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AC6 Regain Control Of The Xylem Hidden Chests

Armored Combat VI is a fast-paced mech combat game developed by FormSoftware and published by Bandai Namco Entertainment.

It allows players to build their own customized mecha from a wide variety of parts and weaponry.

In Armored Combat 6, players use their self-customized mecha to get into numerous missions, story quests, and multiplayer battles.

One of the NG++ missions in AC6 is the Regain Control of the Xylem, which consists of two hidden chests that the players can find to obtain rare and powerful parts.

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How To Unlock All Missions In AC6?

To unlock all missions in Armored Core VI: Fires of Rubicon, players must go through three full playthroughs of the game.

Players must get the New Game, New Game + and New Game ++ to unlock all the missions.

It is caused by the Decision Missions that cancel out each other, meaning if players pick one, another is unavailable in the same playthrough.

Furthermore, players must complete and go through that playthrough again to get to that mission.

Additionally, there are missions that are exclusive to New Game + and New Game ++.

So, in order to unlock all the missions in AC6, players must go through the three full playthroughs.

Regain Control Of The Xylem Mission

It is an NG++ mission referring to New Game ++ missions for which to unlock, players must complete the game twice first.

These NG++ missions are comparatively a lot more difficult and challenging for the players, providing greater and rare rewards.

Despite being challenging, players can complete the mission with the right strategy and game plan.

The overall mission is to defeat all the parasite modules and drones and regain control of the Xylem.

Hence, players are placed in a large open space with several parasite modules and drones at the beginning.

Regain Control Of Xylem in Armored Core 6.
Regain Control Of Xylem in Armored Core 6.

They can start destroying the parasite modules on the ground first using their machine guns and missiles.

Next, the players need to take out the drones, which are comparatively more difficult to hit given its agility and movements.

And finally, players are required to defeat the parasite module after defeating the drones.

The parasite modules are much more powerful, and players require a lot of heavy firepower in order to destroy it.

Players must dodge their attacks using boosts and map awareness and must deal heavy damage using their missiles, rockets and laser cannons.

Ultimately, once they destroy the parasite module, the players will regain control of the Xylem and the mission is completed.

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Hidden Chests In Xylem

There are two hidden chests present in the area during the Regain Control of the Xylem mission.

Players need to find them in order to get access to them, or else the rewards are skippable if the chests are not opened.

Players must navigate themselves to the specific position to find the chests that are hidden in the mission.

Both chests contain rare and powerful parts that players can use to build a strong Armored Core.

1. Chest 1

Once the battle begins, players need to head left and drop down to the lower level, dodging enemy attacks.

As they head right to the end of that passage, players can find the first chest there on thier right.

2. Chest 2 

For the other chest, players need to destroy the parasite modules and drones and head into the final area, where a laser MT will shoot them.

Turning right from there and then left will lead players to the final chest on the platform on the opposite side of the pillar.

The Bottom Line

Armored Core 6 allows players to enjoy an action-packed mecha game where the players can customize their own mech.

Furthermore, players can use their self-designed mech to fight in different modes, battles and different missions.

Likewise, Regain Control of the Xylem is one of such missions that players can get themselves into.

Ultimately, AC6 provides a number of hidden chests along with mission rewards, two of which are in Regain Control of the Xylem.

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