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Is The Emperor Good Or Evil In Baldur’s Gate 3?

Emperor BG3
Whether or not the Emperor is good is up for interpretation by the players.

The BG3 Emperor is a controversial figure who has been the subject of much debate and discussion.

He is one of the many interesting characters in Baldur’s Gate 3.

Whether the BG3 Emperor is good or not depends upon players’ interpretation. Emperor is a mind flayer, but having him with you throughout the game is essential. 
Continue reading to learn about BG3 Emperor and whether he is good or evil.

Who Is The Emperor?

The Emperor in Baldur’s Gate 3 is a Mindflayer character you’ll meet during Act 3.

Unlike the typical evil Mindflayer, the Emperor portrays complex emotions and even showcases a gentler side.

In the game, he is portrayed as your dream guardian, which helps you in difficult times.

The Emperor is a mind flayer with emotions.

During Act 3, you’ll have a dilemma when you meet Baldur’s Gate 3 Emperor Mind Flayer, who asks you to save him.

You will meet him in the Astral Plane, where Githyanki invaders attack him.

This significant interaction has a pretty dramatic impact on your character’s playthrough.

Good Side Of Emperor In BG3

When evaluating whether the BG3 Emperor is good, it is essential to consider multiple factors.

Here are some points that make him look good in the game:

  1. In the game, the BG3 Emperor is pictured as an ex-adventurer and hero who values strength and power.
  1. Even with his Illithid nature, he is fully aware of his identity, remembers his past, and mourns.
The emperor mourns for his past.
  1. Despite being an Illithid, it avoids allying with other creatures or desiring their creation.
  1. He claims to be your ally and helps you resist the Absolute’s influence.

We can consider him a good creature in the game from these factors.

Evil Side Of Emperor In BG3

Even with his good nature of help, various decisions make him look bad.

Here are some points that make him look bad in the game:

  1. He enjoys being Illithid and eats on criminals when he is an ex-hero.
  1. His demand for the nether stones also makes him look bad in the game.
He will ask for the nether stone after you collect all.
  1. Emperor even tries to convince players to use the tadpole power, suggesting to nurture it.
main character with tadpole
Emperor tries to convince the player to use tadpole power.
  1. Orpheus was held captive by him, which raises questions about his nature.
Orpheus is kept captive by Emperor.
  1. He even killed his bronze dragon Asur friend after choosing to become Illithid.
Emperor killed the dragon in the fight.
  1. Attacking the Emperor in Baldur’s Gate 3 leads to the boss fight against him and it is hard to win.

The Bottom Line

He presents a moral dilemma for players and offers benefits and drawbacks depending on how players choose to interact with him.

He seems good from one point of view, while from another, he is terrible.

Ultimately, it’s up to each player to decide whether or not they believe the Emperor is suitable based on their values and beliefs.

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