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What Does Remnant 2 Cass Sell?

Remnant 2 Cass is a merchant
Remnant 2 Cass is a merchant.

Remnant 2 Cass is a merchant who sells a rotating selection of items, including weapons, mods, armor and consumables.

Many merchants, such as Brabus, Reggie, Dwell, De, Norah etc., are available in the game’s different locations.

Cass is a merchant who handles a shop available in Ward 13 of the Remnant 2. It contains many items, including upgrade materials, Rings, Amulet, and Relic.

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What Is Remnant 2 Cass?

Cass is a non-player character (NPC) who runs a store in a game called Remnant 2.

Similarly, her shop is in Ward 13, a central area with other NPCs and merchants.

Remnant 2 Cass
Cass is a female merchant.

In Cass’s shop, players can buy various items and materials to help them in the game.

Moreover, players can interact with Cass differently: purchasing, selling unwanted items to her, and completing her quests.

Cass is a sarcastic in nature and a cynical character in Remnant 2 game.

List Of Items That Cass Sells

Merchant in the game, Cass sells various rotating selections of items.

Similarly, players should use scarp, the main currency in the game, to purchase the items.

Here is the list of items that are available in Cass Shop.

1. Upgrade Materials

In Remnant 2, upgrade materials refer to specific items that reinforce and enhance various gear.

Similarly, the cost varies for each item, allowing you to choose materials based on the amount of Scrap you possess.

Below is the list of Upgrade Materials available in Cass Shop.

Item NamePrice
Simulacrum*1500 Scrap
Lumenite Crystal*300 Scrap
Forged Iron*25 Scrap
Iron*10 Scrap

2. Ring

Rings in Remnant 2 are accessories that, once equipped, can grant players diverse benefits.

Similarly, Cass sells some rings in her shop.

Some of them she sells are:

Braided Thorns*500 Scrap
Amber Moonstone*500 Scrap
Blessed Ring*500 Scrap
Burden of the Gambler*500 Scrap
Rock of Anguish*500 Scrap
Compulsion Loop*500 Scrap
Dead King's Memento*500 Scrap
Burden of the Audacious*500 Scrap
Mechanic's Cog*500 Scrap
Akari War Band*500 Scrap
Burden of the Destroyer*200 Scrap

3. Amulet

In Remnant 2, Amulets are accessories that grant players various benefits upon being equipped.

However, players are limited to equipping only one Amulet at a time, fitting into the designated slot.

Some amulets that are available in Cass’s Shop are below.

Broken Pocket Watch*1000 Scrap
Abrasive Whetstone*1000 Scrap
Twisted Idol*1000 Scrap
Decayed Margin*400 Scrap
Twisted Idol*400 Scrap

4. Relic

Remnant 2 uses consumable objects called relics that have strong combating benefits.

Moreover, here is the list of relics that are available in Cass’s Shop.

Enlarged Heart*1250 Scrap
Diverting Heart*1250 Scrap
Constrained Heart*1250 Scrap

The Bottom Line

In Remnant 2, Cass plays a crucial role as an invaluable resource for players.

Similarly, she offers a diverse range of items and materials for sale in Ward 13, essential for their survival.

Additionally, players can sell any excess or unneeded items to her.

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