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What Are Lies Of P Best Strength Weapon?

Lies of P best strength weapon allows players to launch a critical strength attack.

This game features a variety of weapons for different playstyles, and each weapon has its own stats, scaling, and special ability.

Lies of P best strength weapon are great for players who want to deal high damage with heavy hits and don’t mind sacrificing some speed and mobility. Players looking for the best strength weapon or Motivity weapon can use Big Pipe Wrench, Acidic Crystal Spear and Holy Sword of the Ark.

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Strength Weapons In Lies Of P

Mobility Weapons are the ones that scale with player’s strength stat and deal physical damage to enemies.

However, they are usually heavy and slow. But they can deal high damage with each hit and have special abilities to combat bosses.

Moreover, they are distinguished by their red colour and their Motivity scaling. It is indicated by a letter from S to E, with S being the highest and E being the lowest.

In addition, the higher the Motivity scaling, the more damage the weapon will deal based on the player’s strength stat.

Big Pipe Wrench is one of the best strength weapons in Lies Of P.

Motivity weapons also have special abilities that can be activated by pressing a button when you have enough energy.

However, each Motivity weapon has a different special ability that can have various effects, such as creating shockwaves, shooting projectiles, or dealing extra damage.

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How To Disassemble And Combine Weapon Parts?

Players must use the weapon crafting system to disassemble and combine weapon parts.

However, disassembling the weapons can help you generate more parts for other necessary weapons.

Meanwhile, players can combine weapon parts to upgrade their weapons.

It is done to create new weapons with different effects and abilities.

Players can disassemble and combine weapon parts from the weapon crafting system.

Here are the steps on how to disassemble and combine weapon Parts:

1. Find A Weapon Workbench

First step to disassemble and combine weapon parts is to find workbench.

You can find weapon workbenches in various locations throughout the game.

Moreover, you can find it in places such as safe houses, shops, or hidden areas.

2. Open The Weapon Crafting Menu

Then, you need to open the Crafting menu option after finding workbenches,

After, you will see your inventory of weapons and weapon parts, as well as the available options for disassembling and combining them.

However, players need to select them wisely according to their preferred weapons.

3. Disassemble Or Combine Weapon Parts

You need to select the weapon or weapon part that you want to disassemble or combine.

However, you can see the stats, scaling, special ability, durability, and weight of each weapon or weapon part by hovering over them with your cursor.

Moreover, you can also see the required materials and energy for each action by looking at the bottom of the screen.

4. Confirm Your Action

If you want to disassemble a weapon, you will get two or three weapon parts.

In addition, players can combine two weapon parts to get a new weapon.

They will get a new weapon that has the stats, scaling, special ability, durability, and weight of the combined parts.

5. Equip New Weapon Or Weapon Part

First open the inventory menu on the list after you upgrade your weapons.

Players can equip new weapon by opening their inventory menu.

After opening the inventory menu they need to select the weapon slot that they want to change.

What Are Best Strength Weapon In Lies Of P?

Lies of P is a dark fantasy action RPG that features a variety of weapons for different playstyles.

However, players need to chose the strongest and highest damage output to strike down notorious bosses.

You might want to consider some of the following options if you are looking for the best strength weapon, or Motivity weapon as it is called in the game.

1. Big Pipe Wrench

This weapon has a high Motivity scaling and a special ability that lets you slam the ground and create a shockwave.

However, you can use the Big Pipe Wrench Head with the Krat Police Baton Handle for faster swings.

Moreover, it has physical damage of 156 and weighs 23.8 pounds.

2. Acidic Crystal Spear

This weapon has decent Motivity scaling and special ability.

It lets you shoot acid projectiles at your enemies. It can also be disassembled and combined with other weapon parts to create new weapons.

Moreover, use the Acidic Crystal Spear Blade with the Big Pipe Wrench Handle for longer reach.

It is swift spear cause it only weighs 9 pounds but has physical attack of 49.

3. Holy Sword of the Ark

This is a unique weapon that cannot be disassembled or combined with other weapon parts.

Nonetheless, it has high Motivity scaling and special ability that lets you powerful slash that deals holy damage.

However, you can get this weapon by defeating the boss of the Cathedral of Lies.

4. Acidic Great Curved Sword 

Acidic Great Curved Sword has high mobility scaling and higher damage when combined with other weapons.

However, it is a versatile weapon that can switch between slow and powerful swings and quick and nimble thrusts.

Moreover, It is one of the three weapons that you can choose at the start of Lies of P.

Finally, it has total physical attack score of 139.

5. Fire Axe 

It is a powerful weapon that can deal massive damage and disable enemies with ease.

Additionally, it is a large and heavy weapon that can deal high damage and ignite enemies with fire.

On contrary, It has physical attack of 111 and weighs only 13.8 pounds.

However, it has a blade that resembles an axe and a handle that resembles a pipe.

The Fire Axe can be found in a secret location in the game, which is not marked on the map.

The Bottom Line

In Lies of P, Strength weapons excel in physical damage, and their effectiveness depends on the player’s strength stat.

However, notable choices include the Big Pipe Wrench, the Acidic Crystal Spear and the Holy Sword of the Ark.

Moreover, you can customize these weapons by disassembling and combining parts.

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