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Remnant 2: Give Crimson King Coins Or Not?

Crimson King Coins
Crimson King Coins

Crimson King Coins are a tribute to the formidable Red Prince, a boss found at the end of the Gilded Chambers dungeon.

Players can collect up to five coins in the game.

In Remnant 2, you will have two choices when you give coins to Red Prince. Either he will be impressed by the three Crimson King coins and kill you instantly or attack you if you tribute less than three coins.

Continue reading to learn more about Remnant 2 give coins and whether you should give it or not.

Crimson King Coins In Remnant 2

Crimson King Coins are valuable quest items, obtainable by defeating Teleport Fae enemies in the Gilded Chambers or The Great Hall.

This Remnant 2 give coins will grant access to a powerful mod to enhance your character’s survivability.

Crimson King coins Remnant 2
Crimson King coins in Remnant 2.

However, the maximum capacity for holding Crimson King Coins is limited to 5 for every player.

Note: Crimson King Coins will be lost if players die while carrying them.

It can be used to tribute the Red Prince Boss in the Gilded Chambers dungeon.

The Red Prince will either be happy or angry with the coin tribute.

Should You Give Crimson King Coins Or Not?

Many players ask the question if they should give coins in Remnant 2 or not.

The answer depends on what you want to get from the encounter.

Red Prince In Remnant 2
Red Prince in Remnant 2.

Presenting the Red Prince with Crimson King Coins totally depends upon the player.

Majorly, there are two consequences if you decide to give the coins to the Red Prince in Remnant 2.

1. Red Prince Will Kill You Instantly

The Red Prince will “kill” you if you give him three Crimson King Coins in tribute.

But he will also give you the crafting material Bloody Steel Splinter in exchange.

It allows players to draw health from enemies while hitting them with a melee attack.

Bloody Steel Splinter
Bloody Steel Splinter in the game.

The obtained material can be used to create the Blood Draw mod.

This mod is a weapon enhancement that shoots razor-sharp chain shards, piercing five targets within a 15m range.

2. Red Prince Will Attack You

Presenting the Red Prince with fewer than 3 Crimson King Coins will result in him attacking you.

As the Red Prince is a powerful boss, organize good build and weapons before you attempt to fight him.

Remnant 2 Red Prince Fight
Remnant 2 Fight with Red Prince.

During the attack, try to dodge his flame swords and flame crescent projectiles.

To be safe, you can roll to the side or stay on a different floor level.

Overcoming the Red Prince can be challenging, but armed with these tips, you can earn the Firestorm weapon mod as a reward.

The Bottom Line

If you offer at least three coins, a confrontation will be averted, and you’ll receive crafting material for a weapon mod.

Conversely, giving him fewer or no coins will initiate a fight.

The choice depends on the player’s preference and playstyle and interest in trading the coins for another crafting material later.

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