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Tadpole In Baldur’s Gate 3: How To Absorb And Remove It?

BG3 Remove tadpole.
BG3 Remove tadpole.

The BG3 Tadpole is a major plot element in Baldur’s Gate 3 that affects the players and their companions’ fate.

The game offers various ways to absorb and remove the BG3 Tadpole, each with different risks and rewards.

BG3 Tadpole can be removed in different ways such as by dealing with the devil and asking help from characters like Auntie Ethel, Healer Nettie, Priestess Gut, Druid Halsin, Ghaik Omeluum and Volo.

Continue reading to learn more about BG3 tadpole remove and how to absorb it.

BG3 Tadpole: An Overview

The BG3 Tadpole is a term used to refer to the illithid Tadpole, a parasitic creature implanted in the brains of various characters.

The illithids are alien creatures that can turn other beings into their thralls by using their illithids powers.

Further, the Tadpoles gradually consume the host’s brain and transform them into a new illithid.

However, the Tadpoles in BG3 are different from the normal ones.

As a mysterious entity, the Absolute corrupts and grants its hosts special abilities and visions.

How To Absorb Tadpole In BG3?

Players have the ability to absorb Tadpole by being Mind Flayers and later can remove them using various techniques.

You must use a special Consume skill to obtain more Tadpoles from various locations and enemies.

Thus, this skill allows you to absorb a Tadpole from a dead body or a jar that contains one.

Moreover, you can use this skill by selecting it from your hotbar or by right-clicking on the target and choosing Consume.

You can absorb Tadpoles from enemies.

However, players can only use this skill if they have a tadpole in their brain and the target has a tadpole.

One of the locations where you can find and consume a tadpole is Halsin’s table in his room at Druid Grove.

The table below shows other locations where you can obtain tadpoles:

Halsin's tableJar
The three goblin leadersGut, Priestess Gut, Dror Ragzlin
A dwarf corpseCorpse

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Use Tadpoles To Unlock Illithid Powers

Illithid powers include telepathy, mind control, healing, and shape-shifting.

However, they can give you an edge in combat and exploration but also come with risks and consequences.

To use Tadpoles to unlock and enhance illithid powers, you need to do the following steps:

1. Consume Tadpoles

Find and consume more Tadpoles from various sources, such as dead bodies, jars, or brine.

However, you can only do this if you already have a Tadpole in your brain and the target has a Tadpole.

2. Designate Points To Illithid Powers

Allocate points to the illithid powers that you want to unlock or upgrade.

You can access the illithid power skill tree by pressing B on your keyboard

Nonetheless, you can also click the Illithid Powers button on the bottom right of the screen.

3. Use Illithid Power Frequently

Use the illithid powers in combat by selecting them from your Hotbar.

However, most illithid powers are passive and will activate automatically under certain conditions.

Why Do The Characters Want To Remove Tadpole?

Eventhough there are quite a few benefits of the Tadpole, there lie many consequences as well.

The characters in Baldur’s Gate 3 want to remove the BG3 Tadpole because they do not want to become Mind Flayers.

Mind flayer in BG3.
Mind flayer in BG3.

The player character and its companions are abducted by a Mind Flayer colony ship and have the BG3 tadpole implanted in their heads.

They manage to escape the ship and crash-land in the world of Faerûn.

There they seek a way to cure themselves of the parasite before it takes over their minds and bodies.

The game gives the player a time limit of seven days to find a cure, or else they will succumb to ceremorphosis.

Process To Remove Tadpole In BG3

Removing the BG3 Tadpole is the game’s main objective, as it is life and death for the player character and their companions.

However, it is not an easy task, as there are many obstacles and dangers along the way.

Here are some of the possible ways to remove the Tadpole in BG3.

1. Deal With The Devil

The player can encounter a mysterious being called Raphael, who claims to be a devil.

Raphael in BG3 game.
Raphael in BG3 game.

He offers to remove the BG3 Tadpole in exchange for their soul.

The player can accept or reject this deal or try to trick or fight Raphael.

2. Deal With Auntie Ethel

The player can encounter an old woman named Auntie Ethel in a swamp and ask her to help remove the Tadpole.

She is actually a powerful and evil who will try to trick the player into signing a contract that will bind them to her service.

You can either fall for her trap, resist her magic, or fight her.

3. Ask Healer Nettie

The player can visit a healer named Nettie in a druid grove and ask her for help in removing the BG3 Tadpole.

Healer Nettie bg3 tadpole removal
Healer Nettie in the game.

However, Nettie is untrustworthy and will attempt to kill the player by poisoning them.

Players can either die, survive, or kill Nettie in return.

4. Volo’s Eye Surgery

The player can meet a famous writer named Volo in a tavern and ask him for help in removing the Tadpole.

Volo will offer to perform an experimental eye surgery on the player using a device he invented.

You can agree or decline this offer or ask one of their companions to volunteer instead.

5. Ask Priestess Gut

You can visit the temple of Lolth, the goddess of spiders and drow, and ask a Priestess Gut to help remove the BG3 Tadpole.

priestess gut bg3 tadpole remove
Priestess Gut will agree to help players.

Gut will agree to help, but only if the player proves their devotion to Lolth by sacrificing one of their companions.

The player can either accept or refuse this demand or try to deceive or attack Gut.

6. Ask Druid Halsin

Here, you can seek out a druid leader named Halsin, captured by goblins and ask him for help in removing the BG3 Tadpole.

He will tell you that he knows of a ritual that can cure them, but he needs their help in freeing his people from the goblin threat first.

Further, you can either agree or disagree to help Halsin or betray him to the goblins.

7. Ask Ghaik Omeluum

The player can find an ancient library guarded by a Mind flayer named Ghaik Omeluum and ask him for help in removing the BG3 Tadpole.

Ghaik Omeluum will reveal that he is a rebel who opposes the Mind Flayer invasion and wants to help the player.

However, he will also warn the player that removing the BG3 Tadpole will cost them their psionic powers.

The Bottom Line

BG3 tadpole remove and absorb is a complex and challenging task that requires careful consideration

There are different ways to approach it, each with its own benefits and drawbacks.

Further, the player has to weigh their options carefully and decide what is best for them and their companions.

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