Owlbear as he claims he is hungry.

Furthermore, the cub seems to have inflicted wounds from the prosecution of the Goblins.

Players can treat the would using Nature, Medicine and Survival Checks.

4. Pet The Owlbear Cub

The Owlbear, in the dead of the night, screams in horror.

So, players can approach him, sleeping alongside Scratch, the companion dog.

Player approaching to pet the cub.
The player approaches to pet the cub.

Similarly, Scratch will assure that it was nothing but a nightmare.

Players can then proceed to pet the Owlbear multiple times.

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BG3 Black Screen After Petting Owlbear

After petting the Owlbear cub in Baldur’s Gate 3, there is a black screen bug.

Many of the players have complained that it has affected their gaming experience.

Black Screen Bug after petting the cub.
Black Screen Bug after petting the cub.

Similarly, the bug lasts a few seconds, and you can hear what’s happening.

Unfortunately, players are unable to see what is happening on the screen.

The game will, however, return to normal after about fifteen seconds.

This has upset many fans as it is one of the many bugs in Baldur’s Gate 3.

The Bottom Line

After players pet the Owlbear Cub, a bug occurs and many have complained to the developers.

So far, the problem doesn’t have a solid explanation till now.

However, the bug lasts only a few seconds as the game returns to normal.

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