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Explore If Fire Frenzy Is Blessing In Darktide

Turn the auto guns into flamethrowers with Fire Frenzy in Darktide.

It is a blessing that boosts your damage and fire rate with every close-range kill.

Fire Frenzy is a Blessing that increases auto gun power by up to 50% when the players eliminate enemies at close range with auto guns. With Fire Frenzy, players can fire a destructive stream of bullets that grows in damage as they kill enemies within 15 meters.

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What Is Fire Frenzy Blessing In Darktide?

The Darktide has a Blessings system, which lets players change their characters differently.

Similarly, players can equip Fire Frenzy in Darktide, changing how their weapons or abilities work.

warhammer 40000 in darktide
Warhammer 40000 in darktide.

Autoguns, Ripper guns, and Shotgun can benefit from this blessing, which increases the power of your Autogun immediately after you kill an adversary.

It is excellent for gamers who enjoy engaging in frantic, harsh combat because it enables them to deal with many foes and eliminate them rapidly.

Contrarily, Fire Frenzy helps players survive longer by killing enemies before they can hurt them.

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How To Get Fire Frenzy Blessing?

If the players keep killing foes at close range, Fire Frenzy will enhance your power by up to 50%.

In addition, the Fire Frenzy blessing is accessible on Braced Autoguns and Infantry Autoguns, two horde-clearing weapon types.

Players must present their weapons to Hadron, a mechanic who can extract and trade blessings to obtain this blessing.

Similarly, players will get a Votive Offering, which they may spend to re-bless their weapons with the Fire Frenzy or any other blessing they like.

At the Shrine of Omnissiah, players can re-bless their weapons and modify weapons and armor.

Here is the list of weapons that can use the Fire Frenzy blessing:

  1. Agripinaa Mk I Infantry Autogun
  2. Agripinaa Mk VII Combat Shotgun
  3. Agripinaa Mk VIII Braced Autogun
  4. Columnus Mk II Braced Autogun
  5. Columnus Mk V Infantry Autogun
  6. Foe-Rend Mk II Ripper Gun
  7. Foe-Rend Mk V Ripper Gun
  8. Foe-Rend Mk VI Ripper Gun
  9. Graia Mk IV Braced Autogun
  10. Graia Mk VIII Infantry Autogun
  11. Kantrael Mk IX Combat Shotgun
  12. Lawbringer Mk Vi Combat Shotgun

Tips And Tricks To Use Fire Frenzy Effectively

Fire Frenzy increases power when players use an Autogun to destroy foes at close range.

Here are some of the tips and tricks about how to use fire frenzy blessings effectively:

  1. The players should keep killing enemies under 15 meters to maintain the maximum power boost.
  2.  The players should use the fire frenzy blessings with high ammo counts to avoid reloading and losing stacks.
  3. Fire Frenzy is a great blessing when dealing with hordes of weak enemies like Poxwalkers or Traitor Guardsmen.
  4. The players should use fire frenzy carefully as it is for short range only and must go close to the enemy.

Is Darktide Fire Frenzy Blessing A Bug?

Some players have claimed that the descriptions of some blessings in Darktide are incorrect or absent.

stealth zealot mode in darktide
stealth zealot mode in darktide

As for Fire Frenzy blessing, there is a bug that the power increase of the weapon should have increased by 8%, but it increases by 80%.

Some blessings may be more beneficial or powerful than others in certain situations or for certain classes.

Significantly, the balance of the blessings is a matter of opinion that varies according to the players’ choices and styles.

For instance, FireFrenzy deals extra damage with auto guns, fast-firing weapons that can shred through crowds of enemies.

It increases the fire rate and damage of auto weapons for a short time after killing an enemy.

Some players may enjoy this blessing and find it very efficient, while others may like other blessings that fit their playstyle better.

Therefore, the balance of the blessings is ultimately up to the developers to determine and modify based on feedback and data.

The game is still in early access, which means it is incomplete and may have bugs or balance problems.

Contrarily, the developers will keep updating and enhancing the game based on the community’s feedback.

The Bottom Line

Overall, Fire Frenzy allows players to tear through hordes of enemies with auto guns, gaining more power for each kill at close range.

With auto weapons, close-range foes can be eliminated, and your power will increase thanks to Fire Frenzy, which stacks up to 5 times.

Generally, it is a blessing that encourages aggressive play with auto guns, giving you a power boost for each enemy you kill at close range.

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