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Remnant 2 Sentinels Keep: Find Secret And Rewards

Remnant 2 Sentinels Keep Secret
Remnant 2 Sentinels Keep contains many Secret.

Remnant 2 Sentinels Keep secret will be revealed after you defeat the Sha’Hala.

Inside the game, several locations contain unique features, dungeons, hidden secrets, enemies, and Bosses.

In Remnant 2, Sentinels Keep is a location that contains secrets. Players will receive the secrets after defeating the world boss Sha’Hala. They must collect all three Seeker’s Keys from different locations to unlock Sentinels Keep.

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What Is Remnant 2 Sentinels Keep?

Among the five worlds in Remnant 2, N’Erud also contains many secrets, hidden treasures, bosses and items.

In this world, Sentinels Keep is the final destination of this planet.

In this location, The Custodian, an NPC in the game, searches the Core.

Here The Custodian needs access to save N’Erud and the Drzyr. It can only be accessed by finding all Seeker’s Keys.

What Are Seeker’s Key In Remnant 2?

In Remnant 2, players can find Seeker’s Keys in various places on N’Erud.

These keys are essential for The Custodian, a boss who asks the players to help him reach the Core and save his world from destruction.

remnant 2 sentinels keep secret
There are three Seeker’s Key in Remnant 2.

Similarly, the keys can unlock the entrance to Sentinel’s Keep, a secret area full of treasures and dangers.

However, finding the Seeker’s Keys is difficult, as powerful enemies and tricky puzzles protect them.

Here are the details about all three keys and their locations.

1. Seeker’s Rest

The first Key is found in Seeker’s Rest. It is the starting area in N’Erud and the first place you encounter The Custodian.

seeker rest is a location in remnant 2 sentinels keep secret
The first Seeker’s Key is in Seeker’s Rest.

Similarly, Seeker’s Key is in a room with a statue and a corpse. You must play the alien device and get the Key from the statue’s hand.

2. The Hatchery

After meeting The Custodian, players must find the eye in Seeker’s Rest. Follow it to the tower with the white light and cross the Phantom Wasteland.

Primogenitor, the boss
You must defeat Primogenitor.

Furthermore, to get the second Seeker’s Key, you must defeat Primogenitor, The Hatchery’s boss.

After that, you have to go to the tall statue that has the Seeker’s Key.

3. Spectrum Nexus

Players must go to the Timeless Horizon and the Spectrum Nexus to get the third Seeker’s Key.

You will face The Custodian’s Eye, a powerful boss that guards the Key there.

After you beat The Custodian’s Eye, you must explore the dungeon further and find a tall statue.

The Custodian’s Eye, remnant 2 sentinels keep secret
Now, defeat The Custodian’s Eye.

Further, the statue holds the third Seeker’s Key in its heart. You need to interact with the statue and take the Key from it.

This will complete your quest and allow you to enter Sentinel’s Keep.

Once you enter Sentinel’s Keep, an elevator leads to the summit.

At the top, you’ll come across a console and engage in a boss fight against Sha’Hala. You can get Eidolon Shard after defeating it.

Furthermore, players must utilize the override console in Sentinels Keep.

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How To Find Override Console In Remnant 2?

The Override console pin can be found in a massive tower on N’Erud in Timeless Horizon.

It may be challenging to locate it initially as the tower has no name.

But, once inside, make your way through the enemies you encounter.

Override pin in inventory
Override pin in inventory.

You will find an elevator to take you upto an undercover statue.

Finally, the console override keys are located right there.

How To Use Override Pin In Remnant 2?

The Override Pin is used before the boss fights with Sha’Hala: Spectral Guardian of N’Erud.

Moreover, it can be used to obtain a special prize after defeating the boss.

You can use it after locating all Seeker’s Keys and gaining admission to Sentinel’s Keep.

Also, you will ultimately reach the top of the keep, where Sha’Hala awaits.

Use the key at the core.
Use the key in the console at the Core.

You can interact with the console in order to hand over control of the planet’s Core to The Custodian.

However, don’t do this until the boss fights with Sha’Hala have begun.

Now, use your Override Pin on the console before dealing with it.

After that, start the fight and beat Sha’Hala.

Sentinels Keep Secret And Reward

After getting all the Seeker’s Keys, users can now access the Sentinels Keep, a location in Remnant 2.

Similarly, the Keys can unlock the gate near the Threshold of the Unknown waypoint at the Phantom Wasteland.

Furthermore, inside Sentinel’s Keep, you will meet The Custodian.

He will ask you to use the console to shut down the Core, a device that controls the stability of N’Erud.

remnant 2 sentinels keep secret
Sha’Hala will appear when the Core is destroyed.

However, a giant phantom called Sha’Hala: Spectral Guardian of N’Erud will appear when you use the console.

Further, you must fight and defeat Sha’Hala, a powerful boss who can shoot lasers and summon minions.

And once you defeat him, you will get a Segment and the Eidolon Shard as rewards.

If you used the Override Pin before the encounter, you’ll get the Void Cinder, an item to make powerful Long Gun Aphelion.

The Bottom Line

Sentinels Keep contains many secrets and rewards in Remnant 2, including Override Pin.

Similarly, to unlock the secrets and rewards of this area, you need to collect three Seeker’s keys and face a powerful boss.

Players will experience an exciting and rewarding adventure in Remnant 2 by completing this quest.

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