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Gnarled Harpoon WOW SOD: How To Get?

gnarled harpoon wow sod
Get Gnarled Harpoon in Darkshore in WOW SOD.

World of Warcraft: Season of Discovery (WoW SOD) allows players to explore the classic version of the game with different runes.

Players can engrave Runes on their gear to gain powerful bonuses and abilities through the Runes system.

One of the ways to get Runes in WOW SOD is by using Gnarled Harpoon, a special weapon that is used for killing Paxnozz. Furthermore, you can get Gnarled Harpoon in the Darkshore (47.3 15.3), (49.2 16.2), (48.3 18.0) and (44.1 20.8).

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What Is The Gnarled Harpoon In WoW SOD?

The Gnarled Harpoon is a unique weapon that can be found in the Darkshore zone, near the Night Elf starting area.

It is a harpoon that is stuck in the eye socket of a giant turtle skeleton on the beach.

Gnarled Harpoon
A Gnarled Harpoon stuck in the eye of a giant turtle skeleton.

It can be used to pierce the skin of a powerful sea monster named Paxnozz, who roams the northern waters of Darkshore.

Paxnozz is a level 20 elite creature that has a lot of health and damage and is surrounded by other dangerous sea creatures.

Defeat Paxnozz using a Gnarled Harpoon.

Paxnozz is also the only source of the Sniper Training and Quick Strike Runes.

The Paxnozz can be obtained by killing Paxnozz with the Gnarled Harpoon.

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How To Get A Gnarled Harpoon In WOW SOD?

Getting a Gnarled Harpoon in WOW SOD is an easy task and can be found very easily.

Here are the steps to get a Gnarled Harpoon in WOW SOD:

  1. Travel to Darkshore from Teldrassil by taking the hippogryph from Darnassus.
  2. Alternatively, players can use the portal in Darnassus to teleport to Auberdine, the main town in Darkshore.
  3. Then, head north along the beach until you reach the area, where you will see the turtle skeleton with the harpoon in its eye.
Map of Gnarled Harpoon
Map of Gnarled Harpoon in WOW SOD.
  1. Interact with the harpoon to loot it. It will appear in your inventory as a consumable item that can be used once.

What Are The Uses Of Gnarled Harpoon In WOW SOD?

The Gnarled Harpoon is a one-time-use item that can only be used on Paxnozz.

It cannot be used as a regular weapon, and it will disappear from your inventory after you use it.

However, the main purpose of the Gnarled Harpoon is to get the Sniper Training or Quick Strike Runes.

Similarly, these runes are very valuable and beneficial for Hunters and Warriors. The Sniper Training Rune can be engraved on your pants.

Moreover, it will increase your critical strike chance by 10% when you stop moving for the last 6 seconds.

This is a huge boost for Hunters, who rely on their ranged attacks to deal damage and stay safe from melee enemies.

The Sniper Training Rune will also make your shots more accurate and deadly when combined with other Runes.

The Quick Strike Rune can be engraved on your gloves.

Furthermore, it will increase your melee attack power by 15-25% within 5 yards.

This is a great boost for Warriors, who rely on their melee attacks to deal damage and generate rage.

Both runes are very useful for their respective classes and can help you overcome many challenges and enemies.

However, getting them is not easy, as you need to get the Gnarled Harpoon and kill Paxnozz, which requires preparation.

You should also be at least level 16 before attempting this quest, and bring some friends if possible.

The Bottom Line

The Gnarled Harpoon is a special weapon that can be used for killing Paxnozz in WoW SOD.

If you manage to complete this quest, you will be rewarded with the Sniper Training or Quick Strike Runes.

These Runes are very powerful and beneficial for Hunters and Warriors and can make a big difference in your performance.

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