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Zoo Escape Fortnite Level 24: How To Solve?

zoo escape fortnite level 24
Complete Zoo Escape Fortnite Level 24

Fortnite offers a creative mode where players can create and explore custom maps made by other users.

One of the most popular creative modes is the Zoo Escape, where players have to progress through different levels.

Zoo Escape features 30 animal-themed levels, each with its unique puzzle and environment. However, players have had trouble solving Fortnite Zoo Escape level 24 which is the Peacock animal theme challenge.
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What Is Fortnite Zoo Escape?

Zoo Escape is a mode map in Fortnite that challenges players to escape from a zoo by solving puzzles for different animals.

The map code is 5660-9076-1193 and it can be accessed through the discovery tab in creative mode.

It has 30 levels, each representing a different animal, such as a lion, a monkey, a panda, and a peacock.

Each level has a different difficulty and requires players to use their logic, and observation to find clues and unlock doors.

Some levels also have hidden secrets and coins that players can collect for extra rewards.

The map also has a visit pass system that allows players to skip levels they have already completed or find too hard.

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How To Play Zoo Escape In Fortnite?

To play Zoo Escape in Fortnite, you need to enter the map code 5660-9076-1193 in the discovery tab in creative mode.

Once you load the map, you will see a lobby with a sign that says “Welcome to Zoo Escape”.

You can interact with the sign to start the game or to access the settings and the visit pass.

The visit pass is a feature that lets you skip levels you have already completed or find too hard.

You can get a visit pass by completing levels or by finding secret coins hidden in some levels.

You can use the visit pass to teleport to any level you want by interacting with the animal statues in the lobby.

To start the game, you need to enter the first level, which is the koala level.

Furthermore, you will see a door with a koala symbol. You need to look for clues around the level.

Once you find the clue, you will enter the next level, which is the deer level.

You need to repeat the same process for each level until you reach the last one.

How To Complete Level 24 Zoo Escape In Fortnite?

Level 24 of Zoo Escape is the peacock level, which is one of the hardest levels on the map.

Peacock level
Level 24 is the peacock level of Zoo Escape in Fortnite.

Furthermore, it requires players to observe and be creative while solving this puzzle.

However, to complete the level 24 Zoo escape in Fortnite, you need to follow the steps:

  1. Firstly, open the door from the inside of the room of a wooden house near the peacock.
  2. Now, go outside and jump on top of the door.
    Jump on the door
    Jump on top of the door of the wooden house.
  3. Again, jump on the wooden bar which is in the middle of a heart-shaped rainbow paint.
  4. Finally, run across the wooden bar and jump over the iron fence into the pound.
    Run across the wooden bar
    Run across the wooden bar and jump on the pound.
  5. This should help you complete the level 24 challenge and continue to the next one.

The Bottom Line

Zoo Escape is a fun and challenging escape room map in Fortnite that tests your puzzle-solving skills.

It offers 30 levels, each with a different animal theme and difficulty, where Level 24 is the peacock level.

Similarly, it requires you to use the door to climb up and run along the wooden bar and jump across into the pound.

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