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Starfield Guide: All Galbank Missions And Rewards

Galbank missions are a type of side quest in Starfield that involves working for Galbank, a shady interstellar bank that offers loans to desperate settlers.

One may choose to assist Galbank in retrieving outstanding debts from its clients.

In the Galbank mission players can be debt collectors and complete the mission to get the rewards and also get a chance to learn about the dark sides of the Galbank.

The Galbank missions are discretionary in nature, however, they possess the potential to yield noteworthy ramifications.

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How To Become A Debt Collector For Galbank In Starfield?

The following are the requisite steps to assume the role of a debt collector for Galbank in Starfield:

Firstly, please proceed to New Atlantis, the esteemed capital city of the United Earth Space Agency (UESA) and the distinguished abode of Galbank2.

starfield galbank missions
Having a conversation with Landry Hollifeld about collecting debt.

Afterward, locate and engage in conversation with the non-playable character, Remy Leblanc, who holds the position of head of the debt collection department at Galbank.

Kindly accept the employment offer and obtain a roster of debtors who are indebted to Galbank.

Locate and confront each designated individual.

Employ diverse techniques to retrieve the owed funds, including but not limited to bargaining, coercion, bribery, or physical altercation.

Please return to Remy Leblanc and provide a detailed report of your progress.

The player’s compensation is determined by the amount of funds you have collected and their ability to manage.

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Starfield Guide: All Galbank Missions And Rewards

Galbank missions and rewards are:

  1. Due in Full:

The aforementioned task has been assigned by Landry, the manager of Galbank in Jemison, a metropolis located on the planet Vectera.

Landry has requested that gamers collect outstanding debts from three clients, Mira, Gus, and Raj.

This mission is 500 credits and a Galbank Credit Card that gives you a 10% discount on all purchases.

2. Breaking the Bank:

This mission is given by Remy Leblanc, the head of Galbank’s debt collection department in New Atlantis, the home of Galbank.

Remy has formally requested that you undertake the task of infiltrating the competing financial institution.

The reward for this mission is 1000 credits and an Earth Savior Award that increases your reputation with UESA.

3. All That Money Can Buy:

The task assigned to him forms an integral part of the primary questline and pertains to the participation of Galbank in the enigmatic Starborn initiative.

The task assigned to him forms an integral part of the primary questline and pertains to the participation of Galbank in the enigmatic Starborn initiative.

The reward for this mission depends on your choice and affects the ending of the game.


The Dark Side of Galbank: Corruption, Extortion, And Violence

Galbank employs its influence to exploit and subjugate the inhabitants of diverse planets through a range of means, including:

Some of these debt collectors are also involved in illegal activities, such as extortion, violence, and murder.

starfield galbank missions
War during the mission.

Furthermore, galbank also bribes and blackmails UESA officials and politicians to gain their support and loyalty.

They also suppresses any resistance or dissent from the colonists, sometimes using violent means.

Galbank Vs Crimson Fleet: A Rivalry That Spans The Stars

Galbank and Crimson Fleet constantly compete for resources and clients and often clash in violent confrontations.

Furthermore, they possess distinct agendas and visions about the galaxy’s future and endeavor to influence other factions.

The player’s role and choices in the rivalry and how they impact the game’s outcome.

The player can technically join both factions but eventually has to choose between them in the “Eye of the Storm quest.”

The Bottom Line

Galbank missions offer players a chance to work for a shady interstellar bank, collecting debts from desperate settlers.

To become a Galbank debt collector, players must start in New Atlantis, engage with Remy Leblanc, and employ various techniques to retrieve owed funds.

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