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Exploring Remnant 2 Relic Fragment Max Level

Relic Fragment Max Level
Relic Fragment Max Level In Remnant 2.

Remnant 2 Relic Fragment Max Level is an exciting way to buff the character passively.

These are the most potent and versatile consumables in Remnant 2.

In Remnant 2, Relics Fragments are a type of item that can be slotted to your current Relic. It can further boost the Stats. Players can insert up to 3 different Relic Fragments into each Relic at max level.

With this, Remnant 2 increases character customization which helps to improve build diversity.

Continue reading more to know about Relic Fragments and its max level.

How To Use Remnant 2 Relic Fragment?

Remnant 2 Relic Fragment consists of three Relic slots offering additional effects and customization options.

Similarly, it provides specific enhancements to the equipped Relic when consumed.

The beauty lies in the flexibility it offers to players.

Dragon Heart
Three types of Relic Fragments are used.

Moreover, players can change the Relic Fragments slotted into their Relic anytime.

This allows them to adapt their playstyle or strategy.

How To Get Relic Fragment In Remnant 2?

Fragments can be obtained by defeating Elites and Bosses.

Late-game bosses have a tendency to drop rare and more robust relic fragments.

Finding them occasionally in chests of treasure or crafting them in Ward 13.

remnant 2 relic fragment max level
Crafting Relic Fragment in Ward 13.

In addition, there are three levels of rarity for Relic Fragments:

  1. Cracked-joint is a least powerful one.
  2. Ordinary is less common but more powerful.
  3. Solid is rarest and most powerful.

Types Of Relic Fragment In Remnant 2

Relic Fragments are of three types, and colors distinguish them. They are as follows.

1. Blue(Defensive)

Blue Remnant 2 Relic Fragments tend to be more protective in nature.

These fragments enhance the player’s defensive capabilities, including how quickly they heal, damage taken, revive speed, etc.

remnant 2 relic fragment max level
Relic Fragment Blue.

Each of these will help you to increase your stamina or heal a little bit more quickly.

2. Red(Offensive)

Red Remnant 2 Relic Fragments are all about damage.

These fragments, including ranged, melee, and critical DPS, enhance or increase the player’s damage capabilities.

remnant 2 mythic relic
Relic Fragment Red.

If their only concern is their DPS, they will likely want to slot these in and just let loose.

3. Yellow(Support)

Yellow Remnant 2 Relic Fragments are support-based.

They are support based and include stat buffs related to increased ammo pickup, reload speeds, and many more.

Yellow Relic
Relic Fragment Yellow.

This group includes elements like mod price, recoil, or how quickly you can accurately fire again.

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Remnant 2 Relic Fragment Locations

Player can find Remnant 2 Relic Fragments in a wide variety of places.

Firstly, by being able to buy them from Dwell, the NPC with horns and an excellent mask in Ward 13.

Relic Fragment location
Defeating abomination boss in the Putrid Domain.

Secondly, players can also find them by killing off the glowy red Abomination bosses.

Lastly, they can also obtain Relic Fragments by opening chests.

Which ones they get is randomized for the most part, though, so hunting down a specific one may take a lot of time.

How To Obtain Max Level Relic Fragment In Remnant 2?

Remnant 2 Relic Fragment max level works differently from other upgrades.

As gear level increases, players will encounter more potent Relic Fragments of the same type.

The game will automatically replace the existing fragments with stronger versions from their inventory.

This ensures players always have access to the most powerful Relic Fragments.

Moreover, this enhances their character’s abilities as they advance in the game.

Max-level Relic Fragment: Mythic Relic

The Mythic Relic is an ultimate-level Relic augmented with three Relic Fragments of the same hue.

Mythic Relics integrate the most suitable effects of both Relics and Relic Fragments.

Hence, it is the most potent and versatile consumable in Remnant 2.

These items assist in overcoming challenges by healing, buffing, debuffing enemies, and triggering special effects.

A Runed Heart is one of the Mythic Relic.

Nonetheless, they can significantly impact your combat performance and survivability.

Mythic Relics With Their Effects

In order to get the mythic relics, players must upgrade their Relics to the maximum level by visiting Wallace in Ward 13.

You can craft some Mythic Relics in Ward 13.

However, you must spend 1000 Scrap, 10 Lumenite Crystals, and a Simulacrum for each upgrade.

Here is a list of Mythic Relics and how you can obtain them with their effects:

NameBase EffectHow to Get
Dragon HeartHeals 70 Health over 0.5s. In Ward 13
Blooming HeartHeals 35% of caster’s Max Health over 5s.In Yaesha
Crystal HeartRegenerates 100% of Max Health over 10s,In N’Erud, reward for Loose Fuse event.
Decayed HeartHeals -50% of caster’s Max Health over -5s.In Reisum, reward for Frozen Heart event.
Lifeless HeartHeals -100% of caster’s Max Health over -1sIn Corsus, reward for Iskal Queen event.
Pulsing HeartHeals -10% of caster’s Max Health over -1s.In Yaesha and dungeon Endaira’s End

Types Of Mythic Relic In Remnant 2

There are many Mythic Relics in Remnant 2. Some of them are as follows.

1. Dragon Heart

Dragon Heart is the most basic Relic among mythic relics.

To unlock it, you must combine Elemental Damage, Ranged Critical Chance, and Weakspot Damage relic fragments.

On use, Dragon Heart heals 70 Health over 0.5s and increases Elemental Damage by 25%.

Further, it increase Ranged Critical Chance by 15% and Weakspot Damage by 20% for 10s.

2. Blooming Heart

Players must merge Armor Effectiveness, Blight Resistance, and Damage Reduction to unlock Blooming Heart.

Additionally, it heals the user for 35% of the caster’s Max Health over 5s.

It also increases Armor Effectiveness by 15%, Blight Resistance by 25%, and Damage Reduction by 10% for 10s.

3. Crystal Heart

Crystal Heart can be obtained using Casting Speed, Mod Cost, and Mod Duration.

Similarly, it regenerates 100% of Max Health over 10s, Movement Speed is reduced by 50%, and incoming damage is reduced by 25%.

Moreover, it lasts 10s and increases Casting Speed by 20%, Mod Cost by -15%, and Mod Duration by 25%.

4. Decayed Heart

Players can use Melee Attack Speed, Melee Critical Chance, and Melee Critical Damage to craft it.

Further, decayed Heart heals the player for -50% of the caster’s Max Health over -5s.

It increases Melee Attack Speed by 25%, Melee Critical Chance by 15%, and Melee Critical Damage by 20% for -10s.

5. Lifeless Heart

Players must combine Skill Cooldown, Skill Damage, and  Skill Duration fragments to use it.

However, Lifeless Heart heals the user for -100% of the caster’s Max Health over -1s.

It increases Skill Cooldown by -50%, Skill Damage by 50%, and Skill Duration by 50% for -1s.

Similarly, it also grants invulnerability for -1s and kills the user after -1s.

Lastly, this triggers a massive explosion that deals damage equal to the user’s maximum health to all enemies in range.

6. Pulsing Heart

Ammo Pickups, Ammo Reserves, and Consumable Duration are fragments you need to unlock Pulsing Heart.

Moreover, it heals the user for -10% of the caster’s Max Health over -1s.

Overall, this will give health regeneration to help you stay alive in the heat of battle.

Tips To Use Mythic Relics Effectively

Mythic Relics are the most powerful and versatile consumables, but to use them effectively, consider the following factors:

  1. Be aware of the cooldown and duration of Relic and Relic Fragments, as some effects last longer and activate delay.
  2. Secondly, coordinate with your team if you are playing co-op, as it can benefit your allies and yourself.
  3. You can also balance your Relic usage with your other resources and abilities.

The Bottom Line

Therefore, the rarity of fragments discovered improves as the player’s power level increases.

Moreover, The level of challenge in Remnant 2 also contributes to this aspect.

Lastly, progressing through levels and playing events will unlock rare Relics like Mythic Relics.

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