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Alan Wake 2 Pump Action: Firepower At Your Fingertips

Pump Action
A Pump Action is a type of shotgun in Alan Wake 2, a powerful weapon that shoots multiple pellets or buckshot in a spread pattern when fired.

In Alan Wake 2, you can find a lot of different types of weapons, such as pistols and hunting rifles, including Pump Action.

You can get them either during the campaign or required to solve riddles and puzzles.

A Pump Action is a type of shotgun in Alan Wake 2, which is a powerful weapon that shoots multiple pellets or buckshot in a spread pattern when fired. However, to unlock the gun, you have to solve a puzzle whose solution is based on the books at Tim Breaker’s desk.

Continue reading to learn about Pump Action, how to unlock it, and solutions to solve its puzzle in Alan Wake 2.

What Is Pump Action In Alan Wake 2?

A Pump Action is a powerful firearm that you can use to dispatch Taken enemies quickly and efficiently.

Although it has a slower rate of fire than the sawed-off shotgun, it holds more ammo and can hit multiple enemies at once.

Aim the pump-action shotgun at an enemy, then press the fire button to use it.

Likewise, press the reload button and pump the action to load a new shell into the chamber.

However, it can be found in two locations in Alan Wake 2: Chapter Return Six and Chapter Room 665.

effective in close range
The Pump Action is quite effective in close-range combat.

Furthermore, you can also find a note on the desk with a simple cipher, which converts letters to numbers.

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Unlock Pump Action In Alan Wake 2

The pump-action shotgun is only available in two locations in Alan Wake 2:

  • Chapter Return 6 – Scratch: In Sheriff Tim Breaker’s office at the Bright Falls Sheriff’s Station.
  • Chapter Room 665: In the rooftop bar of the Oceanview Hotel.

Once you have survived the Overlap drama at the Old Gods Nursing Home, head back to Bright Falls.

pump action shotgun
You can find the Pump-Action Shotgun in Sheriff Tim Breaker’s office.

The Pump-Action Shotgun is hidden away in Sheriff Tim Breaker’s office, which has been locked until now.

It would be best if you visited the morgue to get the key to Sheriff Tim Breaker’s office.

Once you have the key, head towards the Sheriff’s Station and use it to open the office.

After that, find the Pump Action shotgun, which is located in a locked case on the wall of Sheriff Tim Breaker’s office.

Then, it would be best to solve the riddle on Sheriff Tim Breaker’s desk to unlock the case.

Pump Action Puzzle Solution In Alan Wake 2

The solution to the riddle is based on the three books on Sheriff Tim Breaker’s desk.

They are written by three authors: Quincey, Batston, and Westmore.

Moreover, there is also a note on the desk with a simple cipher that converts letters to numbers.

The Cipher clue on the Sheriff’s desk is a simple substitution cipher where a different number replaces each letter.

Therefore, the Cipher code is as follows:

A = 1

B = 2

C = 3

I = 9

J = 0

K = 1

To convert the first letter of the author’s name into a number, simply look for the corresponding number in the cipher code.

For example, the first letter of Quincey is Q, and the corresponding number is 7.

Likewise, the combination to the lock is the first initial of each author’s surname, which is in the order of the books;

QBW = 723 

Hence, enter the code into the lock to unlock the Pump Action shotgun.

enter the code to unlock
Enter the code to unlock the Pump Action shotgun.

The Bottom Line

Hence, the Pump Action is a valuable item for dealing with supernatural threats.

However, you need to solve the puzzle through cipher code to obtain this shotgun.

Therefore, despite its requirement to pump after each shot manually, it is pretty effective in close-range combat.

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