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Explore Dawnmaster Seed In Baldur’s Gate 3

Dawnmaster Seed
Dawnmaster Seed in Baldur’s Gate 3.

In BG3, Dawnmaster Seed is a process to solve the stained glass puzzle, which reveals a hidden compartment.

In the game, weapons have varying ranges, damages, and unique features like Finesse, Versatile, and Dippable.

Dawnmaster Seed BG3 intends to throw the final pedestal in the back of the room with the Ceremonial Warhammer. It is located in Rosymorn Monastery.

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What Is Dawnmaster Seed BG3?

On the Rosymorn Monastery’s higher levels, you can find a room with a large stained glass window on the floor.

It is surrounded by four plaques and altars.

Interact with the Stained Glass Window
Interact with the Stained Glass Window.

While interacting, you will see four previous Dawnmasters of the Rosymorn Monastery and their weapon.

Similarly, you must gather three hidden weapons throughout the monastery to solve the puzzle.

Rusty Mace, Ceremonial Warhammer, and Ceremonial Battleaxe are the three weapons.

Once you acquire all three weapons, you must place each one on its proper pedestal to reveal a hidden safe.

Location Of Ceremonial Warhammer

After you obtain the Ceremonial Battleaxe, exit the Guardian’s room and turn left.

You must visit the Monastery’s Roof to locate the Ceremonial Warhammer.

The Warhammer is located at the top of Resymorn Monastery in the Giant Eagle’s Nest.

Once you reach the location, interact with the vines to climb to the top.

Additionally, you will find it on the floor but do not pick it up because doing so will anger some giant Eagles.

You can find both the Ancient Eagle and the Giant Eagle in this area.

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How To Achieve Ceremonial Warhammer?

In Baldur’s Gate 3, Getting the Warhammer in the game is essential because it is more than a weapon. It is a clue to solve the puzzle.

There are various approaches to go about this process. Below are the steps to follow:

1. Kill The Eagles

One way is to kill the Eagles if you have the quest from the Blue Jay.

Attack the Eagle
Attack the Eagle to obtain Ceremonial Warhammer.

It is quite simple work to kill them and take the Ceremonial Warhammer.

2. Use Mage Hand

Other ways to take the Warhammer is more tricky. You might carefully drag the Warhammer down the roof using Mage Hand.

By doing this, you can keep your party mostly out of vision which can do wonders. Further, the Eagle does attack the Mage Hand.

Similarly, you could also try to talk to the Eagles and calm them. This way, they do not attack you if you interact with the Warhammer.

Additionally, your attitude toward the Eagles likewise declines as you move the Warhammer across the terrain.

You can either gain the Ceremonial Warhammer in the mean way or the tricky way, depending on how you handle things.

Where Is Dawnmaster Seed BG3 Used?

After obtaining all three weapons, return to the room with the stained glass window.

To complete the Stained Glass Puzzle, you will need to strategically place the Rusty Mace, Ceremonial Warhammer, and Ceremonial Battleaxe as follows:

  1. Throw the Rusty Mace onto the pedestal to the right of the entrance.
Place Rusty Mace in Dawnmaster Stockhold.
Place Rusty Mace in Dawnmaster Stockhold.
  1. Throw the Ceremonial Battleaxe to the left of the entrance.
dawnmaster seed bg3
Ceremonial Battleaxe must be placed in Dawnmaster Vaseid.
  1. Lastly, throw the Ceremonial Warhammer on the remaining pedestal at the room’s rear.
dawnmaster seed bg3
Place Ceremonial Warhammer in Dawnmaster Seed.

The Bottom Line

With all four weapons properly positioned on their respective pedestals, a hidden compartment will be revealed on the wall adjacent to the sword.

Inside this compartment is a pouch with a letter and the Dawnmaster’s Crest.

Thus, characters must master specific proficiency before using a weapon and sometimes gain particular actions while holding it.

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