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Why Is Heat Convergence In BG3 Important?

Heat Convergence in BG3
Heat Convergence in BG3

In BG3, the Heat Convergence is one of the many Status Effects that can boost the damage output.

Heat convergence in BG3 enables players to deal extra fire damage for each charge of Heat. Players can consume the Heat for the extra damage as per their needs. 

Continue reading to learn about the Heat Convergence in BG3 and how to use it.

Heat Convergence In BG3

The Heat Convergence adds magical fire damage for each Heat charge.

It can be pivotal when dealing with enemies with low magic resistance.

Players can get heat charges from various items in the game.

Further, they will receive a heat charge each time they deal damage with such items.

Also, the charges stack on each other, meaning they are incremental with one unit.

The next hit will deal damage commensuration to the number of Heat charges available.

If a character has six heat charges, they will deal six extra damage on the next target.

Heat Convergence Mechanism In Baldur’s Game

According to many players, the Heat Convergence is a big disappointment.

Moreover, it suggests players to swap the items for something with greater utility.

However, if the heat convergence mechanism still seems ambiguous, here are the steps players can follow.

1. Select Your Heat Item

Players can select the items that grant them Heat in Baldur’s Gate 3.

Everburn Blade in Baldur's Gate 3 deals fire damage.
Everburn Blade in Baldur’s Gate 3 deals fire damage.

Further, most items that grant a fire damage output will give heat charges to players.

Some of them are EverBurn Blade, Flawed Helldusk Gloves, etc.

2. Press T And Hover

If you push and hover the mouse cursor over the Heat keyword.

There, a popup will describe exactly what it means and does.

Scorcing ray deals fire damage in BG3.
Scorching Ray deals fire damage in BG3.

The description reports that the item can be used to deal with powerful attacks.

Players can deal their next fire damage with an additional one fire damage for each turn of Heat.

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Other Status Effects In BG3

There is a wide selection of status effects in Baldur’s Gate 3.

Players have to take many things into account, like magic resistance, increased damage boost etc.

All of them are provided by different Status Effects, either negative or positive.

The duration of each status also varies as some last permanently, while others are temporary.

Player surprising the enemy in BG3.
The player surprises the enemy in BG3.

BG3 Positive Status Effects

The positive Status Effects are a result of Skills and Items or Equipment.

Some of the positive status effects are listed as follows:

AidIncreases max HP by 5
Aura of LeadershipNearby allies deal 1d4 extra Force damage
HappyAdds 1 to attack rolls, saving throws, and some ability checks
Magmatic RegenerationRegains 10d6 Hit Points if starting a turn in lava
Owlbear’s RageIncreases Strength by 2
PreparedDeals additional melee damage on your next turn
Silvanus’ BlessingsProficiency in Nature and Animal Handling
Soul BrandingIncreases movement speed by 1.5 m, next attack deals extra 2d4+1 Fire damage
Under OperationTargets can't move or speak

BG3 Negative Status Effects

Negative Status Effects originate from enemy attacks, especially their abilities and weapons.

There are many Negative Side Effects in the game, some of which are mentioned below:

Bane: Attack rolls are decreased by 1d4, saving throws are decreased by 1d4
Bleeding: Take 2 Slashing damage at the start of each turn, Disadvantage on Consitution saving throws
BloodlessMinus 1 to attack rolls, Minus 1 to saving throws, Minus 1 to some ability checks
Burning Take increased Fire damage while affected
Caustic Brine Take 1d4 Acid damage each turn
CharmedCannot harm the entity who inflicted the status, Charmer has an advantage on Charisma checks against the inf ..
Death Wish Carry a powder keg which could explode at any time
Difficult Terrain Movement speed is halved, May become Ensnared
DistressedCannot make critical hits, Disadvantage on Perception checks
Downed Occurs at zero hit points, make a death saving throw each turn; On three successes, become stable; On three failures, die
Ensnared Take 1d6 Piercing damage at the start of each turn
EnthralledNo longer in control on oneself
FrostbiteIf cold damage is taken while frostbitten, take an additional 1 cold damage each turn
Gaping WoundsTake 2 additional Piercing damage per successful hit
SilencedUnable to cast spells
StunnedCan’t take actions, reactions, or bonus actions
SurprisedCan’t take actions or reactions
ThreatenedDisadvantage on ranged attacks when close to the enemy

The Bottom Line

Baldur’s Gate 3 has a great deal of status effects which can be too much to remember.

Moreover, the Heat Convergence from Heat renders players to deal bonus magical damage.

In order to advance in the game, it is essential for players to obtain it.

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