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Remnant 2 The Great Bole: A Guide To Main Quest

Remnant 2- The Great Bole Guide
A guide to defeat the Corruptor in Remnant 2.

The Great Bole in Remnant 2 is where you can find the gigantic tree named Thaen.

The roots and power of Thaen are said to be intertwined with the lush green forest of Yaesha.

In Remnant 2, players should defeat a gigantic root entity known as The Corruptor to complete the main quest of The Great Bole. Further, the boss should be defeated compulsorily to progress in the game.
There are no NPCs or Merchants in the Great Bole.
Besides the main boss, you can encounter enemies like the Root Moth in this area.
Continue reading to learn about the Remnant 2 The Great Bole quest.

How To Reach The Great Bole?

Reaching The Great Bole is not easy as you must go through harsh situations.

You should do the following to reach the Great Bole.

  1. After you complete the Widow’s Court, you can find the gate to enter the Great Bole territory.
Going to the Great Bole in Remnant 2
Use this gate to enter the Great Bole.
  1. You can save your progress at the checkpoint as you enter the Great Bole.
checkpoin in the great bole.
The checkpoint in the Great Bole.
  1. Walk a little forward and go through the white veil to start your fight with the Corruptor.
the fight with corruptor in the great bole, Remnant 2
Entering through the white veil.

How To Defeat The Corruptor In Remnant 2?

The Corruptor is an in-game boss and the root entity corrupting Thaen.

It can spawn the former guardian of the Pan to fight against the players.

Players must worry about falling between the platforms because falling between them will instantly kill the player.

Similarly, the primary health bar belongs to the Corruptor, so players should be more focused on reducing that health bar.

Former Guardian of the Pan in the great bole
Former Guardian of the Pan.

Go through the following instructions to defeat the Corrupter more easily.

  1. The fight starts with the players facing the spawned Guardian. So, shoot them out before it comes near to you.
Facing the summoned Guardian in the great bole
The spawned guardian in-fight.
  1. After destroying the detached arms, try to keep distance from the guardian and shoot the Corruptor until it starts its second phase.
second phase of the boss in the great bole, Remnant 2
The Second phase of the Corruptor.
  1. As the boss emits a loud noise and the screen turn red, jump to the other side to avoid the Fire attack.
  1. After the boss unleashes its attack, shoot the exposed core immediately to deal extra damage.
Corruptor with exposed core.
Shoot the exposed core of the Corruptor.
  1. Repeat this process while keeping track of the Guardian to defeat the boss.

Some of the additional tips to defeat the boss can be using consumables like health potions and buffs that give the power to stay alive in fights.

You need to coordinate your attacks and focus on his weak spots. In this way, you can be able to defeat the boss in Remnant 2.

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Rewards For Completing The Quest

The final reward of the quest depends on whether the guardian is knocked down when the Corruptor is defeated.

The players are rewarded with a Twisted Lazurite if they kill the Corruptor while the Guardian still stands.

On the other hand, if players kill the corruptor while knocking out the guardian, they can receive the Hollow Heart as a reward.

the rewards for defeating the corruptor in the great bole, Remnant 2
The Twisted Lazurite (Left) and Hollow Heart (Right)

The Twisted Lazurite can be used to craft the Twisted Arbalest. Likewise, the Hollow Heart can be used to craft the Stonebreaker.

Similarly, players also receive The Great Bole-Segment, a quest item that enables players to progress further in the game.

Players can refer to the Crafting Material guide to learn more about these items.

The Bottom Line

In Remnant 2, the Great Bole is the origin place of the Thaen and freeing the tree from the Corruptor is the main quest here.

Completing this location is mandatory as the Great Bole segment is necessary to progress further in the game.

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