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Lies of P: Three Create One Mission Overview

In Lies of P, Arlechhino is the king of riddles who will contact you with payphones and guide you toward the secret treasure.

Players can get the Trinity key after solving the riddle. Trinity Keys will help to unlock Trinity doors and find hidden treasure. Three Create One may refer to the triangular pattern that is drawn outside each Trinity room in Lies of P.

Continue to read more about how to solve Trinity riddles, locate the Trinity doors, and unlock the hidden treasure.

What Is Three Create One?

In each Trinity door, you can see the mysterious triangular symbol. Three Create One may signify the same triangular pattern.

Symbol of Three Create One.
Symbol of Three Create One.

Similarly, when you enter each Trinity room, you can also find the triangular pattern inside drawn on the floor.

Three Create One Symbol In Room.
Three Create One Symbol In Room.

Thus, the Three Create One signifies the mission to find all 5 Trinity Rooms with the mysterious triangular pattern.

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Trinity Keys To Unlock Three Create One Symbol

There are a total of 5 Trinity doors with a Triangular symbol. However, you will require a Trinity key to enter each room.

Here are the locations of each Trinity key in Lies of P.

1. Krat City Hall Courtyard

Inside the factory, you will see the phone ringing near the bridge with enemies throwing bombs at you.

three create one lies of p
Krat City Hall Courtyard.

You will answer the phone and speak with the king of Riddles.

The answer to the riddle is Human.

2. Malum District

Malum District is the place where you will find the second Trinity Key.

You should loop around the enemies throwing decay on the rooftops. Open the gate and enter into a small room.

Climb up the ladder using the shortcut where you will find the ringing telephone.

Pick up the phone and solve the riddle.

The answer to the riddle is Candle.

You can use the shortcut by passing through an overhead bridge. You will hear the ringing telephone.

The king of the riddle will ask you the third riddle.

The answer to the riddle is Egg.

Nonetheless, there is also the second part of the riddle in the Grand Exhibition Gallery which helps you obtain the key.

The King of Riddles will give you the riddle of “Cold Woman”. You should go to Veginini’s Tram Cars to find the key.

The larger statue in the center will open after matching the smaller statues. You will get the Trinity key.

three create one lies of p
Grand Exhibition Gallery in Lies of P.

After collecting all the Trinity Keys, you will also receive The Chosen One’s Trinity Key from the King of Riddles.

4. Krat Central Station Street

You should explore the Krat Station which will lead you to the ringing telephone.

Pick up the telephone and answer the riddle. The answer to the riddle is Ergo.

Unlock The Three Create One Symbol Door

Finally, after obtaining all the Trinity Keys, you can head to unlock the Trinity Doors with Three Create One Symbol.

Here are the locations of each Trinity Door.

1. Workshop Union Culvert

You should head to the Red Fox and Black Cat through a passageway and turn right where you will find Trinity Sanctum.

Likewise, You can see the triangular pattern on the door. Open the door with the Trinity Key.

Workshop Union Culvert in Lies of P.
Workshop Union Culvert in Lies of P.

2. St. Frangelico Cathedral Library

Similarly, you will see the electrified balls in the depth of the chapel. Head straight in that direction.

St. Frangelico Cathedral Chapel
St. Frangelico Cathedral Chapel.

You will see the ladder. Climb up the ladder and you will find another Trinity Sanctum.

Use the key that you obtained from Malum District to open the door with a triangular pattern.

3. Estella Opera House Stage

Players must head inside the Opera House from the Stargazer. Now, you will see the flaming swinging chandelier.

Go ahead and drop down in the dark side. You will find another Trinity Sanctum with the Three Create One symbol.

Use the Trinity key that you obtained from the Grand Exhibition Gallery area.

4. Krat Central Station

Again, from the stargazer, head towards the left direction and climb down the stairs where you will see another door.

Open the Trinity Sanctu with the trinity key that you got from Krat Central Station Street.

5. Arche Abbey Outer Wall

Go to the giant room. Head to the bottom of the bridge. This is the location where you will find the last Trinity room that requires the final Chosen One’s Trinity key.

three create one lies of p
Arche Abbey Outer Wall.

The Bottom Line

Overall, this mission helps users experience a fun adventure and exclusive rewards.

Players can enjoy the thrilling experience while solving the riddles and exploring the world in Lies of P.

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