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What Is BG3 Emerald Grove Hole?

BG3 Emerald Grove Hole
BG3 Emerald Grove Hole

Emerald Grove Hole is one of the hidden places in Baldur’s Gate 3 that players need to explore.

BG3 Emerald Grove Hole is a location in Ravaged Beach, which is a hideout place for tiefling children. It is an underground passage where they keep their steals.

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Emerald Grove Location In BG3

Emerald Grove is one of the locations in the BG3 game, which lies in the northern Roadside Cliffs of Ravaged Beach.

Players can explore it and interact with its inhabitants to solve the quests.

emerald grove hole
Emerald Grove location in BG3.

In Emerald Grove, there is a side quest named Raid the Emerald Grove and a puzzle named Stone Slabs with runes.

Further, it also includes Druids’ Dwelling in the grove and finding a new home for their people.

BG3 Emerald Grove Hole: An Overview

Emerald Grove Hole is a small opening in the BG3 game which is a hidden underground passage.

In the Grove hole, tiefling children hide and use it to escape from the adults.

Further, they stash the items they steal from travelers and merchants.

They live in a dangerous situation, as they are caught between the goblins and the druids who want to expel them.

In the underground passage, players must find their belongings if Silfy, one of the tiefling children, stole them.

Silfy in Baldur’s Game 3.

However, she will run away and hide in the passage if you confront her after she picks your pocket.

Similarly, the passage has other items and secrets, such as Mol’s journal, a chest with a trap, and a hidden puzzle room.

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How To Enter The BG3 Emerald Grove Hole?

To enter the Emerald Grove Hole, you need to do the following.

  1. Firstly you need to consider your size. You need to be small enough to fit through it.
  2. You can do this by using a scroll of Enlarge/Reduce, a spell that can shrink or enlarge a creature or an object.
  3. Further, use the Mask of the Shapeshifter, which lets you change your appearance and race to turn into a halfling or a gnome to squeeze through the hole.
Mask of the Shapeshifter
Mask of the Shapeshifter in the BG3 game.

However, if players do not have the above options, there is an alternate way to access the hole.

You can interact with Doni, a tiefling child who grunts instead of speaking.

Afterward, you must search near a pile of rocks towards the west of the hole to find him.

If you grunt back at him, he will reveal a concealed hatch that leads to the same passage.

There you can get the code to unlock the hatch. But you need to help another tiefling child named Mirkon on the beach northeast of the hole.

He will ask you to fight some harpies that are lured by a mysterious song.

The Bottom Line

The Emerald Grove Hole reflects the player’s actions and morality, as they can choose to help or harm the children.
Similarly, the hole is a place of great power and mystery that changes the player’s gameplay.
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