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Explore The Secrets Of Remnant 2 Crashed Ship

Crashed Ship
Players can get valuable artifacts as loot in the crashed ship. 

As the players uncover the secrets of the Remnant 2 Crashed Ship in N’Erud, they find new adventures.

Once you wear the Navigator Helm, you can locate a colossal ship that has crashed into the land of N’Erud. Players can get valuable artifacts as loot in this Remnant 2 crashed ship. 
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Remnant 2 Crashed Ship Location 

The crashed ship is located in the N’Erud, the northern region of the map.

The ship appears to be a large, spacefaring vessel with a unique design and advanced technology.

Crashed ship
Locate at the N’Erud.

The hull is badly damaged, with scorch marks and debris scattered across the surrounding terrain.

The ship’s wings and engines are broken and charred, suggesting a disastrous event led to its demise.

Remnant 2 Crashed Ship Characteristics

The crashed ship is an awe-inspiring marvel, spanning several hundred meters long in the game.

The materials used in its construction appear to be a fusion of unknown elements, challenging the limits of human understanding.

Its exterior is furnished with intricate patterns and engravings.

The ship’s internal architecture is equally amazing.

interior of spaceship
The interior of the ship is mazy.

The interior has intricate passageways and chambers that lead to vast control rooms and living quarters.

Technology beyond our knowledge fills every corner with advanced energy sources, holographic displays, and mysterious artifacts.

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Use Navigator Helm To Search Crashed Ship

While exploring N’Erud, you may encounter a rare chance to find the Navigator’s Helm.

With the Navigator Helm equipped, you can locate a giant crashed ship in N’Erud.

Window showing Nerud
Use the navigator helm to find the crashed ship.

Meanwhile, it’s easy to spot, positioned near one of the significant towers and close to a Worldstone on my playthrough.

Once there, find the secret entrance until you reach the scanner’s eye.

If you have the helm equipped, the door will grant you access to the ship’s cockpit.

Crashed Ship Exploration And Loot

Players can discover a wealth of loot and secrets when they move to the location of the crashed ship.

You can find crew belongings in the ship’s interior, including logbooks, photographs, and other mementos.

The most valuable to discover is a ring and the Plasma Cutter long gun inside.

Plasma Cutter in a box
You can get a ring and plasma cutter as a reward.

However, players can discover high-level equipment and supplies, like medical kits, ammunition, and weapon parts.

One of the most significant finds inside the ship is the captain’s journal, which details the events leading up to the crash.

The journal portrays a desperate struggle to control the ship among strange occurrences and malfunctions.

The Plasma Cutter: Secret Weapon In Crashed Ship

The Plasma Cutter is a long gun in-game weapon that deals great damage when focused on a target.

This gun comes with the Weapon mod known as Heat Sink.

Further, the mod decreases the heat generation by 50% and increases damage by three times. It lasts for twenty seconds.

Likewise, the Heat Sink mode cannot be removed from the weapon.

The plasma Cutter in remnant 2 crashed ship
The plasma Cutter in Remnant 2.

This weapon is more suitable for close-ranged battles requiring low precision and high damage.

The weapon has no built-in mutator but can be attached to an external one.

How To Find The Plasma Cutter In Remnant 2?

Players can follow the following steps to find the Plasma Cutter in the game.

1. Find The Navigator’s Helm

The Navigator’s Helm is a wearable item in the game that helps players disguise themselves as the crashed ship’s pilot.

Players can find the Navigator’s Helm by killing the Navigator zombie in the game.

Follow the steps below to find the Navigator’s Helm.

  1. First, go to the Extraction Hub’s Industrial Area.
the extreaction hub
The Extraction Hub.
  1. After that, locate an extractor with a hole below it.
  2. Then crouch and get in the hole when the extractor lifts.
crouch to get underground.
The hole below the extractor.
  1. Defeat the zombies and explore the underground to find the Navigator zombie.
the Navigator zombie
The navigator zombie underground.
  1. You’ll receive the Navigator’s Helm when you defeat the Navigator zombie.
the Navigator's Helm
The Navigator’s Helm in the game.

2. Go To The Navigation Room

The Navigation room is a randomized event within the second overworld of N’Erud’

So, re-roll the map if you don’t find the crashed ship in your game.

After finding the crashed ship, follow the steps below to open the locked navigation room door.

  1. First, find the hole in the side of the crashed ship and enter.
The hole in the side of the crashed ship.
The entrance to the ship.
  1. After that, equip the Navigator’s Helm.
  2. A red scanner will scan you and open the door if you wear the Navigator’s Helm.
scanner scanning the player.
The red scanner verifies the player’s identity.

3. Get The Plasma Cutter

After the door opens, open the white box to get the Plasma Cutter.

remnant 2 crashed ship
Plasma cutter in remnant 2 navigator room.

Further, You can also find a Hardcore Metal Band on the other side of the ship.

remnant 2 crashed ship
The Hardcore Metal band.

The Bottom Line

Remnant 2 crashed ship is more than just a curious sight to behold.

Furthermore, it is a window into the rich history and myth of the game’s world.

By discovering the ship’s secrets and obtaining the Plasma Cutter and other rewards, players can experience the thrill and challenge.

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