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AC Mirage: How To Reveal The Chamber’s Secrets In The Calling

In AC Mirage, ‘The Calling’ quest is about gaining access to the chamber and unlocking the hidden gears.

The gears are scattered all over the place, and you will have to access and examine the whole map to locate them.

“The Calling” quest in AC Mirage has an exciting goal to “Reveal the chamber’s secrets”; Although it seems mysterious and fun, it is challenging to complete as you need to collect several Mysterious Shards by defeating non-playable characters in the game.

Continue reading about how to reveal Chambers’s Secrets in The Calling Quest of Assassin’s Creed Mirage.

The Calling: An Overview

The Calling is an important quest in the AC Mirage where you must on completing an objective to reveal the chamber’s secrets.

As you complete your first target in the Assassin’s Creed Mirage, you will find Nehal, a psychological manifestation of Loki’s consciousness.

She will assign you a mission called “The Calling,” in which you will need to perform various tasks to discover hidden places.

You are supposed to find the hidden places in the North Wilderness particularly in Northern Oasis, located to the east of Anbar.

How Can You Find The Location Of The Hidden Place? 

As you continue to the North Wilderness, you will find the Northern Oasis and three of the most legendary gears.

Along with The Calling quest, the three important gears are further important for another sub-investigation called The Ancient Place.

As you discover the oasis, you are supposed to get into the water and swim all across in the south direction.

AC Mirage Oasis Hidden Places
AC Mirage Oasis hidden places.

Before entering, you must defeat two guards protecting the water as a small obstacle.

You should then pass the underground path or tunnel and keep on going until you find another blocked path.

As you advance, you’ll encounter a wall covered in webs. Keep moving forward, as it serves as the path to the chamber.

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How To Reveal The Chamber Secrets?

As you find your way to the chamber’s entrance, you have to complete the quest’s objective to reveal the chamber’s secrets.

Northern Oasis Secret Room Gear Chests Keys
Northern Oasis Secret room gear chest keys.

You are supposed to collect Mysterious Shards to unlock the chamber’s secrets and place them on specific pedestals.

The game requires you to collect three important gears: Samsaama Dagger, Shamshir-e Zomorrodnegar Sword, and Milad’s Outfit.

Therefore, you need ten shards to unlock all three chests, but each requires a different number.

While the first chest requires two shards to unlock, the second requires three shards, and the third requires five.

Collecting the shards proves challenging due to their scattered presence throughout Baghdad, rendering them rare.

You will have to defeat, kill or thief from other non-playable characters in the game to collect the shards.

You complete “The Calling” quest by unlocking all three Gear Chests with the required Mysterious Shards.

Thereafter you will free the chests and successfully reveal the chamber’s secrets

The Bottom Line

“The Calling” quest in Assassin’s Creed Mirage challenges players to uncover secrets in a hidden oasis chamber.

To unlock three Gear Chests in the chamber, you need 10 Mysterious Shards, with different shard requirements for each chest.

Lastly, you complete the quest and receive legendary gear items as a reward after opening all three chests.

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