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Warlock’s Blow Of Corruption In Dark And Darker

blow of corruption dark and darker
What Is Blow Of Corruption In Dark And Darker

In Dark and Darker, Blow of Corruption is a Warlock skill.

It’s a power-up that adds 20 damage to your next attack, regardless of weapon type.

Blow of Corruption in Dark and Darker may be highly successful in PvP, especially against melee classes, owing to its ability to one-shot them. However, it has severe restrictions and countermeasures that hinder its utility.

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What Is Warlock In Dark And Darker?

The warlock class is available for players who align with the Dark and Darker factions.

Additionally, this class relies on magic and specializes in casting curses, inflicting debuffs, and harnessing spells.

Warlocks may not have defenses or high health, but they excel at dealing significant damage and offering various useful abilities.

Warlock in Dark and Darker
Warlock in Dark and Darker.

Similarly, they are skilled with weapons such as bardiche, magic staffs, and longswords.

Blow Of Corruption In Dark And Darker

Blow of Corruption is a skill that warlocks can use in the Dark and Darker.

Additionally, the skill grants them an advantage in combat.

The effect of Blow of Corruption are:

  • Deals 20 magical damage to the target with the next physical attack.
  • It reduces 70% of the target’s healing rate by 12 seconds.

This skill can be useful for weakening enemies that rely on healing or have high physical resistance.

Blow of Corruption in Dark and Darker
Icon of Blow of Corruption in Dark and Darker

Skills Of Warlocks In Dark And Darker

The warlocks in Dark and Darker use their abilities to cast dark magic and damage their enemies.

Warlocks also has the following skills:

1. Spell Memorization

Warlocks can learn up to five spells from a predefined list by utilizing the spell memorization ability.

Spells like Hellfire, Curse of Pain, or Soul Drain can be used to deal damage to enemies.

Likewise, weaken opponents through debuffs or even heal themselves during dungeon explorations or PvP encounters.

2. Phantomize

Warlocks can temporarily evade melee attacks and ranged projectiles for six seconds while gaining a boost in movement speed.

However, they cannot engage in battle with players or monsters during this time.

This talent enables them to swiftly maneuver around the battlefield by fleeing danger or strategically repositioning themselves.

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How To Win Against Blow Of Corruption?

In Dark and Darker, the Blow of Corruption strike is not unstoppable. There are several techniques for dealing with it or avoiding it.

Here are some tips and strategies:

1. Know The Cooldown And Duration

Blow of Corruption has a 15-second cooldown after being used or expiring.

Similarly, it also has a 15-second lifespan on the weapon, during which the warlock can use it whenever he wishes.

If you spy a warlock using it, keep your distance and wait for it to expire.

You can also obtain an edge by deploying skills or artifacts that lessen cooldowns.

2. Use Ranged Attacks Or Spells

The blow of corruption mostly affects melee assaults, so you may entirely dodge it if you fight from a distance.

Ranged classes, such as archers, mages, and hunters, have an edge over warlocks in this area. 

You can also deploy abilities or items that improve your range or mobility to remain out of their grasp.

3. Wear Gear With Magic-Resistant

Blow of corruption is a magical skill, magic resistance can be applied to combat it.

Wearing gear makes you more sensitive to negative magical resistance.

You can minimize the effects of magic by applying abilities or equipment that improve your magic resistance or lessen the enemy’s magic damage.

4. Block, Dodge, Or Parry The Attack

The Blow of Corruption only operates if the strike comes into contact with you.

If you can block, dodge, or parry the attack, you can prevent it from happening.

This demands immediate thinking and reflexes; nevertheless, it may save your life.

You may also enhance your odds by using skills or items that increase your chances of blocking, dodging, or parrying.

5. Use healing Or Defensive Skill

You may be able to resist a corrupting attack if you have adequate health or defense.

Additionally, you can fill your health or minimize damage using healing or defensive abilities or equipment.

You can also deploy abilities or equipment that provide you with invincibility, immunity, or damage reflection to counterattack.

The Bottom Line

The Blow of Corruption is an ability that warlocks possess in Dark and Darker.

By understanding its mechanics and using tactics, you can defeat your opponents.

Moreover, keep in mind that warlocks have a variety of abilities besides the corrupting strike.

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