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Assassin Creed Mirage: Initiate Of Alamut Dye

Initiate Of Alamut Dye is a cosmetic item that can change the colour of the Alamut robes in Assassin’s Creed Mirage.

It is one of the many cosmetic items that can enhance the player’s experience and immersion in Assassin’s Creed Mirage.

The Initiate of Alamut dye allows the player to customize the colour of the Alamut robes. Consequently, it can have different effects on the gameplay and the story. 

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What Are Types Of Initiate Of Alamut Dye?

There are total of five Initiate of Alamut Dye available in Assassin Creed Mirage.

However, each of the dye in the game has its unique colour and capabilities.

The types of Initiate Of Alamut Dye in AC Mirage are:

1. Blue Initiate Of Alamut

Blue Initiate Alamut dye is unlocked after completing the Warlock Investigation.

After you complete the Warlock Investigation you’ll reach the Disciple rank.

However, players also need to complete the main story quest Taking Flight to reach the Disciple rank in the Hidden Ones faction.

2. Green Initiate Of Alamut

The Green Initiate of Alamut Dye is unlocked after reaching the Novice rank.

Further, you must complete the quest Mastermind in the Shadows to reach the Novice rank in the Hidden Ones faction.

However, you need to progress through the main storyline for it.

3. Turquoise Initiate Of Alamut 

The Turquoise Alamut Dye is unlocked after reaching the Assassin rank.

However, Assassin rank is a top tier rank of the game and it requires players to have high skills.

After you reach assassin rank, you’ll get Turquoise Initiate of Alamut dye.

4. Indigo Initiate Of Alamut 

This dye is unlocked after collecting all Historical sites.

It is a challenging task that requires you to explore the map and find hidden locations.

However, some of the Historical sites are also related to side quests or main missions, so you may need to complete them first.

5. Red Initiate Of Alamut 

Red Initiate of Alamut Dye cannot be unlocked by reaching any levels.

However, this dye is part of the Fire Demon Pack DLC, and is only available there.

How To Obtain The Initiate Of Alamut Dye?

There are several ways to obtain the Initiate of Alamut dye in Assassin’s Creed Mirage, depending on the player’s preference and progress.

These are some of the methods of obtaining the Initiate of Alamut dye in Assassin’s Creed Mirage.

1. Completing Quests And Missions

The most straightforward way to get the dye is to complete all the main quests, side quests, contracts, collectibles, and enigmas in the game.

This will reward the player with various dyes, including the Initiate of Alamut dye and other resources.

The quests, contracts, collectibles, and enigmas can be found by exploring the game world, talking to NPCs, or using the eagle vision.

Some of them may require certain skills, equipment, or allies to complete. The player can track their progress and rewards in the menu.

2. Buying From Traders

Another way to get the dye is to buy it from traders in the game world.

The player can find traders in different locations, such as cities, villages, camps, or caravans.

The player can interact with traders by approaching them and pressing the button prompt.

Players can equip The Initiate Of Alamut Dye from inventory.

They can then browse their inventory and buy the items they want with gold or trade items.

The Initiate of Alamut dye costs 500 gold or 10 trade items.

3. Ranking Up In The Hidden One Faction

A third way to get the dye is to rank up in the Hidden One faction.

The player can join the Hidden One faction by completing a quest called “The Hidden Ones” in the first chapter of the game.

The player can then increase their rank in the faction by completing missions, assassinations, or challenges for the Hidden Ones.

Each rank will unlock new rewards, such as skills, weapons, armor, and dyes.

The Initiate of Alamut dye is unlocked once reaching rank 5.

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What Are The Benefits Of Using The Initiate Of Alamut Dye?

There are various benefits of using the  Alamut dye in the Assassin Creed Mirage.

The benefits of using the Initiate of Alamut dye are both aesthetic and gameplay-related.

The advantages/ benefits of using the dye in Assassin’s Creed Mirage are:

1. Aesthetic Benefits

The Initiate of Alamut dye allows the player to customize the appearance of the Alamut robes, which are the signature outfit of the Assassins.

The dye can change the color of the hood, cloak, tunic, belt, pants, boots, and gloves of the robes.

The player can choose from different colors, such as red, blue, black, white, green, yellow, or purple.

The dye can also add patterns or symbols to the robes, such as stripes, dots, stars, or crescents.

The dye can make the robes look more elegant, stylish, or unique. The player can also mix and match different dyes to create their own combinations.

The Initiate of Alamut dye is one of the most versatile and attractive dyes in the game.

2. Gameplay Benefits

The Initiate of Alamut dye can also affect the gameplay and the story of Assassin’s Creed Mirage.

The dye can help the player blend in with different environments, such as deserts, forests, or cities.

This can make it easier for the player to sneak past enemies, hide in crowds, or perform stealth kills.

The dye can also unlock new dialogue options or reveal hidden clues in certain situations.

For example, some NPCs may react differently to the player depending on the color of their robes.

Some colors may make the player more friendly, intimidating, or mysterious to others.

However, some colors may also trigger memories or secrets related to the history of the Assassins or the Templars.

The dye can also grant access to secret areas that are otherwise inaccessible.

For example, some doors or chests may only open if the player wears a specific color of robes.

Some puzzles or riddles may also require the player to use a certain color of dye to solve them.

What Are The Challenges Of Using The Initiate Of Alamut Dye?

Players can use initiate of dye to blend in with the region/ time to camouflage against the enemies.

The dye can be obtained in different ways, depending on the color and the item.

However, most of the dyes need money to unlock them and they arent cheap.

Some of the challenges of using the dye are:

  • Dyes are only available through the Ubisoft Store, which requires real money or Ubisoft Connect Units to purchase.
  • Some dyes are unlocked by completing certain missions or reaching certain ranks in the Hidden Ones Brotherhood, which may require a lot of time and effort.
  • They are hidden in chests or locations that are hard to find or access, which may require exploration and puzzle-solving skills.
  • Some dyes may not match well with the environment or the mood of the game, which may affect the immersion and the stealth aspect of the game.

What Are Tips And Tricks For Using The Initiate Of Alamut Dye?

The Initiate of Alamut Dye is a cosmetic item that can be used to change the color of the Initiate of Alamut outfit.

However, it has different challengers while using it.

Use following tips and tricks for using the Initiate of Alamut Dye:

1. Experiment With Different Colors

Players can experiment with dfferent colours and items to find the best combination that suits thier style and preference.

However, they can preview the dye before applying it to see how it looks on your character.

2. Use The Dye That Matches The Region

Players should use the dye according to region and the time period of the game.

For example, they can use the red dye in Egypt, the green dye in Persia, and the blue dye in India.

However. This will help them blend in wih the environment and avoid unwanted attention from enemies.

3. Save Your Game Before Using The Dye

Consequently, players must save game progress before using dye.

In case they change their mind or want to try a different color in the game., they can reverse the action.

Moreover, they can also load a previous save if you want to revert to the original color of the outfit, sword, or dagger.

4. Collect All The Dyes

You can collect al the dyes to unlock the Master of Colors achievement.

Moreover, it will reward you with 50 Ubisoft Connect Units and a special outfit.

Additionally, you can check your progress and the locations of the dyes in the game menu.

The Bottom Line

In Assassin’s Creed Mirage, the Initiate of Alamut Dye allows players to customize the appearance of their Alamut robes.

However, obtaining it involves completing quests, buying from traders, or ranking up in the Hidden One faction.

Moreover, it enhances immersion, aiding in stealth, unlocking dialogue options, and revealing secrets.

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