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Spectrum Nexus Remnant 2 Secret: Items And Enemies

spectrum nexus remnant 2 secret
Spectrum Nexus Remnant 2 Secrets are Constant Variable Ring, etc.

Spectrum Nexus is one of the possible dungeons you can encounter in N’Erud, one of the worlds in Remnant 2.

Remnant 2 is a third-person shooter game that is a sequel to Remnant: From the Ashes.

In the Spectrum Nexus, you can find many hidden items, enemies and secrets in Remnant 2. It is also a place where you will encounter many puzzles and enemies. 

Continue reading more about the Spectrum Nexus and its hidden secret in Remnant 2.

What Is Spectrum Nexus In Remnant 2?

Spectrum Nexus is one of the locations you can encounter in the Timeless Horizon area of N’erud.

It is a bright and psychedelic area that contains many puzzles and enemies.

The dungeons are found in N’Erud, where The Custodian’s Eye can be found.

Similarly, you can reach there using the elevator to enter this dungeon.

It also has a secret item and a secret boss. The hidden item is the Inner Overcharger Amulet, a purple accessory that boosts your energy regeneration.

Spectrum Nexus Remnant 2 Secrets And Hidden Items

Spectrum Nexus in Remnant 2 contains several secret bosses and hidden items.

Some items that are found in this location are below:

1. Sentry’s Old Iris

In Remnant 2, Sentry’s Old Iris is a crafting material that Drzyr invented.

It hums with energy and does not have an independent power source.

Players can get this crafting material by defeating The Custodian’s Eye.

You must attack and shoot the boss when it becomes vulnerable.

2. Constant Variable Ring

Upon reaching the Spectrum Nexus in Remnant 2, players can acquire the Constant Variable Ring.

This ring is in the Spectrum Nexus dungeon on N’Erud, an alien world in the game.

Constant Variable Ring
You can locate the Constant Variable Ring in the location.

The Constant Variable Ring decreases the Mod Power requirement by 15%.

It also boosts ranged damage by up to 20%, depending on the current weapon’s overheat value.

As your health increases, your damage output increases. Contrarily, as your health decreases, your damage output decreases.

3. Timewave Mutator

After finding the Constant Variable ring, users will head out of the location.

While heading out, you will find a void area where the secret Boss is hidden.

Timewave Mutator
Timewave is a Mutator in the Spectrum Nexus.

On entering the void, you will have to fight against the secret Boss, and after its encounter, it will drop a mutator named Timewave.

The Timewave will slow down the nearest enemies every time you use your mod power.

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4. The Custodian’s Eye

After completing everything, players will face the boss, who is the Custodian’s eye. It is a flying enemy that has a bunch of lasers.

The boss is encountered in the Spectrum Nexus dungeon in Remnant 2.

The Custodian's Eye Boss
The Custodian’s Eye is the Boss in the game.

To defeat it, you need to dodge its lasers and shoot its weak spots, which are its eye and its four arms.

You can also find a secret item and a secret boss in this dungeon if you are clever enough.

5. Propulsion Loop

The Propulsion Loop is a secret accessory in the game that increases movement speed after killing an enemy.

The ring increases the speed of the moment by 5 % and your consumable uses speed by 10% for 10 seconds.

Propulsion Loop is a valuable ring for players who like to be elegant and bold in their play style.

Furthermore, it can also help you survive longer by allowing you to use healing items faster.

6. Defensive Action Loop

Defensive Action Loop also belongs to one of many rings in Remnant.

It is a handy ring, especially for builds that focus on mobility.

Similarly, during loading and for three seconds after the reload is finished, the incoming damage is reduced by 10%.

Enemies In Spectrum Nexus

In Spectrum Nexus, players can encounter Robot Grunt, an enemy in Remnant 2.

Additionally, this enemy belongs to the N’Erud Robots race.

Robot Grunt is a bipedal machine armed with a laser rifle.

They can also fire bursts of energy and projectiles at the players or melee them with their metal limbs.

The Bottom Line

Since Spectrum Nexus is a location in Remnant 2, it contains many hidden secrets, enemies and items.

Similarly, the dungeon contains a secret elevator that leads to a hidden item and a chest with loot.

Furthermore, the dungeon has a secret item and a hidden boss.

The hidden item is the Inner Overcharger Amulet, a purple accessory that helps you recharge your energy faster.

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